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How Will Peoples’ Lifestyles Drastically Change in the Upcoming 20 Years?

How will people's lifestyle change in the upcoming years?


  1. There has always been an evolution in the lifestyle of people over the years. We have come a long way. We have improved a lot in terms of our lifestyle. Did you ever think about our lifestyles in the upcoming years? To know further, continue reading the article. You will get an idea about it at the end of the article. 

The Lifestyle Of Our Ancestors 

At first, we lived in the forest, hunting the animals for food and feeding on the plants, and sheltering ourselves. After a few inventions, life started getting easier. We have started cooking, and we have gained protection from heat. The discovery of fire has brought great changes to our lives.

Being nomads, we were not settled in a particular place. But we didn’t stop there. As time passed, humans developed a lot in terms of their lifestyle. The Indus Valley or Harappan Civilisation proves that we had public toilets then. We have used a barter system to fulfill our needs.

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We started wearing clothes, putting an end to covering our bodies with leaves. The clothes protected us from the cold. We have developed weapons to defend ourselves from wild animals. Slowing, people started settling down, building their own houses, and fulfilling their needs through agriculture. Since their diet was purely natural, they had a long life and stayed healthy.

At that time, as they did not have electronic gadgets, they had created ways to entertain themselves. They had gatherings in which they used to sing songs, dance, and discuss lives. These improved their sociability, and they shared their ideas, which helped them develop. They used to treat nature as God; they didn’t do things that could cause damage to the environment.

Coming to our grandparents’ generation was a generation during the period of modernization. They started attending schools. TV films were made. Clothing became the fashion. Coming to their cultural aspect of life, they had ample time to play; they spent most of their childhood playing with their friends. They also got exposed to the use of mobile and computers. Since it was new to them, everyone could not access them.

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The family has played a major role in shaping them. If we look at the parent’s generation, they had to attend school regularly, but still, they had time to play with their friends, and they got time to explore and try out new things. They grew up during modernization, so they had sufficient knowledge to access the internet and electronic gadgets. They had moral values.

The Lifestyle of Our Generation

In our generation, education has become the main motive for most of their lives. I don’t say education is not necessary. But we were suppressed in closed rooms and made to study; grades became the deciding factor in our lives. Also, people got too busy with their lives.

There is no time to play with each other. Money became the motto of our lives. We live to earn money. Our food habits also got worst. We feed mostly on junk foods to fill our stomachs. Fashion has become one of the most important things in our life. The environment is getting worse due to our activities. Pollution has become a major problem. The air quality has depleted a lot. Many of the major cities in the world are polluted.

Deforestation has increased a lot. People started getting affected by many new diseases. Social media has become our world. Electronics have become an integral part of our lives. We have come to such a position that we can not even survive a single day without a mobile phone.

The time and with our mobile is more than the time we spend with our loved ones. People stopped going out. Now everything can be delivered online, be it food or clothes. Also, people are slowly low-lying habituated to online education. The usage of mobile phones has increased tremendously.

We got too addicted to it. We depend on it for every simple task. The family emotions in our lives are slowly getting disappeared. Depression has become common in today’s world. People are now starting to live independently, leaving their families. It has put an end to moral values in our lives.

The crime rate is going up. Cyber crimes have become common. People want to earn money either legally or illegally. We are facing ployment due to the increasing population. Seeing the changes that were made with time, we can think of what our future would be.

Lifestyle in the Future

Children may stop attending traditional schools; teaching will be purely online. We would have to complete the work assigned by the teacher online and submit the given work by scanning them. Also, the examinations can be taken from our homes themselves audiobooks, and digital copies will replace paper-backed books. Children would barely interact with the outside world. Emotional attachment with people would be hard to find.

Youth will be under heavy pressure to survive in this world. The usage of drugs to get rid of their mental tensions may increase. We won’t be strong enough to do our daily chores; Every house would have a robot to assist them in their daily chores. The quality of life would improve; we wouldn’t need to work hard.

Everything will-pre-programmed. We can have things that will talk to us like friends and share feelings. We can manage anything in our house just within our fingertips without needing to get up from where we sit. We would always be under observation. Maybe we must wear masks if we go outside as the air quality would get poor. People’s lives may get miserable, without emotions, just making money. People would be working like machines day and night. Everyone would be working from their own home.

Communication might get easier, which will make our life easier. The sources of energy like petrol, diesel, and coal would come to an end. We may get introduced to new sources of energy. The climatic conditions would be worst.

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So many species of birds and animals would be extinct. Our life span also would be decreased. We might spend most of our time digitally, so we might not be mentally fit. People in the upcoming years would fight for food and water. We may not have large spaces as the population increases, and finding a place to live might be harder.

Finding healthy food will be the biggest challenge in the upcoming 20 years. The food shortage will arise since the agricultural lands have been turned into living spaces. Also, a water shortage would occur; we are now wasting water, affecting future generations.

Now, the software sector is in the boom. New technologies like artificial intelligence are on the rise, and due to this, many artisans and people who depend on manual work may lose their job. We must be skilled and extremely talented to survive in the upcoming years. And I feel that in the forthcoming years, there will be no discrimination among anyone.

People now think openly; they won’t see women and men differently. All the women will go to work. We can live luxuriously and happily in the virtual world we create. But this would also lead to problems such as too much digital life that would weaken us. We can not even imagine the competition we will face in the upcoming years.

New technologies develop every day so that we might get replaced anytime. There might be no place for family emotions in the upcoming years. People aren’t thinking about sociability; their moral values are really low. We are becoming selfish day by day.

Since space research is also getting advanced, it would be no wonder even if we live on any planet other than earth in the upcoming years. We would have the opportunity to go to other worlds like we now visit our neighboring countries.


To live the upcoming years happily, we have to make some changes in our present. We should start using our resources carefully. We have to take care of the climatic issues that are arising, and every one of us should contribute our part towards the environment. We should use water resources carefully.

The endangered species should be taken care of. We should develop plants that improve the air quality and can be grown in less space because we need more place as the population is also increasing. Food resources should be developed to the needs of everyone. We have to make sure that we give our importance to our family, too, because at the end of the day, we need someone to share our feelings with.

To conclude, our future would be comfortable and luxurious simultaneously; it would be competitive and hard to live in. Our future can only be better if we make our present better.




  1. The article very well articulates the way hisroty is accelerated in the recent times. Everything seems to moving and evolving faster. A lot of concepts that are literally vitual things like money, rather than bartering for goods, all the way to electronics and social media all the way to AI and machine learning in recent times. It is getting increasingly hard to separate reality from make-belief, something which this article made me think.


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