Future News7 Tourist Destinations on Mars in 2050

7 Tourist Destinations on Mars in 2050


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Also known as the Red Planet, Mars, the second smallest planet in our solar system, has many places that Earthlings can explore.

There was a time when no one could even think of settling on Mars. But now, with the help of NASA and extraordinary human brains, we are looking to not only reach Mars but also colonize there.

The Red Planet is 4 billion years old and has already seen many changes. It has gone through many transformations in the face of volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, and occasionally falling asteroids. All these things have left a natural mark on the planet, which is no less than any wonder of the earth.

All these natural phenomena turn Mars into a tourist destination. And if you are a traveler and looking for all the best places to visit in your lifetime, your search will not end until you see these amazing places on Mars.

There are many hidden gems on the Red Planet, such as craters, running water, and canyons that can be seen.

Here is a list of places every Mars person must visit. And with that, we’ll also explore fun activities to do on the Red Planet.

Must-Visit Places on Mars 

Explore North and South Poles 

Similarly, like Earth, Mars also has north and south poles. Both the poles are covered with ice, and the entire region has thick caps of ice.

These ice caps on the planet are not made of water like their neighbor Earth. Instead, these caps are made from three components – carbon dioxide, ice, water, and dust.

The Red Planet’s surface becomes ice-cold during winter because of carbon dioxide, which turns into frost. But in the fall, the temperature starts to drop, and you can enjoy clear clouds in the polar region.

Even in the summer season, you can see the ice caps at the North Pole and enjoy the beautiful sight of it. Seeing ice on some other planet than earth is itself a wonder.

You can take a weekend break and enjoy the winters in the North and South Poles with your family and friends. Or you can visit it yourself and explore the beauty of the universe.

Credit: Valles Marineris. NASA

Olympus Mons

If you are a fan of Mount Everest and want to see a mountain as gigantic as Everest, then Olympus Mons will be your ultimate stop.

You cannot miss visiting Olympus Mons, a popular tourist destination on Mars. It stands at the height of 25 km, which is three times the height of Everest.

If you are looking for hiking on the Red Planet, there may be no better option than Olympus. And from above, you can also enjoy an aerial view of this planet.

Here you will also find slopes naturally made by a continuous flow of lava that cannot be seen anywhere else. You can also enjoy the view of gigantic volcanos located on Olympus Mons.

Ghost Dunes

Located in Noctis Labyrinthus and Hellas basin, Ghost Dunes is a perfect place to witness how the Mars environment has changed in these past years.

Ghost Dunes is one of its own kind, which you shouldn’t miss seeing. It is croissant shaped and hence is also called Ghost Dunes because the wind has shaped this place which looks like a croissant. It is left after dunes passed over it million years ago.


As you already know, the Red Planet has many volcanoes, and the planet is formed only by the eruption of these volcanoes.

If you’re on a mission to explore Mars, don’t miss exploring the Tharsis Montes region here long before humans even got to Earth.

There are many giant volcanoes in this area that you can see up close as they have been sleeping for millions of years and will continue to sleep for the next million years. You will be amazed to see the size of this volcano because no one else can match it in height.

And if you don’t know much about volcanoes, Red Planet volcanoes are not the same as Earth volcanoes. Because here, the height of these volcanoes keeps increasing because the gravitational force of Mars is weak. They even get taller than Olympus Mons.

You can explore the Tharsis Montes region along with Ascraeus, Pavonis, and Arsia Mons. As all these places are located nearer. So, if you come to explore Olympus, you can also visit another Mons. Near them is ‘Tharsis Montes’, a neighbor of Olympus Mons. And seeing the giant sleeping volcano that caused the formation of the planet is a must-see.

Valles Marineris

In addition to volcanoes, the Red Planet also has the largest canyon. And don’t forget to visit Valles Marineris, the largest canyon on Mars, to see it.

If you are a canyon lover and have visited almost every valley on earth, then you must not miss out on a visit to Marineris.

According to the photo released by NASA, it is spread over 3000 km and 8 km deep, which is more than three times the size of the Grand Canyon. It is also the largest canyon in our solar system. Isn’t it fun to fly over a canyon that spans over 3000 km and see the depths of the Red Planet’s surface?

It is still a mystery how it formed, but it is speculated that it formed when lava pushed up and pushed the crust up and spread the crust to other areas after breaking up. And when these cracks grow over time, they form Valles Marineris.

Gale Crater

NASA discovered Gale Crater in 2012 by the Mars Curiosity rover, and since then, this rover has made many discoveries.

Here you will find evidence of water, soil, and rocks. It was one of the first things found by the rover. The crater is 200-300 meters deep and was formed when the site was heavily flooded during the Noachian period.

Gale Crater is also an important site for scientists as it may provide evidence of water on a planet other than Earth. And if you want to see such a historical and futuristic place in one place, you must see this place.

Medusae Fossae

One of the strangest and most mysterious places on Mars is Medusae Fossae. If you love space mysteries, then you will be going to love this place.

When you take a closer look at it, it will look like a UFO has been crushed here because it has unusual bulges and uneven lines that give a glimpse of extraterrestrial life.

But don’t worry, all these speculations and illusions of place are wrong. Scientists from Johns Hopkins University Maryland have confirmed that it is just a natural planet component.

Medusae Fossae is a beautifully carved soft rock that creates a mesmerizing sight. It was formed by volcanoes that erupted 3 million years ago. Isn’t this the place to look?

The rock is 8 miles long located near the equator. You will be shocked to know that this deposit was first noticed in 1960, and it is the biggest deposit in our solar system.

Fun Activities to do on Mars

As NASA continues to explore Mars and release new photos, our curiosity increases to do all those fun activities on the Red Planet. As of now, the blueprint for colonization of Mars is being prepared, and Elon Musk has already announced that we can take Tesla to Mars after colonization. We’re already thinking of driving it to Mars before everyone else on Earth can have it.

Not only driving and exploring different places, but you can also do a lot of fun activities here. There is no shortage of activities on this red planet, from adventure sports to leisure. And if you are tired of trying every new thing on this new planet, which is soon going to be your home, then you can take a day off and spend it with your family.

Here is a list of activities you can do on the Red Planet.

  • Dust Surfing
  • Star Gazing
  • Martian Relay Race
  • Build Salt Castle
  • Ride around Mars in the rover
  • Drive Tesla
  • Reading
  • Observing day to day life on Mars
  • Trekking

And the activities do not stop here. These are some ideas you can do on Mars but find your way to enjoy on your new home planet.

As Mars is about to become the second home of humans, we are excited to be there and explore all these places.

In the coming 20 to 30 years, it will be possible to travel to these places and find the Red Planet, which we only see from Earth. As all the resources are already present on the planet, we don’t have to worry much about survival there.

And many such places on Mars will be open to humans soon after we settle there. Along with this, there will be many other activities that human beings can enjoy.

I hope you enjoyed all these fun places on Mars that you will soon enjoy on this planet. If you liked this post then do check out If You Were Born on Mars, Here’s What Life Would Be Like!.

Swati Dubé
Swati Dubé
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