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Time Trucks – What If Time Freezes Over?

Many poets and writers wrote in praise of and warned humankind about the dearth of Time. It is something that is uncontrollable and shall always remain free; however, human inventions may accelerate.


It is said, “Time and tide wait for none.”

But what if the opposite happens? What if time and tide wait for people? Will the world come to a halt then?


However old we may grow, it can never be monotonous to revisit our childhood, right?

Childhood is like that steamed fresh food, the aroma of which rekindles steamed fondness of the bygones and memories it brings along. It stirs some pleasant and some odd memories in us. But what it brings in is a whirlwind of emotions!

Time and memories go together. They have the power to either bring one out of loneliness into longingness or push one into longingness from loneliness. Memories are just like wine, the dated they get, the finer and refined they taste.

Uncover The Truth By Time

The paradox is that we have learned so much about the value of time by simply trucking time. You only realize the value of something when you no longer have it.

Time is the unsung hero that is often uncelebrated. It is taken for granted. We often hear sentences like, “oh, we still have a lot of time!”. These exclamations are clear stamps on how we undermine and undervalue this essential gift of Life, Time.

In the daily hassles of our life, we tend to neglect the vitality of time and devalue it. There’s no denying the truth that we all, at some point or the other in our lives, have said, “Alas, I wish this time passes soon, “, “What is ‘the right time” or “How long will I have to wait for ‘the right time’?”

Haven’t we? What do they imply now? Do they hold significance? But then does saying them prove to be any good? No, that effort of yours is futile. I know how bitter this may sound to hear. But that’s the truth. 

Source: Symmetry Magazine

Time is a test of patience. It is an investment that one does for the betterment of his or her life. Sometimes, some things are worth the wait, while sometimes it is not. 

For instance, you sow the seeds to an Orange Tree. Now, if you stay consistent in watering those seeds and be well-determined to witness its beautiful journey into being a plant. You ensure you take the utmost care of that mere “seed” that you planted a month back. You will doubtlessly reap the sweet fruit of your hard work and unparalleled patience a year or so later. And, it can justifiably be said that the fruit will be worth the wait, worth the investment- the investment of your care, labor, love, and time. Won’t it be?

Likely, the more you believe in your destiny, in your time; the brighter life you may envisage ahead of you.

Belief is the word. Always hold on to it. Never let go of your belief. Always remember that however hard it may be, however, lost and listless you may feel, your beliefs will bind you to the ground and will help you with a lift up. 

For ages, humans have always been assumed to be creatures seeking rescue. Have you ever wondered, does our intrinsic longing for our evil time to end make us more of it? Does it make us a worrywart or degrade the basic human image of being self-sufficient to coward and timid?

Time Truck

What does the notion “Time Truck” imply? Splitting into two, TIME + TRUCK is nothing less than the accumulation, the trucking of time.

In your day-to-day life, you may have most of the time noticed how the needles of the clock freeze, stubborn enough to not move an inch ahead. And, in the layman language, we call it, “time has stopped”.

Well, now the fact is apparent. Time has made people flexible. And, not only in the future shall it increase its flexibility, but can be still seen counterposing its influence on flexibility in various other domains.

For that matter, let’s consider food to be an example. An article, “How Have We Changed The Way We Eat In 2021?” quotes how the time of Covid, 2020, was a period where everyone understood the time and the arduous efforts behind the work to put food on the table.

But did you ever wonder what will happen if you could freeze time? “What If You Could Stop Time” by What If reflects on this as it tickles your imagination with some food for thought!

What If You Could Stop Time? Source: What If

This video, “What If You Could Stop Time?” personifies time to humans. The video establishes the circumstances that will prevail if stopping the time is attempted.

Stopping time would stop photons, the particles of light, moving normally. You would also be able to time-affect the space present around you. That will, in turn, give you the ability to move and breathe.

A Time Freezing Test

Humans are thought to be the mighty ones, the fearless. But the superpower they tend to forget is the Time.

