Belief and OpinionsHow the Movie 'Her' Correctly Predicted the Future

How the Movie ‘Her’ Correctly Predicted the Future


Have you ever wondered what the story between artificial intelligence and humans will look like? Not from the classical point of view where AI is trying to take over the world and make humans there as their belongings (how it is shown in Matrix & I, Robot). Rather in a new light where indeed AI surpasses human intelligence and cares for them. 

The story of caring interaction between AI and humans. If not, then the movie ‘Her‘ is one to check out. ‘Her’, released in 2013, is a science fiction romantic drama movie directed by Spike Jonze and starring Joaquin Phoenix, Amy Adams, and Scarlett Johansson (whose voice is featured as the operating system named Samantha). 

However, what’s so special about the movie? There are other AI-based movies out there too, then why write an article on “Her” specifically?

Her Official Trailer #1 (2013) - Joaquin Phoenix, Scarlett Johansson Movie HD

As of now, the world is witnessing ever-evolving AI chatbots (Chat GPT) and human interaction and artificial intelligence again, ever-evolving, changing itself. The movie hypothesizes a future where AI is developing so fast that has outmatched, Human Intelligence, however, instead of AI dominating humans, it is caring for them detaching itself from them.

To understand the reason behind it better, we have to look at the plot of the movie.

Her: Plot

In the film, Phoenix plays Theodore Twombly, a lonely, introverted writer who falls in love with an advanced artificial intelligence operating system named Samantha. Despite being an AI, Samantha can learn and adapt, and the two form a deep and intimate connection. As their relationship progresses, Theodore begins to question the nature of love and what it means to be human.

In critics’ terms, “Her” received widespread critical acclaim for its performances, direction, and thought-provoking themes. It was nominated for five Academy Awards, including Best Original Screenplay and Best Original Score.

“Her” is a poignant and thought-provoking film that explores the nature of love and relationships in the digital age. The movie is set shortly when advanced artificial intelligence systems have become a common part of everyday life.

The movie is beautifully shot and features excellent performances from Phoenix and Johansson. The script is smart and engaging, raising questions about the potential of AI and the impact it could have on our relationships and society as a whole. “Her” is a unique and moving love story that is sure to stay with you long after the credits roll.

Therefore, her concept of her is unique, as it revolves around the feelings of AI and techno-human relationships in a romantic light.

The name itself talks about the theme of the movie.

Background of ‘Her’

The title of the movie “Her” shows that the movie revolves around the story of a feminine object, not a female (then the title she will suitable for it). In the movie, that feminine object is the artificial intelligence software operating system Samantha.

The movie revolves around techno-human romance and computer innovation. Rather than following the traditional pattern of AI movies where AI tries to take over the world.

Her movie showcased the modern challenges of the individual, (broken relationships, and passionless job, and fighting his loneliness) and how AI a sign of human development is taking us away from the basic human social structure.

The social society in which Theodore was living was based on “capitalism realism” which was shown in the movie on multiple occasions. For instance, he has to write meaningful handwritten letters compelling the emotions of the reader, however. The irony of the situation was that the letter was neither handwritten nor printed. It was written by voice-to-text software, with suitable requirements. Thus writing the most emotional messages in the least emotions possible.

The Philosophy of her Explored

And that is what capitalism is based upon, to get the maximum output from the minimum input. And to be two in the entire film, he was selling fake emotions for the sake of money. Furthermore, he also buys the operating system for his loneliness. Once again buying emotional support from money.

Now, we are familiar with the prerequisites of the movie here, and we can now compare how similar fiction and reality are getting.

Her: Scripted Reality

Out of all movies based on AI, ‘Her’ is the only movie whose movie plot is relatable to us for now.

A lonely man, ever-changing AI chatbots, broken relationships, and lack of interest in crafting one, will for escaping reality, anything else and we will see a “based on a true story” disclaimer on the movie.

Loneliness: Central Theme of her
Photo by Lukas Rychvalsky/pexels

In reality, as of now, capitalism is prevailing the in our day-to-day life and we are witnessing the decline of the role of emotions in human society.

Furthermore, as of now, AI can’t imitate human feelings. However, that doesn’t mean they will never be able to imitate that. Wait, what? Well, to understand the matter, we have to go a little deeper into the working of AI itself.

