Scientific FantasyWhat if Time Travel Was Possible?

What if Time Travel Was Possible?


Physicist and cosmologist Brian Greene once asked if we could go back in time, how would we utilize our knowledge? Would we use it to change things for the better, or would we try to imbibe learnings from history? 

The idea of time travel has been accounted for in fantasy and science fiction stories. However, what if it were possible? 

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What number of times have you ever wished you may jump into a machine and skip that boring meeting? Or elect a far higher and brutal comeback in that argument last week? 

Time travel is like some wild fantasy that exclusively happens in sci-fi movies. However, we are traveling in time daily. Way too many prospects and theory is conferred by scientists that time travel is also achievable in the long run. Able to go back and forth in time or know your future? Sounds crazy! 

Time travel is a theoretical conception of moving between entirely wholly different points in time. It is unthinkable presently. However, what would happen if we tend to go back in time if it were attainable? Time travel has been a popular topic in fantasy all along. However, it is collectively one actual probability. 

The first question that needs to be answered is whether or not time travel is possible. The answer to this question relies on general relativity and quantum mechanics. 

General Relativity and Quantum Mechanics

General relativity suggests that it should be possible for objects to move through spacetime without any restrictions. At the same time, quantum mechanics holds that there are no such things as absolute past or future states but rather a range of possibilities, with each feasible having an equal probability of occurring at any point in time.

The concept of time travel has been around for several years. It was first planned by John Wilkins, an administrative body, in 1668. He counseled that time is also an entity-like space within which it would take an infinite amount of energy to maneuver through it. If you were traveling back in time, you would have an equal probability of time travel. Theoretical physicists are still exploring the thought that time travel is also gettable through wormholes, cosmic strings, or black holes.

Time Dilation

This theory states that the faster one moves relative to a unique observer, the slower time moves for them. This theory means that if someone were ready to move at speeds preparing to hurry, they would experience less passage of time. There is a unit of completely different scientific theories regarding time travel, besides weird physics around wormholes, black holes, and string theory. For the foremost, though, time travel remains the domain of an ever-growing array of fantasy books, movies, tv shows, comics, video games, and more. 

Time Travel: The Wormhole Theory 

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This theory postulates that a theoretical passage through an organization might turn out shortcuts for long journeys across the universe. Nonetheless, wormholes bring the risks of quick collapse, high radiation, and dangerous contact with exotic matter. Anyhow the concept of wormholes is blemished. It would produce a contradiction. 

Wormholes still exist, even as a real-life machines. Nobody has ever seen one nor discovered them. However, if we tend to blow over the words of Stephen Hawking, we have lots of them around. Identically rather like your trousers from last year, barely fitting into them. Still, it could be enlarged if it could put hands on them. 

Speaking of which, are there any ways to travel through time? The world of science works in mysterious ways where-in, no surprise that there are theories that exist regarding how-to travel. 

  1. Time Travel Through Speed

The best and most practical way to travel through time is to be extremely quick. As per Einstein’s theory of relativity, once you travel at speeds approaching the speed of sunshine, time slows down for you relative to the skin world. Victimization of twin atomic clocks, one flown during a jet craft, and therefore the different station on earth, physicists have shown that a flying clock ticks slower attributable to its speed. It’s not a mere conjecture; it’s measured. 

2. Time Travel Through Gravity

The subsequent technique of time travel is additionally impressed by Einstein. Going by his theory of relativity, the stronger the gravity you are feeling, the slower time moves. All we would like to trip the way to the future could be a region of extraordinarily sturdy gravity, like a part. The nearer you get to the event horizon, the slower time moves. It is risky, a wrong step, and you will never be able to escape the loop contradiction. 

3. Time Travel Through Wormholes

As mentioned above, it is plausible to travel through wormholes. Way smaller than atoms, at a quantum scale, several physicists believe wormholes are perpetually sound in and out of existence. 

4. Time Travel Through Sound Light

According to Mallet, good pure mathematics may lead to time travel into either the past or the long run. All over again travel plan, advised by the yank man of science, Daffo Mallet, is to use a rotating cylinder of sunshine to twist spacetime. Something born within the moving cylinder may, on paper, be dragged around in the area, and in time, much like a bubble runs around once you swirl it with a spoon. 

5. Time Travel Via Suspended Animation

In a different way of, a time trip, the long run is also to slow your perception of time by suspending the speed or stopping your bodily processes from restarting them later.

It is no secret that to time travel, we need a vessel. Here, the world-famous concept of Time machines comes into play that does not exist in reality but is still a very desired wish of human existence. Based on the concept of time travel, a time machine is a device that brings about closed time curves- and thus enables time travel—where none would have existed otherwise. 

Getting to travel in a time machine in a different dimension? Crazy thought. But what if it were possible? Must leap and see. And to our very surprise, maybe some people did, or they were hallucinating? Or seeing the impossible after a rad party hangover? 

Here’s one such story.

The Moberly-Jourdain Incident

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Armand Khoury/Unsplash

In 1901, two Englishman Anne Moberly and Eleanor Jourdain, took a vacation to the city of France. While they were at it, they visited Versailles. (Because why not? That is what one does when they visit France.) They visited the Petit Trianon, a little chateau on the palace grounds that Louis XVI gave Marie Antoinette as a private space to enjoy and do whatever a queen would do as a relaxing activity back then.

While they wandered there, they claimed to have seen something odd and unusual. The duo allegedly spotted people wearing anachronistic clothing, heard strange and unusual voices, and saw buildings and other structures that were no longer present and had not existed since the late 1700s. Finally, they claimed, they caught sight of Marie Antoinette herself, drawing in a sketchbook. They stood firm that a “Timeslip” teleported them nearly 100 years back before they were nudged into reality by the tour guide. 

Wait, now what is a time slip? It is a concept laid in fantasy and science fiction movies where the person or a group of people is transported back in time by unknown means. 

Something very similar happened with John Titor, who claims he has time-traveled and has come from the future. The problem is, no one has ever heard from him in 17 years. Scary? 

Is time travel possible? - Colin Stuart

Time travel: the concept of moving between different points in time in an analogous manner to moving between space and reality. It will change our perception of the past and future, if possible, and be mind-altering. It will certainly establish a new understanding of what is possible in this world.

So if it were possible, would you instead change the past or learn about the future? 

Although it is reasonably likely that these accounts are either misinterpreted information or straight-up falsehood, practically, after all, if you had access to a time machine, wouldn’t you at least want to take it for a spin? Here’s to hoping that science could have what it takes to transform this mad idea from theory to reality one day. 

Because for what it’s worth, it’s a big universe out there.

Javeria Najam
Javeria Najam
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  1. Great Article.

    Time travel would enable one to live their life the way they intend to, having the option to change their past for a favourable future. Who doesn’t want that?

  2. Incidents like that of Moberly-Jourdain aren’t so few and far between. I am curious for the day we will be able to verify such claims. Then the real fun will begin.
    Keep writing Miss Najam.


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