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What If Anime Characters Existed In Real Life?


Anime has been a comfort and door of escape from reality for many of us. It has genres for all, a vast variety ranging from ninjas to robots, magic to science, and revenge to love. Many animes have become modern classics and series like blade anime, two brothers, younger brother with captivating stories, strong sibling duos, and realistic characters like chainsaw man characters. Each leaves an impact and teaches you to be a better person. 

Would you be interested in seeing a life-like version of your favorite decent anime characters? Let’s see how these two worlds intersecting might look like:

 What if anime characters existed in real normal life?

Imagine a world where pokemons roamed the streets, ninjas trained in mountains, while alchemists fought the war. The entire globe would be throbbing with happenings. Kumi-san would attend your school; koro sensei would teach; Hisoka would style, and Yukihira would cook! Life would feel overwhelming to have them all in one place. Nonetheless, as joyous viewers, we would love to meet them all in their worlds and explore the land and experience its magic.

Photo By : Ryan Yao / Unsplash

Anime Characters in our world would choose survival.

There would, of course, be considerable changes to the world of animes. With no money, no supernatural power, and influence, most characters would struggle to survive. And while it’s likely that many would turn to thievery to try and make a living, it’s also likely that many people would become superheroes. Together with them, we would toil on creating a better world.

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What if They Had a Different Role in Real Life?

Since anime is based on Japanese culture, it makes sense that Japanese people would have a different role in real life than Americans or Canadians. Many anime fans may not even realize that there are many different roles an anime character could play in real life. The circumstances could lead them to be entirely different. Fate may surprise you with a distinct storyline!

What if There was an anime character who became a celebrity in real life?

It would be no jaw-dropper to see anime characters walk the red carpet. Many would go on and be models, musicians, and politicians. Magazines would cover their stories; podcasts would narrate their lives while the reality shows would interview them. 

What if existing life-like characters were made based on their personalities and appearances in the source material?

One thing that fans love about anime is that it can accurately represent their lives. Many series feature animes where the characters are based on the leads and many side characters are based on the same person. In some cases, the entire series is based on a single work.

What if we could make a life-like character based on the personality, mannerisms, and physical appearance of one of our favorite characters? What if we could look at the source material and make a character based on it? At its core, it’s about finding the perfect match between a personality and a body. If we could take one character and find a way to make them real, what else could we do?

What would Goku be like in real life?

One of the most recognizable and popular anime characters in our world, Goku, would appear in nearly every TV show and movie. There is undoubtedly an image to suit any taste with endless new looks, forms, and variations. If you are interested in modeling after Goku, the first thing you need is courage. Courageous! 

What would Doraemon be like in real life?

Photo by Jerz King on Unsplash

The name “Doraemon” is a portmanteau of dreams and creativity. He would pamper all like Nobita and give us gadgets that would solve solutions! The anywhere door would save us our gas bills, while the time machine would help us never get old! He would be the love of all kids!

Would anime characters have the same voices in real life?

Some of the most endearing characteristics of anime characters are their voice. Many people think that the voices of anime characters are so similar to real people that they could be our friends.

This is especially the case for Kagome Higurashi from Miyazaki’s hit anime The Last Fairy of the Anderson Valley, based on the author’s hometown. If they were to walk our lands one day with different voices, their essence would change, but we would still love them. To hear Bakugo curse, Kaori sing, and Satoro laugh in real life would still be amazing. 

Is There Any Chance that an Anime Character Could Live in Real Life?

It’s pretty much a given that anime characters can’t live in real life. It’s an exaggeration to say but a right to imagine! The only way that an anime character and a real-life character could meet is if one was based on the other — which means there’s no way for the real-life character to become an anime character.

You must consider that real-life characters would have different motivators for taking up various jobs and pursuing various activities than an anime character would. Hence, they would be different. It would be rather sad to watch them mingle into an alien crowd! So maybe watching them on our screens would not be that bad. 


Anime is an entirely different type of media from reality, so it would be pretty silly to try and mix the two. While there are similarities between the two, animes are much more realistic and factual than most shows on TV.

If you enjoy anime, the chances are high that you’d also enjoy watching it in a realistic setting. After all, it’s just a TV show. So, what’s not to love? With imagination, anything is possible. Playing cosplays and buying merchandise might be one way to experience them in real life.






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