“Human Husbandry” in China: A Conspiracy Theory Unveiled

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What would life look like if someone told you that scientists use humans for their chemical and nuclear experiments? We have heard about the rumors of the erstwhile USSR being involved in various illegal human experiments on the prisoners of WWII.

Have you heard about the viral conspiracy theory behind human experimentation in China, specifically the concentration camps located at the heart of Wuhan, the very city from where the COVID virus spread in the first place? Ever wondered if the COVID outbreak was a manufactured virus by China.

There’s a rumored hypothetical conspiracy story going viral across the internet about the dubious source of the coronavirus in the first place. Even if it might not be true, it does sound scary – a world where humans are cultivated and used as lab rats. Let’s understand this fictional theory about the fast advancing humankind losing humanity through the POV of an imaginary teenager, Wang – a tour inside the human husbandry.

Human Husbandry

Wang, a 14-year-old menacingly notorious boy, is a bully to his classmates and juniors at school. Having an influential parent like Dr. Jeiping, a biochemical genius with wicked inventory ideas boosts his ever tormenting nature towards his peers. Wang loved to tease and bully the weaker students of his class and his juniors.

One fine day, a brave junior raised his voice against Wang to his class teacher. This resulted in Wang’s parents’ call. Dr. Jeiping had to meet the class teacher and got thrashed for being an irresponsible parent. On their way home, the father-son duo barely talked to each other. Knowing his father’s aggressive nature well, Wang considered staying silent a better idea.

While at dinner, Wang kept his gaze low, and his neck hung down from his shoulders. Dr. Jeiping calmly hissed, “Finish eating and follow me to my workplace!” Almost terrified by his tone, Wang gobbled at his food with a blank mind and stood up to obey his father.

Hopping into his car, Dr. Jeiping drove them to his hidden laboratory and turned on the lights. Wang stood wonderstruck at the marvelous place full of chemicals and specimens from living beings yet not smelling like rotten meat and blood.

Looking around, he exclaimed, “This looks awesome, dad! What do you do here?”
With a wry smile, Dr. Jeiping answered his son, “Let me tell you about the work I am assigned to. Have you ever wondered why my friends have little guinea pigs and rats as pets?” With a confused face, Wang nodded his head from side to side.

His father answered him, “We have to do a lot of experiments on lower animals while making a new drug in our labs. I hope you remember I told you how new medicines are tested. Similarly, we need to test our secret chemicals and inventions on different species to know the effects it beholds. Presently, we are working collectively on a secret mission that is highly risky and could be fatal. Wanna see my new experiment lab?”

Eyes widened in disbelief, Wang nodded affirmative, after which they headed for Dr. Jeiping’s secret experiment laboratory.

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On reaching the destination, Wang’s eyes narrowed after realizing that it was an asylum full of crazy people. “You work in a mental hospital?” he asked.

With a burst of laughter, the scientist replied, “It looks like a rehabilitation center to people because every morning, the residents here come out for open-air yoga and exercising in this field. The crazy ones are tied to their wheelchairs because fresh air is important to keep them sane for half of the day! The reality is different, and I am sharing this with you because I want you to know what your father is capable of. I am not an irresponsible parent. I can destroy the people who think so and try to divert you against me!”

Wang jumped in front of his father with a wide grin and asked, “Are you making men with superpowers?”

“That’s one way to state it!” replied the scientist. “This is the human husbandry. We keep human specimens and rear them for our biochemical experiments. Kind of like human farming. We feed them, take care of their needs and perform experiments on them to observe how it affects their behavior and lifestyles.”

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They walked through the lobby surrounded by small iron cells on both sides, trapping the human specimens with a pair of cameras watching them 24*7 and keeping records of their activities. The walls inside the cells, as well as around them, had dirty handprint stains on them. Wang looked around in horror while slowly curling into his father’s arms whenever the prisoners growled like wild animals from their cells.

Some people looked normal and did nothing else than occupy a small spot around a corner of their cell and blankly stare at the wall or scratch the furniture gently in attempts to kill the puny ants disturbing their sleep. In contrast, some people didn’t look like humans anymore, hurling towards the iron bars when approached by the caretakers.

Long nails, furry patches of dark skin, huge dark circles around the eyes, and torn pieces of their clothes lying across their cell grounds suggested their aggressive nature. Some men looked OK but had developed weird superpowers like lifting light items just by intense staring and reading minds without even looking into the person’s eyes. There were special caretakers to look after these unique specimens.

Wang turned to his father, “Are they the successful results?” He whispered, “Even the caretakers are our specimens, and they’re the most successful outcomes!”

