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The Bewitching Bermuda Triangle Mystery


The world is mysterious. And it’s crazy how we as human beings do not know what lies beyond the edge of the earth. To even think about it, the vast surface and land of endless possibilities, it is not very likely for the brain to wrap the human psyche around the what and whatnots.

Still, the world never ceases to amaze in ways beyond explanations and cannot always weave words around it. But, here is the catch. The world is no less than a magician and taught us the art of channeling and taming the thoughts around all the what-ifs that may come and go about the mysteries from one time to another. 

Meanwhile, when we were all busy obsessing over something frivolous, some people in the world were occupied decoding yet one of the many mysteries that exist about one of the busiest sea and air routes in the world. Pretty sure any of us have already read or heard about The Bermuda Triangle.

What is the Bermuda Triangle?

The Bermuda Triangle, conjointly called the Devil’s Triangle, is an urban legend targeted around a loosely outlined region within the western part of the North Atlantic Ocean. A variety of craft and ships have disappeared under mysterious circumstances. The concept of the world as unambiguously susceptible to disappearances arose within the mid-20th century. However, most reputable sources dismiss the concept that there is any mystery. Nevertheless, it continues to have the same astonishing story about how it began in the first place.

Where is the Bermuda Triangle Located?

Bermuda triangle
Photo by: NOAA’s National Ocean Service/Openverse

On balance, the Atlantic Ocean is an imaginary triangular space on the Atlantic Ocean that was planned and outlined solely by novelists in the past. It had been Vincent Gaddis, in his 1964 article “The Deadly Atlantic Ocean” that he wrote for the American ‘Argosy, 1st tried to outline the boundaries of the Bermuda triangle. He theorized that most mysterious disappearances came about inside this triangular space.

As per Gaddis, Triangulum is found off the South-Eastern coast of the US, in the Atlantic Ocean. It continues to be the foremost fashionable definition of the triangle’s boundaries. The realm is finite by Miami (in Florida, USA), San Juan (in Puerto Rico), and the Bermudas. And if you calculate the distances on a map, either side of the Triangulum would be roughly around 1,000 miles.

It is cast as an imaginary triangle along the coasts of the islands.

If you look for the Bermuda Triangle Map in Google, all that you may get could be a blank blue map of the North Atlantic Ocean. Even if you keep zooming out, you will not get any triangular boundary shown. Why? Because Google maps are about real-time places and not imaginary places that only seem to exist in a parallel world. Want to go on a vacation there, by any chance?

Bermuda Triangle: The Disappearance of Flight 19

Flight 19 was a training flight of 5 TBM aggressor torpedo bombers that disappeared on 5th December 1945 while flying over the Atlantic ocean. The squadron’s flight setup was scheduled to require and take them due east from the city of Fort Lauderdale for 141 mi (227 km), north for 73 mi (117 km), and so back over a final 140-mile (230-kilometre) leg to finish the exercise.

The flight never came to the base. Navy investigators attributed the disappearance to a direction error resulting in the craft running out of fuel.

One of the search and rescue craft deployed to seem for them, a PBM seaman with a 13-man crew, additionally disappeared. Consistent with contemporary sources, the seaman had a history of explosions thanks to vapor leaks once heavily loaded with fuel. A tanker off the coast of Florida reported surviving an explosion and perceptive a widespread slick once unproductively sorting out survivors. The weather was turning stormy at the tip of the incident. It may need be for a doubtlessly and potentially long search and rescue operation.

Here are some famous Bermuda triangle stories that may interest you.

Photo by: Fons Heijnsbroek/Unsplash

1. Ellen Austin

It is a formidable triangle mystery related to the American white oak tree schooner Ellen Austin. In 1881, the 210 feet long Ellen Austin was attending to the Big Apple from London when she stumbled upon a derelict close to the Atlantic. Everything appeared fine with the unidentified schooner drifting simply north of the Sargasso Sea; however, the missing crew.

Captain Baker of the Ellen state capital asked to watch the derelict for 2 days to create positive it had been not a lure. Once 2 days with no response from the ship, the captain entered the abandoned vessel with his crew to seek out the well-packed cargo, and there was no sign of the crew.

To tow it back with Ellen Austin, the captain placed a prize crew on the ship, set to sail along. However, once 2 days of sailing on calm waters, a hurricane separated the trail of the 2 ships.

Days after the storm was over, in line with the stories, Captain Baker’s lookout might spot the vessel through his field-glass solely to appreciate the vessel drifting far without aim. Finally, Ellen state capital might catch up with the vessel once hours of effort.

But, strangely, nobody was on board. However, another version of the story suggests a second try by Baker to bring her back to land, complete with an identical fate as Ellen’s state capital before abandoning the cursed vessel.

Other reports counsel that the derelict was all over again noticed; however now had a separate crew than the prize crew placed on that by Ellen state capital.

The ship’s disappearance, reappearance, and the prize crew’s absence are intriguing stories. It is a different sort of a secret of the Atlantic, one that has ostensibly no probability of being unraveled anytime shortly.

2. USS Cyclops

The disappearance of the USS Cyclops, one of the Navy’s most giant fuel ships, marks the most significant loss of life in the history of the US Navy in a single incident.

This massive ship set out in March 1918, to sail from Brazil to Baltimore through the Bermuda region. It was carrying 10,800 tons of manganese ore with about 309 crew members on board. The ship’s first and only message indicated no troubles.

