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What Would Happen to the World if it had No Leaders?


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When people think of a world without leaders, they usually think of a desolate landscape dotted with the bones of the vanquished. But could it be that simple? The idea of a world without leaders might seem like something out of a science fiction novel, but it’s not as crazy as it sounds.

In the real world, there are many places where leaders are needed more than ever. Even though the rate of global war has decreased over the past few decades, many countries still find it challenging to maintain peace.
Here are some of the most plausible scenarios if there were no leaders in the world.

Countries that Fight with Each Other

In a world without leaders, countries at war would simply fight each other. Thus, the level of violence would be much higher than it is today. If the world went to war, it would be a global conflict. It could happen if two countries fought over a disputed region or a person. For example, if China and Japan went to war, the conflict would spread to much of Asia and beyond. The same would happen if the U.S. and Russia went to war and other major powers like India and Brazil.

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Countries That Collapse Into Chaos

Some argue that the most likely scenario, if there were no leaders in the world, is a catastrophic drawdown in world armed forces. It could occur if less than 15% of the world’s population currently has access to guns. Civil wars and revolutions would be arduous to achieve with so many people without guns. However, if everyone owned a gun, the situation would be much more volatile.

Countries Become Second-Rate Powers

The number of developing countries is growing; however, the gap between the rich and emerging countries will grow even more, making it difficult for one country to rule them all. Countries could become second-rate powers if one of the major powers, no matter how democratic, cannot maintain a solid military order.

However, this could still happen if the rise of the neo-colonial countries, such as Brazil and India, which are not democratic, continues. If these countries gain too much power and can bring down the existing system, perhaps the next best thing would be to rule the world.

The Globalisation of Poverty

Finally, some argue that the most likely scenario is a rise in global poverty. If current trends continue, over the next 40 years, the number of people living in poverty will increase by more than 50%. This could happen if a large number of people fall into poverty as a result of the declining value of the currency.

If people no longer have enough money to buy what they need in terms of food, shelter, and medicine, nations will become more unstable, and more people will be thrown into poverty.

The Collapse of the West

Some argue that the rise of economic and political power in the West could lead to the collapse of the Western alliance in a world without leaders. If the idea of a world without leaders makes you uncomfortable, you might want to consider the fact that the top 0.1% of the world’s population now owns more wealth than the next 90% of the world’s population. This is not the kind of inequality that often comes up in discussions about a world without leaders.
However, the rich get richer, and the poor get poorer, which is dangerous for society.

The Rise of the East

China and India would pose the most threat to the status quo in the event of a world without leaders. Because of their growing economic might, India and China could become significant players in the world economy in a few decades.

If they were to become major powers, they could also threaten the dominance of the West. The rise of these Asian superpowers would be very dangerous to the status quo, but it would be more likely to happen if there were no leaders in the world.

Global Economy

If the leaders of the major powers were to fall, the entire world economy would be in trouble. Without leaders, there would be no other way to put it; there would be no way to keep its economies from falling into chaos.

Without leaders, there would be no way to enforce rules and regulations that have kept the global economy stable and functioning. Without leaders, there would be no way to end all forms of poverty.

Global Dictation

When there’s no one to speak for or represent a country or region, you get what’s known as a “dictatorship of the few.” The people in charge would have to answer to no one apart from themselves and their agendas.

They would make all the crucial decisions for the country and region without regard for the consequences. The people in charge would make the decisions without regard for the fact that these would negatively impact the rest of the world. The aristocracy would prevail.

World Without Leaders

The most dangerous scenario for the entire global economy is one with no leaders whatsoever. Countries would band together to give themselves leaders in a world without leaders.

It would allow countries like China and India to take advantage of less developed nations by forcefully imposing their will on them. In this scenario, the people in charge would have no regard for these decisions’ impact on the rest of the world.

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The World Is Turned Upside Down

In this scenario, the leaders of the major powers are the only ones who matter. They’re the only ones who can enforce the game’s rules and set the agenda for the rest of the world. And when they fall, the whole thing would come crashing down.

No one would enforce the game’s rules anymore, allowing other countries to set their own rules. None would set the agenda, allowing other countries to set their agendas. And without leaders to smooth over the rough spots, the entire thing would come crashing down.

The world would advance to Hell in a Handbasket.

This one is pretty much a no-brainer. When there’s no one to enforce the rules or set the agenda, it’s the end of the world as we know it. There would be no one to regulate industries that have caused significant environmental problems.

There would be no one to enforce rules and regulations that have made our air and water clean and safe to breathe. No one would concern themselves with stopping the spread of nuclear weapons or monitoring countries’ compliance with the rules that have kept them from building more.

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World Government Would Be Impossible

As crazy as it might sound, a world without leaders might be a better place without any government. Why? Because when there’s no one to answer to but yourself, it would be challenging for any government to survive.

Thus becoming the most straightforward way for a government to go down. If the mindset of people were to be, “I’m unanswerable to none but myself, and I hold power told to decide the end of my life”, imagine how it would impact the rest of the world?

Culture Change

This one is pretty straightforward – without leaders, there would be no culture. Without leaders, people would be free to form their own opinions and beliefs. It would lead to all sorts of social unrest and even revolution.

