Age Reversal: 4 Important Things to Understand

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Age Reversal has been a revelation and is slowly moving up the ranks. It is much more prominent in the fictional arena with a lot of movies and media portraying it to understand various life situations from a different point of view, it’s relevance in real life is still questioned. Steps have been taken by scientists and doctors to understand how one can grow young or old and investigate the possibility that exists behind it.

With the coming of advanced technology, it can be speculated that age reversal can be something that coexists in such an environment where anything is possible. Let’s look at it through a critical lens.

Age Reversal and its Origins:

It can’t be pinpointed that age reversal is something that started at a specific point. It might be completely picked up by sci-fi cinematic universe enthusiasts to make it a whole reality where one could age backward. We can imagine a world where we could go back in time and amend things!

The origin of this strange phenomenon cannot be understood plain and simple. Its origins are merged with the technological advancements that we went through as a society. Biologists have been coming up with various techniques to overcome this mystery and here are some of them:

1. Reprogramming

It is a fairly recent phenomenon which allows biologists and scientists to reverse the process of aging at least in a cellular way of exploring things. As reiterated, it is a fairly new form of technology used to make ” reversal of age” a reality.

The method used for making this happen is adding four protein cells to older cells in order to reset them in an embryonic-like state. This is an unique way upon which one can reset the aging process, although the consistency of the effectiveness is yet to be proven.

2. Calico

Technologies were not only developed by biologists but also technological search engines and one of the most popular internet portals, Google.

That’s right. Google was part of the whole “reversing the aging process ” and founded a bio-technological company named “Calico ” keeping in mind, the need to develop advanced tools to extend lifespan.

3. Aging Therapies

This has been influenced by psychological experiments on rats i.e. operant conditioning, but firstly it was tried on mammals for experiment purposes so that it can be tried on human beings. After all we claim ourselves to be the superior race.

The focus was firstly upon extending an average human being’s lifespan. Sooner or later, there is a shift in the focus to age reversal strategies. These processes are purely biological, however a step in the developing direction. It does eventually lead to a set of improvement at the later stages of one’s life but it also degrades one’s health and fitness which could also lead to death.

4. Anti-Aging Drugs:

Although this might not be as effective and true to what age-reversal tactics can be brought on this planet, it is still a technique.

Currently according to, the most promising anti-aging drug is rapamycin, which is described to be a cell-growth inhibitor, it is originally used in cancer treatment, this is not a drug administered for people to have a longer lifetime with no side effects and consequences. It is to be noted all drugs have consequences and side effects. The difference here lies in the fact that they stop aging with this drug, thereby efficiently helping them with the cancer treatment.

Age Reversal in Movies and Media:

Age Reversal in Media is a common phenomenon. Fictional representations of age reversal strategies gave a clear idea on how it can be made into a reality. Scientific modifications and real life and representations like 45-year-old Bryan Johnson hiring a set of doctors and specialists, with a stringent diet regimen that would make him look younger. That one’s for the debaters who argue that he looks older than he looked before.

Media and movies do not portray the objectivity by which age reversal can be portrayed easily, rather they lean onto the emotional aspect of life. Here are some of the examples of age reversal related films.

1. The Curious Case of Benjamin Button (2008)

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button (2008) Trailer #1 | Movieclips Classic Trailers

This is one of the most famous and the first movies that come to mind when one talks about the concept of age reversal. This movie was an adaptation of a novel with the same name, and it focuses on the element of life in the midst of war and bloodshed.

It had the setting of the first world war which made the element of life all the more important. What makes this movie relevant at the top of the list is its critical acclaim. It highlights the idea of reverse aging in a war and how important it is where losing lives to the brutality of warfare and the gift to live life over and over again and experience all the things you couldn’t, and this film highlighted exactly that.

2. Peggy Sue Got Married (1986)

Peggy Sue Got Married (1986)   Trailer HD

This age-reversal related film is one of the first and earliest takes and a drama-comedy which portrays this strange phenomenon in a lighter way. Peggy Sue is a woman who is attending her high school reunion but instead gets transported to her earlier days of high school. The irony in this whole situation is something to ponder on and debate.

Of course, one might look deep into it and create a whole different context, at least emotionally. What if one doesn’t need to. What if the purpose of high school life is to just make mistakes and learn from them, be silly and learn from life?

This may be just fictional and not something to take seriously, but the connection with real life is something that cannot be ignored. What if age reversal strategies might lead to the fact that we don’t get to experience life the way it is? We will have to wait and watch.

3. Age of Adaline (2015)

The Age of Adaline (2015 Movie) – Official Trailer - Blake Lively

The Age of Adaline is a recent take on age reversal. Although this focuses more on the grief and sadness that looms around the life of the protagonist. To live a life where death has put an end to, a reprieve only gives you more confusion and questions.

In this second chance of live where she stays at the age of 29, what could possibly be appealing to continue the will to keep on living? The transportation to the period of her untimely death puts a pause on her life, trying to figure out how to move on from here, she pieces her life, figuring out what she needs to do to live her life to the fullest and not miss out on anything.

The theme of how much impeding death can impact a person to value a life is emphasized and age reversal is now viewed in a whole different light as we move towards the future.

Age Reversal: Fact or Fiction?

The central purpose of the article is to understand whether age reversal can be a reality or will it stay as a magical second chance at life enveloped by movies and fiction. There are debates and arguments that pull the momentum to either side.

With the world growing at a rapid speed, it may amount to age reversal becoming a part of society. This poses a lot of existential questions and uncertainties on how life should be lived and the scientific advancements only pose more and more questions. The technological innovations are rapidly growing with age reversal strategies becoming more and more possible. Science is the way to go in this set up, one might say.

In terms of fiction, it shapes the idea of age reversal in a better light. The movies and media although lean towards the emotion and how people feel at different stages of life feel at the particular moment of time. Fictions aligns the reality and helps understand what is need to be done to incorporate this to help people.


The uncertainty in such a strange phenomenon is palpable and understandable. Change is something not everyone can easily adapt to. To live in a society where reversing one’s age is possible might sound very weird and unusual, but something we will learn to live with as does countless number of other technological innovations.

In hindsight, it is a step forward if we manage to induce a healthy way to do that. This might be the way to stop death and untimely tragic deaths in its tracks and ensure unfortunate lives wouldn’t be lost. After all, life is something to be held precious after all.




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