Belief and OpinionsAliens Are Just Future Humans: Here's Solid Proof

Aliens Are Just Future Humans: Here’s Solid Proof


What if you came home one day to find a massive UFO parked in front of your house? And when you got home, you discovered that a long-lost relative had visited you. This future relative of yours is a time traveler. He has nothing in common with you.

You’re startled to learn that he speaks your language and understands everything there is to know about our civilization’s destiny. According to this future relative, he claimed to be from a separate planet in the galaxy. Billions of people now live in this distant world.

Your future relative told you a lot about his world and the people that live there in the future. And you quickly recall that he resembles the aliens depicted in publications and television.

In actuality, aliens could very likely be human descendants in the future. As a result, humanity will likely develop the tools necessary to travel back in time. There is a great deal of scientific evidence that points in that direction.

They would do it to gain a better understanding of their biological past. It’s also possible that, as a result of climate change, our planet may become unsuitable for humanity to live on in the future and that humanity will have shifted to other planets using their advanced technologies

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Evolution of Humans into Aliens

Human evolution began more than 3 million years ago in Africa, and it has proceeded mysteriously ever since. Humans resembled apes and quadrupeds at the beginning of time. They walked on their four forelimbs, which were all flexible.

Humans, as we know them now, emerged over time. These early humans had smaller minds and bodies tailored to their surroundings. However, as the environment changed, these early humans progressively gained larger brains, upright posture, bipedal mobility, and hand specialization.

Scientific studies have shown that changing lifestyles also play an essential role in evolution. In the early stages of evolution, humans had fewer requirements for using their brains. However, with further changing environments and lifestyles, we can expect further evolution of humans.

That is why they had smaller brains. The early humans also had a much greater requirement for their bodies to hunt and ensure their survival, which is why their heavy bodies, long nails for hunting, and long hair on their heads and bodies protect them from cold environments.

But because of development and technological advancements, modern humans have much more use for their brains. That is why they have a larger brain size than the earlier versions of humans. With evolution, many changes are taking place in our human body and will continue to change further in the future. For example, the amount of hair on our heads and bodies is becoming less, and many people are currently having problems with hair loss.

Another example is our nails. Early humans had much bigger nails, which they used for hunting and scavenging. However, now the size of our nails is becoming much smaller, and they are expected to be eliminated from our bodies in the future since we no longer have any use for them. We no longer have the requirement for long hair to protect us from the cold environment outside.

Thus, in the future, we can expect a total loss of our hair, nails, and brains might become a lot larger to store the information and adapt to technological advancements. Our body size would also become smaller, our heads would become more significant, and our upper skull would become rounded. And gradually, through this process of evolution, modern-day humans will further evolve into future “Aliens.

What Would These Aliens or Future Humans Be Like?

In reality, these aliens or future humans would be similar to how movies show them. Like us, they walk on their feet, but their heads and eyes would be much more significant. Their heads would be more oversized, and their upper skull would be rounded to accommodate larger brains as human civilization advances enough for interplanetary travel. The aliens will have bigger eyes to see clearly in dimmer environments.

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Future humanity may also discover a means to halt the aging process, allowing them to travel hundreds of light-years away on multiple occasions. If we wanted to fly anywhere 60,000 light-years away in one lifetime, and if our technology could do it, it would be a 60-year voyage for anyone on board, but 60,000 years would have passed by the time they returned to Earth.

Future humans would have solved this challenge, allowing them to visit Earth and return home to tell their families and friends about their adventure.

Humans may discover a means to live for 1000 years in the future, resulting in catastrophic overpopulation on whatever planet they inhabit. It’s likely that if they could make it possible to live that long, they’d be able to optimize their existence. Their culture would be vastly superior to ours in terms of efficiency. In terms of evolution, they would be a millennium ahead of us.

Humans in the future will not only use technology, but they will also become technology. They may get a tiny chip implanted in their brain that allows them to function more like a digital machine. Future humans would be far more intelligent than we are, and their technology would be superior to ours.

Humans in the future will undoubtedly have dozens of technological implants to make their lives easier, much as some humans have implants to feel sound or detect air pressure. These future humans may also have an automatic language translator, which might aid them in communicating with current humans, which could explain why those who claim to have seen aliens claim that aliens have spoken to them.

Another critical question that arises is: what do these future humans breathe?

