Scientific FantasyThe Dark Side of Invisibility Cloaks and Privacy Invasion?

The Dark Side of Invisibility Cloaks and Privacy Invasion?


We all grew up watching the famous magical series of movie “Harry Potter” which represents a fantasy world of magic. One of the powers we think of getting would be access to “Invisibility Cloaks” for most, the same as mine. But what if we discover or create a such thing in the future? What could be its destiny a boon or a bane?

1. Invisibility Cloaks

It is so amazing to even think of having an invisibility cloak. How miraculous it would be to discover or create such a cloak in the future. You all must have watched the Harry Potter movie series in your childhood. If not, you must try for sure. We will be taking its reference at some points, so get ready to explore something new and awesome.

invisibility cloaks
Image by Dzenina Lukac/ pexels/ Copyright 2018

1.1. What are Invisibility Cloaks?

Invisibility means “the ability to disappear” and cloaks are “a piece of cloth that is sleeveless as a cape” similar to the ones worn by superheroes in movies. So, an invisibility cloak combines to form a piece of cloth that can be worn to disappear, that is, the ability to be invisible to the naked eye.

For instance, the way Harry Potter gets his invisibility cloak in Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone for the first time and uses it to get invisible to others and fulfill his purpose secretly.

This instance leads us to the question “Isn’t it a threat to privacy?”

1.2. Isn’t it a Threat to Privacy?

invisibility cloaks
Image by cottonbro studio/ pexels/ Copyright 2020

If we think of privacy, it may have a different meaning for all. Some may find it fine to reveal their identity to someone new through their friends while at the same time, some others might find it a privacy break via their friend. Still many things are common that are considered as privacy break by every person. Such as passwords, devices, cupboards, clothes, bank details, and more.

Invisibility facilitates privacy invasion because if you are not visible to someone how will they stop you from invading their privacy? Imagine someone stealing all your privacy just right in front of your eyes and without even being seen by you. You remain clueless and you are robbed. How disturbing this scenario sounds. Right?

For instance, the way Harry overheard the conversations held at Hagrid’s house without anyone noticing using an invisibility cloak. In this way, privacy was broken and the secret conversation that was meant to remain between certain people was no anymore a secret.

So, YES! Invisibility cloaks are a threat to privacy and are equal to privacy invasion. This will lead to our next discussion in the next section of this article that how we can use invisibility cloaks to invade privacy. Let us discuss how it threatens the world at five levels.

2. How Invisibility Cloaks Invade Privacy?

As we discussed above how privacy can be easily invaded if one has access to the invisibility cloak. This discovery would not just limit the harm to this level only. Instead, it will lead us all to our doomsday. Wanna know how it will threaten society and eventually the whole world?

invisibility cloaks
Image by Valentin Antonucci/ pexels/ Copyright 2018

Now we will be discussing how Invisibility Cloaks will be equal to privacy invasion, and we will see how it has threats at different levels globally.

2.1. Local Level

What about easy access to invisibility cloaks? Think of such a situation where the production of invisibility cloaks is higher and it is available for everyone in nearby shops at affordable rates. It sounds impossible though but so does the whole idea of invisibility cloaks sound. So, just imagine this is the scenario, what comes to your mind first?

invisibility cloaks
Image by Mathias Reding/ pexels/ Copyright 2022

What comes to my mind is, what if someone with malicious thoughts got their hands on an invisibility cloak? No one will be safe. It will become so easy to rob anyone and molest or harass anyone. It will create chaos where common people will be grinding as always and all the thieves and dacoits will be fulfilling all their wrong deeds without getting recognized under the skin of invisibility cloaks. Crime would be at its peak and all innocent people will become the prey of these circumstances.

This is how the local level will get threatened. Doomsday will come as fast as the speed of light. In the blink of an eye, everyone would be robbed of their life physically and mentally.

So, the question is “will it only restrict to the local level?” Let us find out!

2.2. District Level

How is it possible that the local people are suffering and the whole district will not get affected? Not possible. Right?

It is what we call fate. Once, things start getting worse they get worst! No reverse theory works. You can not stop what has started until it won’t gets all done to its extent. So, it is fate that this privacy invasion using an invisibility cloak will threaten the district level too. A little later than the local level but eventually it will.

We all know people from different districts have different issues and sometimes they share issues within themselves. People treat each other like outsiders and as the ones belonging to another district. The invisibility cloaks will facilitate the people having bad intentions of taking down the image of other districts. They will get their intentions fulfilled easily using invisibility cloaks. This is how districts will lead up to their fate.

Again, “will it stop now?” Is it the last level of threat? NO!

invisibility cloaks
Image by Дмитрий Белов/ pexels/ Copyright 2021

2.3. State Level

Every country consists of various states that combine to form one nation. Every state has its specialties and history. These histories are responsible for current situations and differences among states. These differences have been normalized among states and their people by politicians. The one we call “dirty politics” takes the differences to the level of hate and fighting among people.

Accessibility to invisibility cloaks when disturbing the lives at local and district levels then it will not take much time to bring disaster in whole states. It would be so easy to travel from one state to another and get insights into it. Here, you see again how privacy invasion is being done silently and invisibly.

We all have witnessed how the differences among different states’ people turn into riots and massacres. Don’t you think it would become so easy to execute the plans by people with vengeful intentions on some other state’s minister or any politician, anyone? Which will follow by riots and mass killing turning the state-level threat into a national-level threat.

