Futuristic InnovationsGoogle's Paper Phone: An Experiment Gone Weird?

Google’s Paper Phone: An Experiment Gone Weird?


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Creating headline news worldwide, paper Phones have become the talk of the town! They have established themselves as the new realm in the technology industry. They are the “environment-friendly” version of the mobile phones deployed for people, whose sales have rampantly increased all across the globe.

This new phone is not a smartphone, but a piece of paper. But did you know, this new phone doesn’t allow the user to take selfie photos, neither does it allow or promote the possibility of making a call.

Actually, there is nothing “smart” you can do with this phone!

Now you may wonder, then, what this phone does? Why is there a need for us to ‘invest’ in a paper, that too at a skyscraping price of $800 (Rs 59,513.32 the value in Indian Rupee)?

Marketed with the tagline that sometimes you don’t invest in the product, but, towards the betterment of your future, if you are curious to know what is so special in this paper phone, then stay till the end to find out! Let’s dive into the future of technology, the future of phones!


In our day-to-day lives, there are many inventions that pop up in the market every now and then. A chunk of innovations and gadgets always crop up in this techno-savvy world. For instance, let us take the fresh from the oven innovation by Google.

This newly launched phone is just a printable paper phone, which helps you take a break from the digital world. The makers had launched an application named, “Paper Phone” under its initiative “Digital Wellbeing“, which aims to help the users to reduce their addiction to smartphones.

Now ask yourself, would you be able to accustom yourself to using a phone which has no smart features but instead just focuses on providing a digital break. 

There certainly may be questions, doubts, and confusions webbing up your mind at this point. But, believe me, as you get to know and explore Paper Phone, all your obvious questions and confusions will find an answer.

As a part of ‘Experiments With Google‘, Google wants the user to focus holistically on the things that matter the most. This initiative plays with Human Psychology by making them aware of their needs. However, it should be noted that there’s a difference between needs, wants, and desires.

How is segregation done?

Now the question that arises is how will this (paper) phone help humans realize and categorize their phone’s pre-existing applications based on the priority?”

It is pretty simple, through a scale that will rank in the following order: High Priority or Most Used, Priority or Often Used, Medium or Rarely Used, and Least or Barely Used.

This is how Paper Phones choose to notify you and send notifications your way. Custom-made according to your needs and time!

Isn’t this the most supreme level of technological innovation the human mind could have even possibly imagined?

But, with innovations come just and obvious confusion too. “They’re too smart for their own good.” “Imagine if they dominated the world.” How will segregation in such a case be possible?

Paper phone
Image Source: ammza12/ Unilimphotos

Paper Phone: A Revolution In The Realm Of Phones

This printable phone is something away from ordinary and had totally shaken off the grounds.

But there still is a minuscule difference which we often tend to ignore, the difference between “Smart Phones” and “Creative Phones”.

This phone helps the user take a digital detox by printing a personal booklet of the key information you’ll need that day.

The Paper Phone app allows you to choose what to include such as favorite contacts, maps, and meetings, and then prints them directly to a sheet of paper. The company wants you to not get distracted and focus through customizable ‘paper apps’ like recipes, phrasebooks, and notepads.

Apart from all the charismatic and outstanding features possessed by Paper Phones, these phones are also convenient to use as they are both pocket-and-environment-friendly!

How Does It Work?

The app allows you to choose what you want to include, like say favorite contacts, maps among other things. It then prints them directly to a sheet of paper. There is also something that Google calls “paper apps” like recipes and notepads that can help you get things done.

Mentioned down below is a list of some of the items one would be required to print out so that they can fold them up and carry them in their Paper Phones!

  1. A Map With Directions From One Location To Another
  2. Details For Up To 7 Contacts
  3. Calendar Appointments
  4. Weather Forecast For The Day
  5. A Task List
  6. An Empty Space For Writing Notes
  7. A Screenshot Or Picture

This phone also permits the user to choose a “Contactless” option that will add cut marks that you can use to add a card-holder to your folded-up paper phone. But, in any case, if you actually need to make a call or send a text message, a Paper Phone will be futile.

Paper phone
Image Source: photobyphotoboy/ Unilimphotos

Leveling The Game Up!

If you are by now thinking how achromatic, boring, and dull the Paper Phone is. You haven’t yet explored it completely! In a world where we should not ever forget our inner child, how can we forget games? Yes, you read it right! Google’s Paper Phone does incorporate games too!

Supporting both- applications and games, one can choose from the following options before choosing to “send” their phone to the printer:

  1. Anagram
  2. Conversion Charts
  3. Italian Phrasebook
  4. Knots
  5. Maze
  6. Multiplication Table
  7. Origami Pigeon
  8. Recipe
  9. Riddle
  10. Sign Language
  11. Sudoku
  12. Typography
  13. Word Of The Day

A whirlwind of applications to experience and choose from!

Doesn’t Paper Phone excite you much more than your ordinary phone now?


It is well said, “Nothing is Perfect. Perfect is Nothing.”

While there are numerous benefits attached to the use of Paper Phones. There are definitely certain drawbacks, to it too. There are a lot many things that are not humanly possible to be tracked on a Paper Phone. It would be exactly like journaling the day-to-day chores of one’s life. We can actually say that with the digitization of diary writing and journaling, paper phones took the digital and the creative world a notch higher!

Khushi Mohunta
Khushi Mohuntahttps://linktr.ee/khushimohunta
"We're all broken, that's how the light gets in." Khushi Mohunta is an 18-year-old author based in Sirsa. She is pursuing Liberal Arts and Humanities. With an equal interest in the fields of English and Psychology, she also has editorial zeal. She adheres to the saying “looks can be deceptive” and would be found in her own cocoon- reading and composing. Khushi always perpetuates for new horizons even in the adversity, because rest is mere transitory in her facet. From writing poems on sui generis days of her clan members to being orchestrated with the cognomen of Chief Editor of her school, she bloomed. According to her, “Words can paint constellation’s breathing stars into dwindling lives.” Linguaphile and an admirer of the literary world, she vehemently believes in the allotrope; “Pen is mightier than the sword.”


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