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The World Would Be a Different Place

On the surface, this one doesn’t exactly sound like something to be drooling over, does it? But if leaders didn’t exist, there would be no way to impose your will on other countries. In a world without leaders, countries would constantly be at war. No two countries would be able to coexist peacefully.

The End Of The World would come near.

If there were no leaders, all institutions and governments would come to a halt. The military, the police and intelligence services, the education system, the healthcare system, and the penal system would all grind to a halt.

With leaders gone, there will be no more laws, no more courts, no more political parties, and no more news outlets. There would be no ruling of law, no more checks and balances, no more media, no more press, and no more politics. All of this would likely result in a chaotic situation, perhaps even a civil war. This situation would likely result in massive disruption to the global economy, with countries worldwide fighting for food and resources.

There would be considerable disruptions to the market for consumer goods, with people instead of relying on food and water shortages to get by. There would likely be massive disruption to the global banking system and financial institutions, with people unable to pay for goods and services.

The Collapse of States

In a world without states, would the system break down without leaders? It would seem that way, doesn’t it?

The system would continue to function in a world with states and without a leader. However, in a world with no states, the first thing that would happen is that war would end, and peace would enfold the land. There would no longer be differences such as states or countries, only individuals.

Nonetheless, the rest of the world would probably not be kind enough to everyone, so widespread violence would occur. States would probably return, but as groups of people with little to no government to control their affairs.

The De-Humanization of Humans

When people think of leaders, they usually imagine influential people controlling large groups of people. But in a world without leaders, there is another side to the story. Leaders are needed to inspire, lead, and guide the people, but without leaders, individuals have no idea how to act on behalf of the group.

Individuals would form tribes, cities, nations, and empires. A person’s tribe would be their family, friends, and neighbours. A person’s country would be their surroundings, their language, and their values. Initially, leaders would emerge from the groups, but as people become more skilled at forming and operating groups, they would evolve into leaders. Humans would become more like animals in this process.

Democracy Is Resurrected

One of the most basic requirements of a democracy is a functioning government. How would that work out if people suddenly decided that they didn’t want leaders at all but wanted to run the country as a democracy? First of all, we would have no idea how to run a country. We would likely have no economy, no political system, and no way to provide for the general population.

There would likely be massive social disruption, with people living in huts, sharing essential commodities like food and water, and being unable to pay for medical services. As a final thought, there would likely be another pandemic, resulting in another set of leaders emerging. The system would likely not function as a democracy, but more like an oligarchy, with the top dog being able to rule completely without further leadership necessary.

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More Than A Collection Of Words

Many would suggest that leaders are necessary for a country to be a great place. After all, without leaders, the people would be without direction, and without leaders, a society can’t grow and develop. But would a world with no leaders be a better place to live, or is leadership a positive thing?

Without leaders, people would have no idea how to govern themselves, presumably resulting in a chaotic situation. In a world without leaders, people would learn to govern themselves through trial and error and, therefore, be better off.

What would happen to international relations?

There would be no overarching leader to hold all of these leaders accountable under one law system. This means that if one country defects, the entire council of ambassadors would be responsible for ensuring the new government is adequately compensated for its loss. It’s a very delicate balance that can often prove challenging.

There would likely be numerous short- and long-term consequences without leaders. The most obvious would be an increased chance of war. More than likely, the security of the world’s most populated areas would be challenged, as would the economic health of developing countries.

What would happen to the media?

Media in a world without leaders would likely be more fragmented and unpredictable. It means that the coverage of significant events would likely be far less favourable than it is today and that the news cycle itself would be much less predictable.

The news would change often, but the information it contained would be more or less consistent across platforms. The internet would likely be the most used form of media, with television and newspapers falling somewhere in the middle.

What would happen to health care?

Photo by Marcelo Leal on Unsplash

In a world without leaders, the concept of universal health care may seem like a pipe dream. However, it is not a new idea. In the years following World War II, there was a movement to create a universal health care system in many countries worldwide. Leaders realized the potential of this movement and quickly realized that the movement had grown too large for them to control.

They would accept that the best way to squash the movement was to have no leaders. Thus, the first task for any government leader would be to convince the people that they need a different system of health care and that theirs is better.

What would happen to education?

In a world without leaders, it may be unlikely that the number of students in schools would increase rapidly. It may mean that the educational system would need to be redefined to keep up with the population’s growing needs. In a world without leaders, it may be more critical for students to know how to read and write than it is today.

What would happen to the military if there were no leaders?

If there were no leaders, there would be no need for a military. After all, there are no threats that the military would be able to deal with effectively. Thus, the military would likely be disbanded. It would, in turn, open up many vital opportunities for the people of a country, as they would be freed up from a cumbersome military system to pursue their desires more fully.


The idea of a world without leaders is pretty far-fetched, but it’s not as crazy as it sounds. Many places on Earth are at a disadvantage because of the lack of leaders. If leaders were no longer needed in the world, the most likely scenario is that of a catastrophic drawdown in world armed forces. It could happen if less than 15% of the world’s population currently has access to guns.

World leaders are a critical part of any country’s constitution. They set the course for that country’s future and help to keep it from going in a particular direction. But what would happen if those leaders were to fall? The leaders would be the only ones who would have any clue as to what was going on.

They’d be the only ones who could put a stop to all the bad things that are happening in the world. They’d be the only ones who could tell the difference between reality and lies. They’d be the only ones who could save the world from itself.

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