Let us see how this will follow up to the next level. How much more is left to destroy? Invisibility cloaks’ consequences will stop here or there is more to see…

2.4. National Level

Everything is going in a series. Isn’t this all sounding like a thriller drama where level-by-level invisibility cloaks taking over the whole nation? Sounding crazy but so do fantasies.

invisibility cloaks
Image by NoName_13/ pixabay/ Copyright 2019

So yeah! continuing the whole scenario it is very clear that if there will be no stability among the states then how could a country or the whole nation can remain stable? The whole country will be at its worst soon. Then, what? Enemies will have an edge in such situation. If invisibility cloaks will be discovered or created then, all the mighty power of the world will get access to them first. Isn’t it right? All the powerful countries will have the extra advantage now, power + invisibility cloak = invincible.

Sooner or later all the nations will end up fighting each other to become powerful. All the secret information will be at stake. Nothing will be safe. All the data and personal information may get into wrong hands.

We all know what happens when a powerful nation tries to take over a weak or say less powerful nation. We all have witnessed history also witnessing right now, Russia vs Ukraine. It is so horrific to even think the presence of invisibility cloaks in such a situation. From both sides, it would have been so easy to send a person invisibly to kill the main person operating the war from another side. The situation would have been worst if only invisibility cloaks were with only the powerful nation the other nation would have met its end so easily in just the blink of an eye. 

This will lead to an inter-nation war situation that will not threaten just the national level but also end up leading to an international level threat.

2.5. International Level

Already there is no stability at the international level, some nations are powerful so some are weak. No equity, no equality. Only fight for power. Some nations hunger more and more even after being the no. 1 power in the world. All must have heard, we always ask for more once we get what we want because hunger never stops!

Invisibility cloaks are leading world to its judgment day. No one would have ever thought of them to be so destructive. Invisibility is such a greater power that destruction will come with it automatically. See how inter-nation war can be provoked easily using these cloaks and powerful nations can become invincible. This is directly threatening the world. We all have witnessed the two great world wars and no one is prepared for the third nor did anyone wants it to happen.

invisibility cloaks
Image by M. Maggs/ pixabay / Copyright 2016

For instance, the way the Elder wand + Cloak of Invisibility + Resurrection Stone = Deathly Hallowswhich means escape from death”. The invisibility cloak plays a vital role in deathly hallows, it was used to escape death by a man and passed on to its successor to escape death too and thus, passed on to generations like this. So here you see how one can become invincible having it. 

Now, what’s your opinion about invisibility cloaks? Aren’t they equal to privacy invasion and provoking 5-level threats?

3. Invisibility Cloaks – Boon or Bane?

invisibility cloaks
Image by Ryan Miguel Capili/ pexels/ Copyright 2020

Fantasies are always amazing and out-of-the-box creative imaginations. The idea of invisibility cloaks is one such fantasy of someone’s extraordinary creative mind. The idea of using the invisibility cloak in such an amazing series of Harry Potter by the author J. K. Rowling was such a smart move. The way she used it for the deathly hollows to escape death shows all how invincible invisibility cloaks are.

Anything is a boon only when it is providing help to the world and doing good for all. But invisibility cloaks are a boon or a bane depending on the intentions of the one who owns them. The intention with which one is using the invisibility cloak can either use for good or something malicious that will lead threat to society.

Though it is for sure that invisibility cloaks are a threat to privacy and thus, will lead to chaos in the end. Hence, their destiny is bane only. Privacy is key to peace. If privacy invasion will be done, peace can’t be maintained. And it is impossible to keep privacy safe having invisibility cloaks in the existence. 

You see all of this is connected and hence, to prevent ourselves from judgment day it is important to consider all the aspects before just turning any fantasy into reality because fantasy is our make-believe world but the real world isn’t. Real life contains harsh truth’s that remain hidden to maintain peace. But with the power of invisibility, it will not take much time to reveal everything hidden.

It is your time to decide whether invisibility cloaks are a boon or a bane.

invisibility cloaks
Image by Ricardo Esquivel/ pexels/ Copyrigth 2020

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4. Final Note

So, you see how threatening it could be to have such a discovery or creation in the future. The thing that might amaze us as a fantasy can be the same thing that might lead us to our fate. Some things are better than remaining in a fantasy world only. It is better not to turn our every imagination into reality because we all know reality is what we can’t control but imagination is something we can not only control but also, we are the emperor of our imaginations.

Real circumstances are not the same as that of our imaginations. Things that happen in reality can not be reversed or changed. They are irreversible and one’s mistake has been done, you can only learn from it and try not to repeat it but can never change it. It is good for world not to hand over such an invincible power to anyone.

It seems the world is better without “Invisibility Cloaks”. Privacy is everyone’s priority and to save it, I think it is not a big deal to give up on the idea of having such a future discovery. Some things are better to remain as our dreams or fantasy and they remain far from reality. As concluded in the last section that the destiny of Invisibility cloaks is a bane only. The world is good to go without turning these scientific fantasies into reality. Fantasy is better to remain as our imaginative world.


  • Bhoomika Singh

    Pursuing Bachelors in Computer Science from Delhi University. A Content Writer at Icytales. An anime artist and a member of Delhi University college's Fine Arts Society, Maniera.

Bhoomika Singh
Bhoomika Singh
Pursuing Bachelors in Computer Science from Delhi University. A Content Writer at Icytales. An anime artist and a member of Delhi University college's Fine Arts Society, Maniera.


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