To exist, most people on Earth require oxygen. However, oxygen is a rare gas in the universe, accounting for about 0.1 percent of the universe’s mass. Many planets, particularly gas giants like Jupiter and Saturn, are made mainly of hydrogen (92 percent) and helium (7 percent). In such circumstances, it’s feasible that future humans or aliens have evolved technologies that allow them to exist on various gases. It’s also likely that these people have devised a method of converting other gases into synthetic oxygen.

What Exactly Are UFOs?

Many of the unidentified flying objects that many people have reported are thought to be time machines used by aliens or future humans to visit present-day Earth.

As a result, future humans must have overcome the same technical limitations that current humans face today. Future humans travel back in time to understand their biological past and to do further research on present-day humans.

Maybe these time travelers have helped our ancestors make giant leaps in scientific and technological knowledge in a relatively short time.

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Where Do These Aliens, or the Future Humans, Live?

After thousands of years, the Earth would probably become unfit for humans. The procedure for doing so has already begun. Climate change, global warming, overcrowding, rapid deforestation, and urbanization contribute to the world’s demise.

Several scientists have proposed various causes for the apocalypse. Some others believe the earth will turn into a fiery ball. Volcanic eruptions would occur regularly and violently. The rising temperature would cause the ocean water to evaporate, resulting in huge deserts.

Some experts have also prophesied that an asteroid identical to the one that struck the Earth millions of years ago, causing the extinction of dinosaurs, will strike the Earth again. Future humanity would be so technologically advanced that they would be aware of everything ahead of time.

Some scientists also believe that overpopulation is an important reason that will cause future humans to settle on different planets of the galaxy. Since these future humans have also found ways to stop aging, traveling across different light-years would be a piece of cake for them.

The extinction theory is another theory that suggests this shift in inhabitation. When it comes to Earth’s evolution, 99.9 percent of all life forms have become extinct. When things change, you either adapt or die. That’s Mother Nature’s law. First and foremost, we have self-inflicted problems such as global warming, nuclear proliferation, and bio-engineered germ warfare.

Furthermore, Mother Nature has thrown several extinction cycles at the Earth. The dinosaurs, for example, did not have a rocket program. That’s why dinosaurs don’t exist today.

On the other hand, we should not just use it as an excuse to pollute the environment or allow global warming to run rampant. We should solve these problems without leaving Earth for another planet because it would be impossible to relocate the entire human population to Mars.

We’re talking about a backup plan if something wrong happens to the Earth. Carl Sagan once said that we live amid a shooting gallery, and there are thousands of asteroids in our path that we haven’t discovered yet. He suggested having at least two planets as a backup plan.

Instances That Points That Future Humans Are Visiting Us From Time to Time

Many instances prove that future humans or aliens are regularly visiting us. They could have been a frequent visitor to Earth since the beginning of time. They are most likely trying to study their earlier civilizations deeper. They might be interested in knowing how life on earth began and came to its end. Or they may also want to give us the warning to prevent the apocalypse.

Several cave paintings found in India are expected to be from the period of the Harrapan Civilization that depicts alien-like creatures. There are also UFO-like objects shown in the paintings.

Many Renaissance paintings depict UFOs. For example, The Madonna with Saint Giovannino from the late 1400s. The Madonna with Saint Giovannino is an interesting picture because it depicts a flying craft behind Madonna’s shoulder in the top right corner. Some argue that her position makes it appear like she attempts to protect her children from the alien object. A man is also spotted staring at the UFO while his dog barks at it.

Many academics have suggested that the universe contains unidentified signals. The aliens or future humans are thought to be responsible for these messages. There are also several examples of alien visits in the modern-day.

Many people have also claimed to have been abducted by aliens and then freed. Future people may be attempting to analyze the current human body’s functioning. We can also find many examples of UFO sightings in recent years.

One of the most famous examples of this is a mystery object that landed in the desert in New Mexico in 1947. Officially, the mysterious object was identified as a US Army Air Balloon. However, according to US navy captain George W Hoover, the unidentified flying object had time-traveling humans, who revealed this decades later.


Therefore, the aliens may be humans themselves. They’re the people of the future. They come to see us and learn more about their past from time to time. They are highly advanced and far wiser than we are.

They’ve broken through all of the technological hurdles that prohibit us from traveling across time today. As a result, we can have a future relative visit us who is similar to us but very different.



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