However, the ship was never heard from again. Officials put a full search of the area into action, but they never found anything. No remains of the ship or crew members aboard have ever been found. A distress signal was never sent by the captain of the USS Cyclops, and no one aboard responded to radio calls from other vessels in the vicinity.

The naval investigators also failed to find a definite cause for its disappearance though several theories suggested various reasons.

Due to its mysterious disappearance, Cyclops has joined more than 100 other ships and planes on the list of those that have vanished under strange circumstances in the Bermuda triangle.

3. Witchcraft

On December twenty-two, 1967, a pleasure craft named Witchcraft left Miami with her captain Dan Burack and his friend, Father patron saint Horgan.

The two gentlemen’s journey on the 23-foot luxury yacht was to fancy the fantastic read of Miami’s Christmas lights. However, once reaching only one mile from offshore, the coast guard received a decision from the captain stating that his ship had hit one thing, but there was no substantial injury.

Indicating facilitate to be towed to the shore, the coast guard set out right away, reaching Witchcraft in as several as 19 minutes alone, however, to nil.

The area indicating the ship’s location was entirely deserted, with no signs of any ship having been stranded or perhaps gifted there antecedently.

What’s most intriguing concerning this story is that this explicit cruiser was nearly unsinkable, not to mention various life-saving devices aboard, life jackets, lifeboats, flares, distress call devices, etc.

The coast guard officers searched many sq. miles of the ocean over consequent few days however were unsuccessful. They used none of them, and therefore the ship was gone. Nothing of this ship has been found till today. The ship is gone and what remains is just the speculation that they will do currently.

Over to you, do you recognize the other mystery which we can include in the current list?

Now the question is, what could explain the mystery hidden in the Bermuda Triangle? Is it a sea monster eating up all the ships and airplanes? Aliens? Or is a ghost playing the tricks? On a side note, do you believe in the existence of ghosts

Anyway, coming back to the topic, there are tons and tons of scientific and paranormal explanations that claim to explain why the Bermuda Triangle is the way it is. Fancy a read?

Paranormal Explanations

Triangle writers have used many supernatural ideas to clarify the events. One clarification pins the blame on leftover technology from the legendary lost continent of Atlantis. Generally connected to the Atlantis story is the submerged rock formation called the Bimini Road off the island of Bimini within the Bahamas, which is within the Triangle by some definitions.

Followers of the reputed psychic King of Great Britain Cayce take his prediction they would find that proof of Atlantis in 1968 concerning the Bimini Road’s invention. Believers describe the formation as a road, wall, or different structure; however, the Bimini Road is of natural origin.

Charles Berlitz, the author of various books on abnormal phenomena, lists many theories attributing the losses within the Triangle to abnormal or unexplained forces. Some hypothecate that a parallel universe exists within the Bermuda Triangle region, inflicting a time/space warp that sucks the objects around it into a parallel universe. Others attribute the events to UFOs.

Now, let’s focus on the scientific explanations because they seem to be a little more realistic and, of course, because I think aliens have better things to do than rob an ocean of ships and transports.

Magnetism and Compass Variations

Compasses have natural magnetic variations concerning the magnetic poles, a truth that navigators have been familiar with for hundreds of years. Compass issues area unit one in all the cited phrases in several Triangle incidents. Whereas some have theorized that uncommon native magnetic anomalies could exist within the space, such anomalies haven’t been found.

Photo By: Valentin Antonucci/Pexels

Magnetic (compass) north and geographic (actual) north area unit precisely the same just for a tiny low range of places – as an example, as of 2000, within the US solely those places on a line running from Wisconsin to the Gulf of North American country. However, the general public might not be as privy to this fact and assume there’s one thing mysterious a few compasses “changing” across a district as massive because the Triangle that it naturally can.

Violent Weather

Hurricanes are powerful storms that type in tropical waters and have traditionally valued thousands of lives and caused billions of greenbacks in harm. These storms have in the past caused a variety of incidents associated with the constellation. The sinking of Francisco First State Bobadilla’s Spanish fleet in 1502 was the primary recorded instance of a deadly cyclone.

A powerful draught of cold air was suspected of causing the sinking of Pride of city on could fourteen, 1986. The crew of the sunken vessel noted the wind suddenly shifted and raised speed from thirty-two km/h (20 mph) to 97–145 km/h (60–90 mph).

A National Cyclone Center satellite specialist, James Lushine, stated that the downburst of cold air from aloft would hit the surface sort of a bomb, exploding outward sort of a significant polar front wind during an unstable climate and water. An analogous event occurred in Concordia in 2010, off the coast of Brazil. Scientists are presently investigating whether or not “hexagonal” clouds are also the supply of that up-to-170 mph (270 km/h) “air bombs.”

The Bermuda Triangle Mystery Has Been Solved

Besides all of the above factors that tend to explain the mystery behind it, we have to keep in mind that the Bermuda Triangle is a bustling ship route for ships and planes that might as well lead to water traffic. The area is also hurricane and cyclone-prone, explaining why the ships occasionally sink there.

In a research conducted by WWF in 2013 about the top 10 world’s deadliest water body routes, the Bermuda triangle did not make it to the list. Nevertheless, that still does not make it sound any less scary. Safe to conclude, is it not worth as much the hype as it got over the years.

Just like a one-way ticket to heaven. What do you think?


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