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If Hitler Never Died, What Would Our World Look Like?


Imagine a world without Hitler. Now imagine that world existing for at least a few hours after Hitler died. The world would be utterly different. For almost everyone who has known Hitler, the world would look very different. What if Hitler never died at all? What if he survived and is still alive to this very day? What if he is not only alive but is planning on returning to power in 2021?

We won’t know if Adolf Hitler does not make a comeback, but we can speculate. 

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What If Adolf Hitler Never Died?

Without Hitler, the world would be different. In our imaginations, the Holocaust never happened, and the world turned out very differently indeed. Let’s start with the most obvious: had the world never been introduced to Adolf Hitler, the 20th century would have ended with no World Wars, no genocide, no genocides, and no Holocaust.

His political and social ideas – forms of white supremacy in disguise – were also kept from coming to fruition. The Nazi leader’s legacy lives on in the ideas and institutions he fought so hard to bring about in many ways.

The Nazis would be Defeated.

Once democracy was defeated, Hitler and his regime would be gone. The remaining Nazis, with a few notable exceptions, would most likely be executed or sent to concentration camps. As the victorious Allies settled on unconditional surrender, there would be little reason to keep fighting. The Nazis would lose their industrial and scientific might and financial reserves and face an overwhelming Allied presence in Europe.

They would still be fighting the war in Europe, but the war to keep Hitler from ruling Germany would be won. It would end the war sooner and more productively for all parties involved. It would be a quick and easy way out of a complicated situation for the Allies. It would be the end of a dark chapter in the History of Germany. For the world, it would be a positive development.

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Hitler Would Not Become President

Contrary to popular belief, Hitler did not become Chancellor of Germany in 1933. That position went to General Hermann Goering, appointed by President Hitler. Hitler, however, was chosen by the Nazi Party as their presidential candidate in 1932.

The election was held the same year as the Polish election, which went overwhelmingly for European Democrats. The following year, Hitler became the leader of the Nazi Party and Germany’s President. When he was elected, most people saw this as Germany stepping into the role of President. However, Hitler had no experience in politics or government, so how would he have handled issues such as foreign policy, the economy, and the allocation of power between the government and the people?

To make matters worse, Hitler was never elected by the people of Germany. The Nazis held a referendum in which 5,912,286 Germans were asked if they wanted to become “Aryan” citizens. They were outvoted, and 90 percent of those who cast a ballot for the Nazis instead chose to become “Aryan” citizens.

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World War II Would Not Start

It was rumoured that Adolf Hitler had survived the war and escaped from a POW camp in Germany. A Western film crew even went to Germany in 1946 to make a movie about Hitler’s supposed survival. Although the movie, entitled Theresienstadt, dealt with his imprisonment and torture at the hands of the Nazis, the main focus was on his survival. 

The Holocaust Would Still Happen

Regardless of what happened next in World War II, the Holocaust would continue. Even though Adolf Hitler would never again set foot on German soil, the genocide against the Jews of Europe would continue.

The news from the concentration camps would not stop, and executions, concentration- Hunger Marches, and gas chambers would still be carried out. And then there is the issue of world government. World government is one of the more revolutionary concepts that Hitler never died and is still alive.

World government could be a positive or negative thing for the world. A world government that is not only not ruled by any country but that is also not part of any organization would make many people nervous.

World Democracy Would Be Impaired

World democracy is the notion that people should be able to elect their leaders and choose their governing institutions. World democracy has been a growing ideal for many years, and many have argued that it is the only way that world peace and democracy can exist in the 21st century. World democracy would not be flawless, but it would be better than the alternative.

World democracy would allow people to vote for their leaders directly, rather than having them selected by a particular country. World democracy would allow the people to choose their leaders rather than have them chosen by the people. If Hitler were still living, democracy would not exist.


Humans would have a better quality of life.

One of the many benefits of Hitler never dying is that it would mean more work for the people in charge. People would be a lot more careful about what they do and ask for what they want.

Even though people would be less likely to commit crimes, there would also be less need for the state to do all necessary work to keep everyone safe. The technology and resources that would have to be dedicated to keeping people safe would be significantly reduced.

The World Would Be More Peaceful

Another benefit of Hitler never dying is that there would be less need for the state to play an influential role in the world’s affairs. People would be a lot more self-sufficient. They would be able to feed themselves, clean their homes, and go to work without depending on the government for everything. It would lead to a world less prone to violence and civil unrest. 

There Would Be Little Or No Ethnic Conflict

One of the most significant benefits of Hitler’s never-dying would be that there would be less ethnic conflict. Therefore the need for government programs to help people of a specific ethnicity would be less; because everyone would be so much less likely to need help from the state. If there were no Nazis to start with, the government would not need to spend so much time and effort trying to solve everyone’s problems. There would be more of everything.

The World Would Be A Little Bit More Colorful

Another benefit of Hitler never dying is that there would be less racism. People would get along better because their attitudes would be more open-minded. Racial discrimination would no longer exist because it would no longer be relevant. People would be a little more open to others because there would be less baggage to be tied up in.

