GlobalThe Possibility Canada-US War? What if Canada Invaded America?

The Possibility Canada-US War? What if Canada Invaded America?


What if Canada attacked America? Who would win in a war between the US and our northern neighbours? Is there even any point in posing this question? Everyone knows Canada is one of the kindest and most accommodating nations. They are not plotting to conquer their southern neighbour. 

That’s what we all think, until now. The following article will explore what could happen if Canada invaded America. Read on to learn more about why this might be an imminent threat, where such a conflict could occur, and the possible outcomes of such a war.

Why a Canada-US War Might Be Imminent

In the realm of politics, things can change instantly. While it may seem unbelievable, there is a good chance that Canada and the US could be on the brink of war. Relations between the two countries have been strained for some time now, with both sides accusing each other of various wrongdoings. 

To make matters worse, the previous US President, Donald Trump, severely dislikes America’s northern neighbour. Trump dislikes Canada so strongly that he has even threatened to invade the country. While this may sound highly far-fetched, especially considering that the US has invaded other countries in the past, it’s not impossible. 

With the right circumstances, an American invasion of Canada could occur.

Where a Canada-US War Might Occur

While the exact location of a Canada-US war is impossible to predict, most experts believe that it would occur in one of three areas: the Great Lakes region, near the Canadian border in New England, or somewhere in the Rocky Mountains. 

The Great Lakes region would be the most likely place for a Canada-US war to occur since it is the most militarized part of the border between the two countries. Both the US and Canada have built massive naval bases in this area. The US has the world’s largest fleet of warships on the Great Lakes, and Canada has the fifth-largest fleet.

In addition, the Great Lakes region is also home to the world’s largest airport, the Buffalo Niagara International Airport. The Buffalo airport is used by many civilian and military aircraft daily, so it would make an ideal place to start a Canada-US war.

What Would Happen if Canada Invaded America?

Let’s look at why this would almost certainly be the case. First, the US does not have enough troops to defend itself against a Canadian invasion. If Canada invaded the lower 48 states, it is almost sure that the US would lose, at least in the short term.

There is also the small matter of the Canadian Navy. The US has no navy, while the Canadian Navy dwarfs its American counterpart. 

If Canada invaded the US, it could easily blockade the coast, preventing reinforcements from reaching the US troops defending the border against the Canadian invasion.

Photo By: Alice Kotlyarenko / Unsplash

Possible Outcomes of a Canadian Invasion

Many experts believe that if Canada invaded the US, the two countries would eventually settle their dispute by dividing the border between them. It would be similar to what happened between the US and Mexico in the 19th century. 

In that case, the US and Canada would end up with about half of their land. It would be a very favourable outcome for Canada since the US would be severely weakened by the invasion and unable to resist the Canadians. Alternatively, the US could invade Canada to try to even the score.

In that case, the US would almost certainly win since Canada’s military is only a fraction of the US’s size. In addition, the US has a much larger population than Canada, and Canada has a much smaller navy than the US. While the US would likely win in the long term, it would take many years before the US utterly defeated Canada, and the US could claim victory.

The Plan: How Canada Would Invade America

There are several different potential plans that Canada could use to invade America. The first would involve a Canadian Air Force campaign to destroy the American Air Force. While Canadian planes might not be as powerful, there is a chance that they could succeed by overpowering American air defences and with the element of surprise on their side.

It would allow Canada to quickly deploy troops to the American border and prevent the US from mounting any serious resistance. Another potential plan would involve a Canadian Navy invasion. 

The Canadian Navy is smaller than the American Navy, but it could still launch a severe challenge. One option would be for Canada to sail its ships to the United States Pacific coast and launch an assault on the west coast. That would make it easier for Canada to invade the American west coast and move north.

The Canadian invasion of America would be an amphibious operation. While there are numerous routes that the Canadian Army could use, a likely target for an amphibious landing would be Maine, where the border between the two countries runs along the St. Croix River. It would allow the Canadian Army to move south into New Hampshire and Massachusetts quickly. The Canadian Army would likely land around 10,000 to 20,000 soldiers in this area, which is enough to threaten the US and force it to commit reserves to hold the line. 