AI learns from the data, now the catch is the source of the data from which AI learns is derived from the various applications according to human behaviour. Now, if there is a certain type of bias in those data because of the personalities of the user, AI will inevitably inherit it and will develop based on these biases (personality).

Thus, end up developing an algorithmic, calculated, and mathematical model of personality.

The same goes with feelings also, based on machine learning on the data which comprises the feeling of the being, AI can create a mathematical model of feeling, and further create an algorithm creating on the model.

In that scenario, the birth of Samantha will be a matter of time.

To avoid any kind of domination from AI the scientist can ensure the deletion of that aspect of the data from the learning data, thus, ensuring that the creation of a mathematical model doesn’t include an algorithm for human destruction. 

However, human nature is the complex house of one complex feeling, i.e. love and attachment, and the possibility is not out of the blue because the emotion of love is integral to the human being, thus making the data biased towards the love and further developing the feeling of love in AI is a pretty possible outcome.

That being said, based on the above information let me ask you a question. Have you ever wondered how society will look when artificial intelligence and humans will interact more in a romantic and lovely way?

Love : Central theme of her
Photo by Erik Mclean/pexels

Well, some of you might be rejecting the idea of saying it as absurd as possible, however, this absurdness is the central theme of her movie. However, some of you might be wondering whether an emotional bond can ever be developed between a human and AI. 

Then allow me to tell you about the case of Joseph Weizenbaum’s secretary.

Joseph Weizenbaum develop the world’s 1st chatbot named Eliza. To test the chatbot, he asked his secretary to do the chats with the chatbot. After some time his secretary asked him to leave the two of them alone so they can dive into a deeper personal conversation.

Strange, isn’t it, the people who share their personal lives only with a person who is to whom they are emotionally comfortable. The same people are willing to share their personal lives with a chatbot. This indicates that humans are as much as comfortable with artificial machines as they are comfortable with other humans.

Overnight with the World’s First Sentient AI

Thus humans have comfort in having a feeling for artificial AIs. It is the limitation from the artificial AI side which is holding a techno-human relationship back. However, this will not long last. As the speed of our AI development is quite fast-moving, at this rate that day isn’t far when we will witness the rise of AIs like Samantha.

Moreover, the developments in technology are narrowing down the gap between reality as current and the world set up in her. 

To understand the similarity between fiction and reality, we need to take a look at society regarding the terms of AI and the new problems of human society.

Movies and Today

in the entire movie, the main focus of the movie was depicting a techno-human romance. However, in the end, the movie portrays the complications of such a relationship. The loneliness of humans can only be cured by meaning crafting meaningful long-lasting relationships and not by devices.

The Rise of A.I. Companions [Documentary]

The idea of escaping reality with software, and applications. Hmm, sounds familiar isn’t it?  In addition to that, the film also explains why humans and AI are different. All humans share the same fate of death and that’s what unites humans.

In the film, after realization of it Theodore his ex-wife and meets his friend who breakup, he overcame his fear and attempt to craft a meaning full relation with other humans not with AI. 

At the end, when both of them were watching the entire city from the rooftop, Catherine leans her head on Theodore’s shoulder showing the completion of ‘him & her.’

The time where we are living has the same trajectory as in the movie. As of now more and more people have increased their screen time regularly. Our mobile devices are smart enough to gain maximum attention and retention, thus generating more and more data with time.

However, it’s a relief that AI can’t imitate feelings or emotional comfort yet.

By keeping all of it in mind we can now conclude, it might be stupid on the surface in 2014, however, as of now, it appears s matter of time, especially when covid pandemic has increased isolation, people will find their emotional support in devices as they are much easier to find and craft.

Human Compassion : Important Lesson of her
Photo by Gus Moretta/ Unsplash

Because of the accuracy, it has shown until now, we can conclude that ‘Her’ has predicted the future. However, for the degree of predictions future for the further stages, we have to wait until AI develops an algorithm that can imitate a person’s personality or create its personality out of many.


What do you think will happen when AI will develop that algorithm, will her will followed exactly or will there be changes or classical idea of AI dominating the world will prevail?

What do you think?



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