It Would Be A New Beginning For The Jews

Adolf Hitler is one of the most recognizable figures in world history, and there is a prime reason for that. Till the day of his death, Adolf Hitler was the most successful mass murderer in history. The Jews of Europe were his first victims, but he went on to kill or enslave more people in each continent.

He likely envisioned a world where he was the only person in charge, and he could force people to worship him as the lord and master. Now, imagine a world where he is gone and never died. What would happen to the people who loved him if he was gone? What would happen to the world if everyone could see past this illusion and see that he is not here? When those people meet Adolf Hitler for the first time, they will likely be speechless.

World Leaders Begin to Define a New Chapter

There is a chance that, should Hitler live on, leaders such as Nicolas Sarkozy (France), Nicolas Coffee (Germany), and David Cameron (UK) might one day meet at the G20 summit and decide to have a final word with him.

By then, the world will have moved on a great deal, and the German leader will have found himself in a different position than the one he was in in 1945. Cameron and Sarkozy are two leading lights of modern politics that, as leaders, have promoted internationalism as a critical part of their policies.

If Hitler were alive today, they would likely represent the world’s leading light in taking a different approach to world peace, prioritizing human rights over everything. It’s also worth remembering that many people living in the Soviet Union viewed him as a hero during the Cold War. During the 1930s, Hitler idolized Russia. His growing hostility toward the Soviet Union in the early 1940s was a key reason he was eventually removed as Chancellor in January.

The War In Europe 

Finally, we come to the part of the article that may have the most significant impact on people’s perception of what happens next: what would have happened if Hitler had never died? The simple answer is that the war would have continued.

The Soviet Union would still be standing, and so would many Asian and African countries that had become independent in the meantime. In all its ferocity, the war in Europe would have continued on and on, with no natural end in sight.

A World Without Genocide

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The simple fact that the world would be a very different place to what it is now has been for the past 70 years has led to a great deal of speculation and argument about what would have happened if Hitler had lived on.

There’s no getting around the fact that, had Hitler lived on, he’d have made a significantly different figure in the world’s history. His ideology, policies, and support for several movements and causes would be very different today, without a doubt. 

What if they’d driven a stake through the heart of Communism? Or, more poignantly, imagine if they’d won and led Europe to a new and better, more secure, and peaceful future? These are the things people, who haven’t been exposed to the concept of a post-Hitler world, would probably imagine if given a choice. And they would, without a doubt, choose the betterment of humanity over the embrace of a formerly great and terrible empire.

The Rise of the European Union

Many people don’t know that, during the Second World War, there was a plan called “Plan B” was designed. Two scenarios could have led to the formation of the European Union. In one, the EU would have been formed by countries that came together following the Second World War. On the other, it would have been formed by a group of countries unified in their opposition to the Nazis. These are Austria, Germany, Hungary, Greece, Italy, Poland, and the Scandinavian countries.

An Alternative History

Since World War II, several books and articles have cast doubt on the idea that Adolf Hitler died in 1945. Two of the best-selling books about the Allied victory in World War II are updated to include a post-Hitler Germany. These include The Man Who Never Was, The Hitler Hoax, and The Unfinished War.

In The Man Who Never Was, historian David Slawek returns to the sources and presents new information that challenges the commonly accepted version of events after World War II. In the book, Slawek reveals that the Allies never launched a pre-emptive invasion of Germany and that the Allied army did not cross the Rhine River into Germany. Instead, a Berlin Declaration was issued on March 2, 1945, which stated that the Soviet Union would be responsible for the occupation and administration of Germany, and the Western Allies would use their military power only to protect Allied civilians and property.

A Post-Hitler Germany

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The Allies divided Germany into two sections after the war. The western portion, including Bavaria, Swabia, Hesse, and parts of Baden and Wurttemberg, would come under the control of the Western Allies. The eastern portion, including the homesick little Reich, would come under the Soviet Union.

This division, however, would soon be dissolved, and the eastern part of Germany soon became the Soviet satellite DDR (German Democratic Republic). After the Berlin Wall fell along with the Soviet Union, many Germans became nostalgic for the days of the East German regime. They wanted to revive their former greatness, and they hoped that a post-Soviet Germany would bring those times back. But would it?

His Legacy Lives On

Given how the world has changed, it’s easy to forget these days, but one must remember that there was no United Nations and no free world towards the end of World War II. The world was far from stable. There were still several conflicts, especially in the wake of the Second World War. 

Violence and conflict spread across many parts of the world. People were still struggling to bring their cultures and systems of government back together. If Hitler lived on, he might well have helped to speed up this process. Given his popularity among many people and his support for several movements encouraging peace, he may well have been a welcome figure in many places today. It’s worth remembering that many people living in the Soviet Union viewed him as a hero during the Cold War.

Final Words

The world would be a very distinct place if Adolf Hitler had lived. But, as it is, we have a much less dangerous and stable world because of it. By all accounts, he was a very sick man who, in his final years, lived in a state of constant fear because of his deteriorating health. By all accounts, he had little support from his fellow leaders, who, in his case, were also his political enemies.

What If Adolf Hitler Woke Up In The 21st Century



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