ScienceAutonomous Robots for Personalized Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation

Autonomous Robots for Personalized Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation


Can you imagine the upcoming era without robots? The answer is quite clear. With the development of technological advances, we are unable to survive without them. So, let’s find out what they are and how autonomous robots for personalized physical therapy and rehabilitation have advantages and disadvantages. Find out more in this article. 

1. What are Autonomous Robots? 

As the word autonomous already suggests it can perform any work automatically without any prior instructions. By using AI, they are brilliant robots.

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2. Autonomous Robots for Personalized Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation

Some people who are neurologically impaired with the use of this advanced technology can get personalized therapy and rehabilitation as well. They don’t have to be dependent on some particular person or human for their treatment Autonomous robots can solve this problem easily now slowly in all fields humans are replaced by robots so why not use it in the healthcare sector as well autonomous robots are good at interaction with humans during the personalized therapy as well as during rehabilitation, they can process the data by themselves and then take action accordingly. The interest is increasing in this field because no human can be as skilled as robots can be.

For example: – The first robot which was designed in 1992 for rehabilitation was the MIT-Manus

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3. Advantage of Autonomous Robots Over Humans

3.1. More Effective –

The use of AI for rehabilitation is much more effective than human beings as the chances of error are almost negligible in the case of automation. It is seen that the treatment done by these autonomous robots has improved outcomes in comparison with humans.

3.2. Saving Time –

Nowadays people have hectic schedules so in today’s scenario the patient can save an ample amount of time by using this advanced technology.

3.3. Reducing Dependency –

The autonomous robot is independent which reduces the dependency of the doctors or nurses, and it also reduces the dependency of the consumer on nurses.

3.4. Safer –

As when COVID-19 pandemic was going on people were scared to take any therapy from anyone because there was a fear of being infected with corona if they came in contact with any person so in any case or wherever there is some pandemic going these robots are a boon for people, they feel safer with them than any person and result as the safer process.

3.5. Better Alternative –

They can perform the work with good efficiency like human beings. So, these robots are better alternatives in place of humans.

3.6. Disinfection and Sanitation

Lack of sanitation may lead to different disinfections, but autonomous robots have functions installed in them that can disinfect themselves, due to COVID-19 the demand for these autonomous robots increased.

3.7. Assure Accessibility –

It is easily accessible in different situations, for example: – at the time of corona not every doctor was accessible to every patient due to the fear of the virus people were not approaching any doctor.

3.8. Wide Range of Treatment –

Autonomous robots are not limited to any specific type of treatment; they can provide different types of treatment by using advanced AI.

autonomous robots for personalized physical therapy and rehabilitation
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3.9. Structured Environment –

It contains a structured environment for the different cardiovascular therapies and different stretching devices.

3.10. More Precise –

It is more precise if we compare them with humans, they have more accuracy during the treatment. They can detect every movement during any therapy.

4. Disadvantages of Autonomous Robots Over Humans 

4.1. No Human Touch –

After all human touch is irreplaceable. No machine can replace it and provide the physical as a human can they are not able to provide that much delicate pressure. It does not mimic perfect movements as done by humans.

4.2. Safety Issues –

It is a machine and can be dangerous to humans when not used properly and can cause problems for human beings. Machines can be a boon as well as a curse. It all depends on their usage and different hazards are also associated with this. Any malfunction in autonomous robots can cause a threat to human life.

4.3. Not Interactive –

Humans cannot interact with robots as they can with human beings. They are empathetic as human beings without any feelings, and they cannot determine whether the patient is satisfied or not by their facial expression and cannot feel the pain they are feeling and treat it that way.

4.4. High Cost of Maintenance –

 The types of equipment and the software used in these robots are highly expensive and their maintenance is also expensive and complicated.

4.5. Work in Limited Area-

They can work in limited areas with limited operating systems. They are not able to work in every area because they are already pre-installed with that particular software which makes them work in that particular area.

4.6. Trained Workforce –

A trained workforce is needed to run the autonomous robots, one who has knowledge about advanced AI and knows how to operate the system so that it can work smoothly without any glitches. Also, it will take a lot of time to train the hospital staff about the usage of autonomous robots.

4.7. Affordability-

The price of autonomous robots can be a topic of issue. Not everyone can afford this advanced technology for their treatment, and people who belong to the lower middle class cannot have this facility.

4.8. Unemployment-

These robots are used as good alternatives to those humans so in the future they are going to create unemployment for many people. Also, only those who know about advanced AI can work.

4.9. Privacy Concerns –

All the data fed into the machine is very sensitive; it might get leaked by the machine so there is a concern of privacy leakage from the robots.

5. Autonomous Robots for Personalized Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation: Conclusion

Advanced technology is being used in every field. It has both pros and cons, but it is the future of the upcoming era, and we have to keep evolving with this technology. Otherwise, we will lose our jobs because now AI is capable of doing everything. 

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We have to learn how to operate and run this technology. So, it is still a big question. Is it a big solution, or is it a problem in itself? They are affecting the lives of many people in different ways. Click here to read more.

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