Futuristic InnovationsCan AI Stop Cancer Fatality? 4 Things To Know

Can AI Stop Cancer Fatality? 4 Things To Know


AI has been protruding into our lives with waves of purpose and ease. With the help of technology, it gained margins and leaps in the modern era. With the advent of technology and complex machinery, AI’s productivity can be merged in a lot of areas.

AI and preferred alternatives
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Artificial Intelligence might be one of the alternatives to bring solutions to traditional ideas and models which shape society into what it is today. AI functions in the area of art, computer, and even in the form of robots. With the increasing accessibility and betterment of healthcare opportunities for the downtrodden and the poor, there has been promising upliftment in terms of development in the medical field. 

However, let’s explore the question of cancer. How does AI shapeshift into adopting measures to restrict this deadly condition or situation?

Cancer and Its Levels of Fatality

Cancer is one of the most fatal diseases which has killed and ended the lives of a lot of people. The medical field couldn’t find the solution to bring the person back once they fell into the trap of that condition. The end was only met by death.

Cancer Fatality and it's Effectiveness
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There have been subsequent advancements in the medical field, chemotherapy which emerged as the leading solution to neutralize the effect and save a life, but it was all the more not effective consistently. Cancer occurs because of the abnormal multiplication of cells and the repeated division of cells that leads to the reducing levels of health. 

These can be rapid as well as slow. Some forms of cancer also occur in the form of leukemia and tumors. The multiple forms of cancer make it difficult to come up with a specific treatment aid for the effects to diminish. A cell’s capacity to die and replace it with new cells is also an important factor in judging the cancerous characteristic. 

Cancerous cells are highly volatile and fluid. They can move from place to place and their harmfulness can spread at a dangerous speed bifurcating from the lymph nodes and to the rest of the body even slowing down brain processes. Mostly, there is impairing the immune system reduces and affects the human condition.

Treatment Methodologies 

Cancer isn’t always genetic and may arise because of multiple health issues. It lies in our hands how we avoid being in the clutches of such a deadly and vicious disease. However, some external factors may hold the key to the infestation of the same.

The medical field has no excuses. It has to keep advancing with the ever-growing technological world. These are some of the treatment methods which could very well work in favor of neutralizing the effect of the deadly phenomenon.

Conventional treatment methodologies include chemotherapy, radiotherapy as well as surgery. With the venture of technology, advancement, and steps garnered in the health sector, the doctors and people who were responsible for health and saving their lives, and solutions for cancer were well drawn. 


The root cause of this dangerously vile disease is a deficiency in the immune system. Therefore, immunotherapy was one of the preferred modes to nullify the effect that cancer brings on human life. Cancer makes it difficult for an average human’s cell to grow and implicate new cells when the older ones are long gone and dead. 

Immunotherapy serves as the perfect opportunity, marking the lost dead cells which prove to be threatening to the infected patient. This makes it easier for the newer cells to supposedly find their way avoiding the condition which will bring the person closer to death’s jaws.

Although, it is tough to say if this treatment method is effective by a hundred percent and fully approved. Several sub-techniques are developed to amplify the effects that could be brought by a promising solution to help the people ensnared by the condition.

Car T-cell Therapy 

A subcategory in the solution adhering to immunotherapy, this is one of the techniques which was suggested by the FDA. It refers to the usage of one’s immune cells ( T-cells) for the treatment of cancer. Doctors and technicians are known to add new genes to neutralize and cancel out the cancerous qualities of the cell. 

Rexucabtagene Autoleucel (Tecartus) 

Recently, the FDA suggested an alternative treatment method for the eradication of cancer. It is part of Car T-Cell Therapy in which genes are replaced ( gene therapy medication) for the treatment of the mantle cell lymph nodes which is a condition that is prevalent in adults.

How Does AI Fit Into the Scheme of Things?

Cancer is something that cannot be handled by a set of doctors and nurses. It is a global phenomenon and needs to be addressed universally. 

Breast Cancer Awareness
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In that case, AI is a universal concept. It has fixed itself as an important element in a layman person’s life, creating an endless number of opportunities in fields that are in the beginning stages of development. When we refocus the attention on cancer and the doctor and the medical world’s inability to come up with a solid cure, AI can be the answer to the burning questions posed to understand how this disease or condition cease to destroy mankind. In that case, what is there that needs to be done?

Case Study 

The AI and cancer relationship needs to be established to understand how new technology can be brought in to once and for all bring a cure to the deadly condition. This might not be entirely proof readable and easily accepted by all trained experts and medics, however, this was one such example of the union of these two polar opposite mediums.

The induction of AI as a drug to cure cancer is a peculiar kind of solution. Scientists have been creating ways for helping the medical community to come up with different techniques to combat cancer. Recently, it was known that researchers in Canada, by creating a treatment and cure for cancer in just thirty days.

Specifically divulging into this topic, the researchers have worked in tandem to help come up with a cure for cancer by developing a drug for HCC (hepatocellular carcinoma) type infestation. The cure was called Pharma which was identified as an AI drug platform for curing a particular sort of ailment.

In Numbers

In 2020 during the pandemic, the numbers for this chronic disease shot up to 19.3 million cancer cases according to the WHO, which is expected to further amp the rate in 2025 with the juncture of 12 percent. Therefore, AI platforms can be a way in which the solution for us awaits

Possible Precautionary Solutions

With its relationship in tandem with AI, we stand at a crossroads with this chronic and threatening condition. Here are some of the possibilities that can be come up with, as AI makes its venture into the medical dimension.

Imagery Analysis

The early diagnosis of cancer might not be useful unless a direct solution is found, however artificial intelligence has come up with a new venture. This helps identify the pattern through which the cells have distinctly reduced pointing out its incapacity to replace the dead cells which might create problems in the growth of the human body and its functioning.

This has been easily developed by the convolutional neural network (CNN) which makes it easy to formulate the visuals.

Role of Machine Language

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Language combine to create exact copies of data of patients as well as their functioning and how deeply the condition had affected them. This way, doctors can decide which of the developed techniques they can use to save a patient depending on the degree of the infection. This is a good move from being unable to save cancerous patients to being able to save them.

Drug Development

Another one of AI’s strengths in combating cancer is the development of drugs that are lethal for medical purposes. This way there is a reduction of drug cost which makes it more effective with the protein structure it creates around and also the chances of saving a person’s life grows more with the correct dosage of resources and platforms,


In the end, what matters is the human’s ability to survive through the odds be it in terms of a long incurable disease or the domination of technology in their lives. Therefore, it won’t be a surprise if humans come up with an idea or a new invention that can cure the disease in one go.

Cancer’s fatality can be brought down with the help of AI, but not completely. Everything lies in the capability of a human to use it to his fullest potential. Until then AI as an option does exist, but it is up to the human mind to wholly use it for one’s perennial uses and eradicate such a condition once and for all.




Harini is an intern and is writing for the IcyDestiny webpage providing you content about scientific advancements and its relationship with different themes and situations in life. She is passionate about writing about the smallest, peculiar things in life that is forgotten easily. She is an undergrad student at Christ University, Bangalore and she aims to provide unique and inspiring content for users to engage in.


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