Global20 Fun Facts About New Moon Rituals!

20 Fun Facts About New Moon Rituals!


A lot of you might be aware of the full moon, the time of the month when the moon appears fully illuminated from the earth’s perspective. But, do you know what the New moon is? Modern astronomy states that the new moon is the first lunar phase, where the moon and the sun have the same ecliptic longitude. This means that a new moon occurs when the sun and moon are aligned, and the sun and earth are on the opposite side of the moon.

The New moon marks the beginning of a fresh lunar cycle, and thus it is the time of self-reflection and self-introspection. People worldwide observe various New moon rituals to mark the beginning of the new lunar cycle. Let us know to see what kind of rituals are observed to celebrate the New moon!

1. Setting a Clear Intention

  It is believed that every month the moon provides us with an extra boost of intention setting energy. Several people use this time to set up their intentions and be clear about what they want to do in their lives. Well, I guess this is a new moon ritual that all of us must observe.

It is always beneficial to know your goals so that you work towards their fulfillment with zeal and enthusiasm.

You can use the time to decide what you are going to prioritize. For e.g., I have my half-yearly paper in December, which is clashing with my National level debate competition. What should I do? Study with full dedication and not miss on the annual paper or concentrate all my energy on winning the prestigious competition.

So, after considering all the pros and cons, I can finally conclude. Similarly, you can use this period to set up your intention. It is believed that you can achieve the goal that you set up during the New moon as the universe helps us keep focus.

So, do make up your mind and come up with a clear intention or goal during the New moon.


2. Use Tarot Cards!


You can use tarot cards to set up the theme for your intentions and the day following the new moon. This is among the fun new moon rituals. You and your friends can have fun while using tarot cards to set up themes for your intentions. Sounds like fun, right?

3. Doing Something New

The new moon is the perfect time of the month to start something new and fresh. As you know, the New moon marks the beginning of a new lunar cycle. There is no better time than this to do something new! This is perhaps one of the best New moon rituals.

Stuck in a boring job? Want to leave it and follow your true passion? Or having been crushing over someone really hard but are afraid to ask them out? We suggest you take the risk and get your dream job and go on that dream date!

4. Light Your House


The new moon is the darkest night of the month; thus, lighting your house on this day is considered important by some people and is among one of the most beautiful New moon rituals. Lighting the house with candles and diyas is supposed to bring light to our lives, remove any negative energy, and bring in positivity.

It is suggested that you make a wish while you are lighting the candle. It is said that the universe will fulfill whatever wish you make! So, be wise and think twice before wishing anything!

5. Create a Sacred Place


The new moon is the time of year that you can indulge in self-introspection and self-reflection. But for self-introspection, you need a safe and secure place- a sacred place, where you can meditate and indulge in self-introspection and analysis.

With time as you enter the space, your body and mind will automatically know it is time to make magic. But folks, beware, you need to keep your sacred place extremely clean and tidy, or else your aura will suffer, and you will get surrounded by negative vibes.

This is one of the new moon rituals that should be observed by everyone!

6. Take a Bath

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The new moon is the time of the month to give yourself a much-needed break and slack off your everyday life routine! I am sure this is among one of the new moon rituals that you will love the most!

It is advised that during this time of the month, we must all take a bath with salts, flower petals, herbs, and essential oils and play soothing calm music while bathing. This bath will comfort you and make you all calm!

Isn’t it simply the best ritual?

7. Make Your List of Intentions

As already stated, this is the perfect time of the month to come up with your intentions and goals as there is a greater chance of their fulfillment.

There is a little more to this new moon ritual, though! It is suggested that you make a list of intentions/goals that you want to fulfill and re-read it every night over the next lunar cycle. The logic- so that the universe is reminded of our dreams/goals every day and do not forget to fulfill them!

This is one of the most interesting new moon rituals. Don’t you think so?

8.  Declare Your intentions

Read that list of your intentions that you made out loud! Why? Reading this list out will evoke more emotions than simply listing them out. This feeling is essential for the manifestation of your intention. Isn’t it simply among the best new moon rituals?

9. Come Up With a Mantra

This is one of my favorite among the new moon rituals. On the day of the new moon, come up with your mantra and read it before going to sleep and after waking up!

For example

  1. I am happy about my life- my family and friends complete me, and I am grateful for them.
  2. Every day is a blessing- Even if I had a bad day yesterday, I wouldn’t let it stand as a deterrent for today!

I strongly suggest that you all come up with your mantra.

10. Go on a Date

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The new moon, as mentioned earlier, is time for new beginnings! Though I know that you are afraid to ask them out, this new moon ritual might just come in handy!