Nukazooka, a YouTube video creator, performed a time-freezing test by trying out the effect that Freddiew did. He performed some acts of exceptional ability and superior skills to prove his experiment on Freezing Time.

Some of those extraordinary acts are as mentioned below:

  1. Firstly, freezing the gunshot and the gunner-man just by the power of his hands and then shooting on the targeted frozen man himself.
  2. Secondly, just after he shoots the frozen man who was about to shoot him, he snaps his fingers, and everything transmutes back to normal all of a sudden.

Freezing Time. Source: Nukazooka.

Though this may seem like a man’s win over time, becoming undestroyable, but the fact is that this was only put up together to show, what would a world look like if time froze? Will human activity still be possible?

Human activity will not be possible if time freezes. Because, if the time freezes, it shall imply that there will be total inactivity and movement.

If there is no Human Movement, then what?

The primary and omnipotent question springs up now is: “if there will be no human movement, then what will happen?” Have you ever imagined a world without humans?

A world devoid of humans and human movement will be no less than a barren land of death and dearth. There will be no flake of existence and no stamp of life. It will be a living, lifeless dwelling.

Where human movement, at times, proves to obstruct the Earth because of the destructive activities they exert. But it is for these activities’ changes to occur.

Charles Darwin in his proposal of “Survival Of The Fittest” proposed how this phrase originated from Darwinian Evolutionary Theory as a way of describing the mechanisms of natural selection.

The biological concept of fitness is defined as reproductive success. In Darwinian terms, the phrase is best understood as, “Survival of the form that will leave the most copies of itself in successive generations.”

Many poets and writers wrote in praise of and warned humankind about the dearth of Time. It is something that is uncontrollable and shall always remain free; however, human inventions may speed up.

Let’s rekindle our memories and recall the formula we all learned in our schools-Speed = Distance/Time

If you would rearrange the sequence, time would be distance divided by speed.

Time marks the changes in the position of a photon (the basic unit of light). If time would stop, photons wouldn’t move too. As photons would not move and enter into your eyes, you would turn blind. So, you would not be able to see anything.


Tine is the best wrap. It is something that helps one to reflect on the past, present, and future simultaneously. It is inflicted with the magical power to edit.

We often say, “act once committed cannot be re-performed.” But, time, though, however mighty; always gives a room for correction.

It gives everyone a “second chance” in the form of trials. Go for that second trial you dismissed. Trying again doesn’t imply your failure at a task but your determination and will to get it done right and to the point.

Sometimes time heaps onto memories and brings about nostalgia. This nostalgia can take various twisted turns and forms. This nostalgia is figurative! it can sometimes embody yourself or a person you’ve been longing to meet for a long.

I’d pen down with a quote by Harvey Mackay-
Time is free, but it’s priceless.
You can’t own it, but you can use it.
You can’t keep it, but you can spend it.
Spend it. Once you’ve lost it,
You can never get it back.
…and that’s how it goes, fellow time travelers!
Instead, of looking for superpowers to control time, manifest in utilizing it wisely. We underestimate the value of time, however, use it for benefitting yourself. 
Khushi Mohunta
Khushi Mohunta
"We're all broken, that's how the light gets in." Khushi Mohunta is an 18-year-old author based in Sirsa. She is pursuing Liberal Arts and Humanities. With an equal interest in the fields of English and Psychology, she also has editorial zeal. She adheres to the saying “looks can be deceptive” and would be found in her own cocoon- reading and composing. Khushi always perpetuates for new horizons even in the adversity, because rest is mere transitory in her facet. From writing poems on sui generis days of her clan members to being orchestrated with the cognomen of Chief Editor of her school, she bloomed. According to her, “Words can paint constellation’s breathing stars into dwindling lives.” Linguaphile and an admirer of the literary world, she vehemently believes in the allotrope; “Pen is mightier than the sword.”


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