NatureWhat Happens if Ants Disappear From the World Suddenly?

What Happens if Ants Disappear From the World Suddenly?


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Have you ever thought about what would happen if ants disappeared? The question itself seems so weird. What’s there to talk about these tiny little creatures? What’s so important about them? You will find answers to all these questions in the lines below.

Photo By: Amit Talwar/Unsplash

Ants: Why Do They Matter?

Ants are the tiny insects that we see in our day-to-day life. We often get irritated by their bites. They inject a chemical substance called formic acid that annoys them. Ants are commonly found everywhere except some extremely cold places like Antarctica and Iceland.

They feed mostly on dead animals and small insects and even eat their eggs. They communicate with each other using chemicals for hunting for food, and they trace their paths with the help of the chemical produced.

The study of ants is known as myrmecology. Ant communities are headed by queen ants which lay eggs and take care of the larvae. The queen ant assigns the work, whereas the male takes part in mating and goes in search of food. 

The most amazing fact to know about ants is their population. According to studies, there are about 20 quadrillion ants on earth. Note that one quadrillion equals a thousand million million. That means if ants are to be distributed to humans, each one of us gets 2.5 million ants.

It is found that they weigh about one-fifth of the total weight of the human population. Now let’s think of our question what happens if ants disappear?

Consequences if Ants Disappeared

To answer this, we must know the function of ants. Ants contribute a lot to agriculture. They help to aerate the soil. Thus,  they aid in increasing soil fertility, which also helps the penetration of water and oxygen into the ground.

Ants play a major role in balancing the ecosystem. Ants primarily feed on dead matter and help in decaying them. Ants also help germinate seeds by carrying them from one place to another. They also feed on some tiny common pests. So they also help us in the protection of crops from pests.

If ants were not present, there would be many insects to feed on dead matter. So it disturbs the whole ecological cycle. This may seem so silly reading that ants disturb our ecosystem. But every one of us will indeed be affected adversely if the ants disappear from the earth.

Ants also teach us about the order of life. They symbolize hard work. So ants are also the creatures that we must talk about. But what’s the need? Studies show that the population of decreasing at a rate of 0.92 per year. The main reason is habitat destruction.

Due to deforestation and urbanization, they are barely finding places to live. Also, the climatic effects are a reason for their deaths. It’s not only about ants. Many insects are slowly disappearing.

Photo By: Dhaya Eddine Bentaleb/Unsplash


In conclusion, ants play a really important part in our ecosystem. So if they would disappear, the whole cycle of life gets disturbed, and we, the humans, are the ones who would be affected. To protect them, we need not bring them to our homes and breed them. If we control our actions towards deforestation, climatic changes, and environmental pollution, everything will be perfect.

It’s fascinating to consider how such small creatures affect our lives. It emphasizes that if we are to live sustainably on the earth, we must ensure the safety of all animals!

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