Light three red candles, place seeds in a small dirty pot and place the rose quartz beside the pot. Then make a list of things that you are looking for in your partner- For example-he/she should be understanding, honest, and loyal.

On the other side of the paper, write all the things that you will do for them. For example- you will listen to them, try to understand them, and so on. Place this list in a red envelope and keep this envelope around your pillow.

Whenever your plant becomes big enough, burn that envelope and bury its ashes in the plant.

This is definitely among my favorite new moon rituals.

11. Time to Move on!

 A person broke your heart and left you after promising a forever! You are shattered to your core and don’t know to deal with this pain. In contrast, the new moon might just be the perfect time to move on completely.

Thus, take a photo of that person and burn the bottom of the picture with a matchstick and place this picture in a fireproof dish/plate. As the picture burns, it will remind you that the relationship that you both shared has finally ended.

When the photo burns completely, and the ash cools off, bury that ash into the earth as it will signify that your old relationship will become a part of something that will grow into something new and meaningful Isn’t it among one of the deepest new moon rituals?

12. Connect to Almighty

The new moon is the time for new beginnings and starting on a fresh note. Why not work on rebuilding our connection with the divine? You can connect with the four elements: earth, fire, air, and water.

During the month, we become completely occupied with work and are stressed out. The new moon will be the right time to break the routine and connect with the almighty to break free from all your worries. This is just among my favorite new moon rituals.

13. Beautify Your Space

It is the new moon. It is time to forget the past and not think about your worries for a while. The best way to do so is by beautifying and decorating your space. So, burn rosemary, palo santo, or your favorite herb as this will help clean your space and enhance the aura of your place.  This is among the best new moon rituals.

14. Make Time for Yourself

Now that you have beautified your house with candles and filled it with the smell of rosemary and herbs, it is time to relax!

It is time to do something that you love the most! Therefore, go to your favorite corner of your home, bring out your comfy blanket, watch your favorite movie, or read that book again! You deserve that pampering!

We can collectively agree this is amongst the best new moon rituals.

15. It Is Time for Chocolate

Food just makes everything better. If there is one thing in the world that can change our mood in a fraction of seconds, it is food! So, eat something delicious to make this night even more special. And what is more comforting than chocolate?

Our tip try-Oat milk hot chocolate, which is made of cacao, reishi mushrooms, and oat milk. Reishi helps to reduce stress while cacao is said to connect to your ‘higher self.’ All you foodies, this is among the new moon rituals you should vouch for!

16. Come up With Your Ritual

No people, I am not asking you to follow witchcraft! Do something that you want to on this day! Did not have time to catch up with your family and friends?

Invite them for lunch or dinner, cook everyone’s favorite food, play games, and talk with them! Know what everybody has been up to and rebuild your bonds! You could also just take the time to go for a solo trip sans mobile phone and just focus on yourself!

 Sounds fun, right? Do come up with your list of new moon rituals.

17. Stay Away From Negativity


Well, this is something that you should do daily! The ultimate guide to living a peaceful life is avoiding all energy suckers and negative people. While this may not be possible in everyday life, you can surely try and avoid running into energy suckers on this day!

This is a time for rejuvenation and new beginnings, which can only be done when surrounded by positivity. Do not let anyone kill your vibe on your day. Well, this is among the new moon rituals that you should implement in your daily life.

18. Do Not Turn Away Unexpected Invites

This is the best time for meeting new people and spicing up your dating life. So, do not turn away the chances of meeting new people or immediately decline invites for parties. Who knows what destiny has in store for you?

Getting to meet new people is always fun, right? You never know when you might just run into the ‘ one’! This is among the fun new moon rituals for sure.

19. Do Not Give Up on Your Passion

While the new moon is certainly the time for doing something new, this may mean that you might have to let go of some old ideas, habits, or sometimes people with whom your relationship has been destroyed beyond repair.

But this does not mean that you let go of your true passion just because you cannot fulfill it! The new moon is the time of channeling your energy into something positive and productive and not quitting just because the target is difficult to achieve.

 Well folks, this is among the new moon rituals that you must surely follow!

20. Splurge Your Feelings Out


There is no use in bottling up or storing any information! Just let it out of your system, and you will instantly feel relieved. So, either write down how you feel or talk to someone you trust, do not carry your burden or worries, and just let your feelings out. Trust us; you will feel a lot better.

This is among my favorite new moon rituals. With this, we come to the end of a list of 20 rituals that you can follow on the new moon. As suggested above, you can come up with your new moon rituals. If you do, let us know in the comment section below.



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