It would allow the Canadian Army to push south quickly and capture or threaten several significant US populations and commercial centres. To defend themselves against the Canadian invasion, the US would need to move reinforcements hundreds—or thousands—of miles to the south. While the US has adequate air and sea transport assets to move its forces rapidly, it can’t transport large numbers of infantry by air or sea to quickly defend its southern border. 

The Canadian Army could quickly push south and threaten the US. The Canadian Army would likely focus on capturing major population centres and defending the main Canadian supply lines. The US would need to respond with massive mobilization, and the Army, Navy, and Air Force would likely be involved in a joint defence effort against the Canadian invasion.

The Casualty Count

It’s hard to say precisely how many people would die in a Canadian invasion of America. The numbers could vary widely depending on multiple factors. If, for example, the US could successfully mount an effective resistance, or if Canada encountered unexpected resistance from American militia groups, the death toll would likely be high on both sides.

On the other hand, if Canada could take advantage of a weakened and unprepared American military, the death toll would likely be much lower for Canadian troops. Assuming that Canada could quickly and successfully overpower the American military and that the US did not mount a successful guerrilla resistance movement, the death toll would be pretty low. 

After all, the goal of any invasion is to conquer the other nation without causing significant damage to your forces. If Canada successfully captured American cities without heavy casualties, the death toll would likely be significantly lower than average.

How Long Would It Take for Canada to Rule America?

Assuming that Canada was successful at invading the US, it would likely take them some time to control the entire American population fully. The American people would likely resist Canadian rule, and Canadian forces would need time to crack down on dissenters. 

While it’s impossible to say precisely how long it would take for Canada to control America fully, it’s reasonable to assume that it would take them at least a year. During this time, Canadian troops needed to police the American people and ensure they didn’t mount an effective resistance. 

At the same time, Canadian forces would need to work to restore peace and order to the American continent. After all, it would be doubtful for Canada to completely eradicate American resistance without causing severe damage to their own country in the process.

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What Would Happen if Canada Invaded America?

It is the big question that all of this speculation is meant to answer. If Canada invaded America, many different things could happen. While no one can say for sure how things would play out, there are a few reasonable assumptions that we can make. 

First, Canada would likely win a war against the US. While the American military is powerful, Canadian forces are larger and more advanced, and the US doesn’t have the resources to mount a serious challenge. At the same time, it’s important to remember that Canada is our close ally and that there is little reason for the two countries to go to war in the first place. 

The two nations are closely linked in trade, culture, and political systems. As such, the American public would likely quickly rally behind the US government and mount a serious resistance against the invading Canadian forces.

How the Battle Might Go

Assume that Canada manages to overrun the US border before American troops can organize a meaningful resistance. Canadian forces advance quickly, managing to seize control of the US border towns while the US military is still organizing itself. What happens next will depend on how quickly American forces can rally. 

They could dig in and mount a serious defence if they could mobilize quickly. However, if the US takes too long, Canadian forces can push deeper into the country. It would likely significantly damage American cities and make it harder for the US military to mount an effective resistance. 

If the US military successfully mobilizes quickly, they would likely use the border towns as a base of operations. American troops would then move north, pushing the Canadian forces back towards the border.

 The two sides would meet somewhere in the middle, and a severe battle would break out. Or, the US military could push the Canadian forces back without meeting them head-on.

What Would Be Decided If Canada Invaded?

It is a question that we can’t answer with any certainty. Canada would retain control of the US border depending on how the battle goes. Alternatively, they could lose the battle and be forced back to the border.

It’s also possible that the two sides would reach a stalemate and that neither nation would be able to advance fully. No matter what happens, however, it’s likely that both sides will suffer significant losses. Canadian and American troops would be forced to fight hard, and many of them would likely die before the battle was through. 

At the same time, it’s also possible that both sides would be able to reach a truce. After all, both countries have a lot to lose if the battle goes poorly.

