Future NewsEarth Without Sunlight? Sun Began to Disappear in 5022?

Earth Without Sunlight? Sun Began to Disappear in 5022?


No matter how comforting the sight of sunlight may be, it has to go someday or the other. Without the Sun, there would be no life on earth.

A huge bright star 149.79 million km away from us in space has the potential to kill all life on Earth. And when this happens, no one can stop it because we will be helpless in front of Mother Nature.

Unfortunately or fortunately, no human will live to see the final destruction of the Sun. Astronomers’ previous theories say that the Sun will turn into gas and dust. But now, according to new findings, it will be more massive and terrifying.

According to scientists, it will take more than 5 billion years for the Sun to become a red giant and reach its end. This means that it is possible that by then, there might be no life on Earth. Or the destruction of humans has already happened centuries before the disappearance of the Sun.

Before the Sun finally disappears, it will slowly turn into a red giant, and its outer layer will extend to Mars. And will devour all the planets, including the Earth, while reaching there. If, after billions of years, the Earth would still be alive.

According to the latest findings, humans have 1 billion years left to live and 8 billion years for stars. In contrast, Sun can live for more than 5 billion.

But why do humans have less life than the Sun?

This is because the Sun increases its light year after year, evaporating our oceans and further warming our climate. And in such conditions, it will be difficult to survive on earth. That’s why we humans have less life than the Sun.

But what if the Sun dies while there is still life on Earth?

Is it possible we wake up and see a dark sky from our room’s window with no sunlight outside one day, and we get the news that the Sun is about to die?

Isn’t it scary?

Most of us have not yet recovered from the nausea of the pandemic that started years and years ago.

And now this!

We should think about how we humans come out from the problem created by humans, and when we come out from it, then another problem of mother nature comes upon us.

Well, in this post, we will talk about how the Sun is disappearing in 5022 and what life on Earth would be like without it. And which will be the last thing to survive before the Sun destroys the planet or everything on the planet.

How the sun will die : and what happens to earth?

No Sun, No Sunlight, No Earth

It is no secret how essential sunlight is for our health, plants, and trees on earth. Its effect can be seen on our bones, calcium levels, and immune system. Apart from this, the Sun is also necessary for the growth of plants. Simultaneously, the Earth’s fossil energy would also be affected as there would be no coal and natural gases.

Therefore life on Earth is possible only from the Sun. And if it disappears, then Earth will be the first planet to take its direct impact.

Without sunlight, we would be living in darkness, and multiple light bulbs would not be enough to give light like a single sun. And neither can enjoy a moonlight dinner or moonlight walk.

Since light is needed for plants, there will be a lack of oxygen on Earth because there will be no photosynthesis, which means there is no oxygen for animals and us.

Sunlight also helps control the climatic conditions where we feel neither too cold nor too hot. Since the Sun is located at a suitable place in our solar system, we are at the right distance from the Sun. This is what keeps us away from the wrath of the burning Sun.

If the Sun begins to set in front of humans, then humans, animals, and plants can survive for only a few weeks. And you’ll see an ice age coming that you might remember from the movie Ice Age, and at the end, where no one survives.

The only way to survive in the post-sun era is to shift to another planet. But would it be that easy?

sun, sunlight, & earth
Photo by Mysticsartdesign from Pixabay

Chances of Survival or New Life

According to the study, after the Sun disappears and turns into a hot red giant, it leaves behind a white dwarf, where the temperature will rise to 100,000 Kelvin. And whose mass would be 200,000 times denser than our planet?

And it will take another billion years before the star cools down and turns into a black dwarf.

Researchers believe that the Sun’s hydrogen will run out, and its fuel will be spread over millions of kilometers, which engulfs many places in the row.

Its speed increases along with the Sun’s stellar winds and will become more intense. But to keep the planet’s magnetosphere, it has to have a magnetic field 50 times stronger than Jupiter. Because without it, life on the planet would not be possible, which is heat.

But before a new life can start on the planet, then the Sun goes through various phases. In one of which it completely isolates the environment of every plant that comes in between. But after going through immense growth, new life can be found again.

During this phase, Scientists claimed to have discovered a habitable planet that could be. And once things calm down, the white dwarf will no longer have the ability to destroy other planets.

According to astrophysicist Dmitry Veras, white dwarfs are stable stars and can live peacefully for billions of years, which is why new life becomes more likely.

Artist’s animation of the Sun becoming a red giant

Last Hour at Planet 

The first thing that will die are the plants because there will be no sunlight and no photosynthesis. It leads to the death of the plants, which of course, comes slowly.

However, humans still have a chance to survive for a few days. The temperature will drop in the coming few days. And those that aren’t cold-friendly will go early, followed by others.

Over the next few months, the oceans will begin to freeze, but it will take a few more years for them to solidify. But unfortunately, by then, there will be no life on Earth to see it.

How to Survive After the Extinction of the Sun?

If the Earth somehow escapes the wrath of the burning Sun, will life be possible on Earth again?

And if not, what other ways can we still live in the post-sun era?

Human beings have gone through many threats of extinction in the past, be it war, flood, cyclone, or pandemic. But each time, the survival skills of humans helped them to get out of the obstacles.

But what will happen when human life is challenged once again, but this time from outer space? Can the human mind help them again to save them from this calamity?

Since there are still more than billions of years for this calamity to occur, humans will certainly have made advances in technology by then. That human beings have some other base other than earth where they can live happily. Maybe in some other galaxy.

It’s also possible until we start shipping to other stars, as many stars in the universe have their planets. This means that there are enough planets to accommodate the people of Earth.

There are high chances that the right spacecraft traveling at the speed of light could help humans settle on other planets in the universe.

And we don’t have to wait much longer as the fastest spacecraft, Vogaer 1, is already in motion that can travel at 38,027 mph. And with its help, it will take only 70,000 years to reach the nearest star.

But we don’t know what people are capable of doing in the future? It is possible that our descendants could build interstellar arcs, time machines, or other latest technology that helps us colonize another galaxy.

Not only our descendants, but we also have ample time to hope for other stars. Just like it would take 5 billion years for the Sun to dissipate, we can take our stuff and shift to another star before the Sun ends.

Photo by ipicgr from Pixabay

Conclusively we can say that the disappearance of the Sun billion years ago would be a great tragedy that would affect our life on earth. And hinders our enjoyment of life as well as a normal routine. That is why we don’t want the Sun to disappear anytime sooner.

And if experts are to be believed, it still has more life expectancy than humans and the earth. So overall, we don’t need to worry about the extinction of the Sun.

Even after the extinction of the Sun, there is a huge possibility of new life in the universe again after billions of years.

But the only thing that is not constant is regaining human life. In the coming years, humans may survive by shifting to another similar planet like Earth or its new neighbor Mars.

Although the Sun will not cause the end of human life but a man-made epidemic, nuclear war remains a major threat to human life. It can be neutralized only by the common understanding of survival. And to believe in the saying ‘live and let live.’    

Swati Dubé
Swati Dubé
Swati is an India-based writer. She did her Masters's in Advertising and Public Relations, and bachelor's in Political Science. Her expertise lies in International Affairs, Travel, Real Estate, and Self-development. She can usually be found building new ideas, reading, and listening to the stories of local people on various continents.


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