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Anjali Sharma

With a Bachelor's degree in History and a Master's degree in English Literature, Anjali seems to find herself immersed in books of history, fiction, or historical fiction. She has worked as a creative writer for three years and has also dabbled in content writing extensively. She evinces an arduous interest in technological innovation that has the potential to change the future.
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Advanced Virtual Reality Home Renovation and Improvement Simulations

Thinking about renovating your house? If you feel the walls closing in on you, then welcome to this handy guide to advanced virtual reality...

Advanced Virtual Reality Historical Recreation and Simulation: 4 Intriguing Museums

Science and Technology have achieved many heights. They have advanced so much that now you can even relive the past! In a way, this...

A Free Guide to AI-powered Virtual Reality Art and Entertainment Experiences

AI-powered Virtual Reality Art and Entertainment experiences are incredible for consumers, but it is also highly dangerous. Read more to find out.

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Production Methods During The Second Industrial Revolution

The term Industrial Revolution denotes the shift in civilization...

What Is An Occult Club – 7 Facts to Know

1 Introduction Occult Club is an organization that connects people...
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