The Aftermath of a Canadian Victory

If Canada emerged victorious in a battle against the United States, they’d celebrate their victory for a while before coming to a realization. Canada quickly realized it lacked the resources to rule the United States correctly. They don’t have the workforce to control all of these new people, and they don’t have the resources to keep them properly fed and sheltered. 

Eventually, Canada would have no choice but to concede defeat. They’d hand the United States back to the people living there, and they’d have to hope that the Americans would forgive them for this invasion. There’s no way to predict how a Canadian victory would go. It’d be too dependent on the people living in both countries.

The Aftermath of an American Victory

If the United States emerged victorious in a battle against Canada, they’d celebrate their victory for a while before coming to a realization. The United States would quickly realize that the US lacked the resources to rule Canada correctly. 

They don’t have the workforce to control all of these new people, and they don’t have the resources to keep them properly fed and sheltered. Eventually, the United States would have no choice but to concede defeat. 

There’s no way to predict how an American victory would go. It’d be too dependent on the people living in both countries. They’d have to hand Canada back to the people who live there, and they’d have to hope that the Canadians would forgive them for this invasion.

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Which Provinces Would Be Targeted in the Canadian Invasion of America?

While, technically, Canada is made up of the two main landmasses of Newfoundland and mainland Canada, we’ll be selfish here and assume that it would be mainland Canadians invading the US during an invasion of America. If we undertake an invasion of the US, the key strategic point is to seize a vital port or city. One of the best places to do this is in New York City, a massive commercial centre where the Hudson River meets the Atlantic Ocean. 

New York is also the main port for entry into the US from the rest of the world, which means Canadian troops could easily be resupplied and reinforced from the sea. Taking this port would allow the Canadian Army to be supplied by sea and allow them to maintain the advantage of being able to retreat or withdraw at any time.

 It, combined with the fact that many roads going into and out of New York are easily flooded during the autumn and winter, would allow the Canadian Army to hold this part of the US hostage easily.

How Many Soldiers Would be Required?

At its peak, the British Empire covered almost a quarter of the world’s land surface, so it’s safe to say that the British were pretty good at invading other nations. When invading and occupying America, the British had an estimated 122,000 personnel to draw upon to do it. It included naval and artillery personnel, as well as ground troops. The Canadian Army is currently on a war footing and has 68,000 men and women in uniform—or 66,000 fewer than the British had at the time of the American Revolution.

With this in mind, the Canadian Army would need a 16-to-1 advantage over American forces to have any chance of winning a land war against the US. It’s doubtful that Canada would be able to maintain such a large force at full readiness for a sustained period. 

The Canadian Armed Forces are already struggling to meet their current commitments, and a sustained war would require tremendous resources and funding that the Canadian government doesn’t have.

Photo By :
Sander Sammy / Unsplash

Would Canada Win? 

There’s no way to know for sure, but the real question is, “Would the US still exist even if they repelled the invasion?” At the very least, the US would lose its southernmost states, including Florida, Georgia, Virginia, North Carolina, and parts of Maryland and South Carolina. Canada would control the St. Lawrence River, cutting the rest of the US off the Atlantic Ocean.

It would be a massive blow to the United States, both economically and psychologically. Canada would likely occupy Maine and New Hampshire, as well as parts of Massachusetts and Vermont, and would have easy access to the rest of the US via a road network or railroads. The Canadian Army would control the St. Lawrence River and access all significant US population centres. 

The Canadian economy would be negatively affected by the occupation of the US and would likely suffer for years due to the war. It’s also likely that Canada would be forced to open its borders to citizens from the US since it would have little ability to regulate the flow of people and goods into its territory.

Final Words

While the idea of a Canada-US war is terrifying, there is no reason for anyone to worry. Such a war remains extremely unlikely since the two nations remain close allies, and neither side stands to gain from the conflict. This article has explored what could happen if Canada invaded America. While this is certainly something to be concerned about, it is a scenario that is unlikely ever to become a reality.

What If Canada Invaded America?



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