“What do they do?” asked Wang out of curiosity to be answered by his father, “We can control their minds and control the other patients’ minds, making them the best caretakers ever!”

Wang exclaimed, “Hypnosis?”

“External colonizing of the human brain. That’s something longer lasting than hypnosis which breaks with a mere clap,” answered Dr. Jeiping.

“That sounds so amazing! How do you do it?” asked Wang, not being able to contain his curiosity about his father’s experiments.

They walked up to his biology laboratory, where some scientists and other staffs were present and working in their respective uniforms. He led his son to his virology lab.

Dr. Jeiping pointed at a specimen bottle with translucent cultures and said, “This particular virus, named JPV after me, is injected into our specimens. The virus soon reaches the brain and colonizes there, ultimately taking over their ability to think independently. We give them stimuli to do things, and that’s how they typically obey us. We are still trying to understand how well this works. There can be several bad effects which we have calculated while considering the reactions inside the body, but till now, we haven’t observed any. So, it’s good.”

“Whoa! That’s so cool! So, these people are your slaves now! You can even make them save people and do wonders! Can we use it on my classmates and the teachers?” 

“No, my son. We are still testing it, and we don’t know the true effects this virus might cause on the specimens. It would take me a few more months to fully observe the effects it beholds. But please never mention our visit to my lab tonight to anyone. It’s just to show you that I have the power to destroy anybody who hurts you! These specimen humans may or may not survive, but do not underestimate my powers no matter what your school authorities say about me! You’re the son of a very powerful scientist.”

About the Conspiracy

I hope the story above made a solid impression of what I tried to convey through it. Now let’s learn about the actual conspiracy.

In 2019, large-scale anti-government protests erupted in Hong Kong. The Standing Committee of the Chinese Communist Party considered these to be a grave threat to the integrity and stability of the motherland.

The Chinese scientists were secretly working on a biological agent that was supposed to make the protesters docile and obedient. They tried to develop a sort of spray that they could disperse from helicopters or drones, leading to mental and behavioral changes.

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Hong Kong, being one of the most open and international cities in the world, the Party decided that it would be too risky to release the agent in Hong Kong without first testing its effects. For this, many ‘human specimens’ were required, and subsequently, they identified two groups of people for this event.

They rounded up many so-called ‘Islamic radicals’ in Xinjiang Province and took them to what looked like rehabilitation camps. These camps are the ‘human husbandry’ centers I mentioned above. These centers are for real and exist in the district of Wuhan, the same city from where the first case of COVID was confirmed.

They had already been using these vast stretches of bounded camps for human experimentation for several years. But the Hong Kong protests made the camp residents suffer more. They silently introduced their latest biological agent to the residents of the camps. As it was colorless and odorless, the residents couldn’t find out they were taking part in medical trials.

Throughout so many years of cumulative experimentation, the residents had been suffering a long list of diseases – both known and unknown, yet hidden from the rest of the world. They could quickly suppress the resulting high rates of cancer, premature dementia, depression, hallucinations, suicidal tendency, and death by multiple organ failure because these camps are deep-seated in the remote parts of the country.

Once the initial experiments had yielded a different set of agents from the resulting diseases, it was planned to be transported to Hubei Province, where it was deployed in a particular military facility outside Wuhan. But the government couldn’t keep it a secret since this news somehow made its way to the international media.

As stated by the fictional theory, the country had introduced a “social credit” system by then, which allowed them to identify disloyal, counter-revolutionary, and unwanted people across the country. A group of worst offenders across the country, including human rights lawyers and activists, Christians, homosexuals, artists, intellectuals, people who spoke foreign languages, and other people with weird ‘undesirable’ traits.

This selected group of people was termed as ‘troublemakers.’ They had been placed in the testing facility to be exposed to the biological agent, which spread in an invisible aerosol, akin to certain viruses.

The initial results were excellent since the manufactured virus could significantly reduce the higher mental processing facilities of the human brain cognitively. As a result, those “undesirables” were becoming mildly mentally disabled, which was precisely the effect they wanted to produce to pacify the resistive population of Hong Kong.

Like Wang in my story, anybody would be fascinated by the wondrous effects of the particular virus prepared by such geniuses. The US government started taking a keen interest in their work and asked them for a sample for their research and testing purposes.

They hinted at their wish to use it to resolve specific problems in Venezuela. In this position, the Chinese would have agreed to provide the US with their experimental virus as they maintained friendly relations with the CIA. Still, considering the exceptionally devastatingly toxic nature of the virus, they declined.

How did the virus contain an animal from the market near a remote testing area? Furthermore, the virus spreads through aerosols which makes it air-borne, and the fact that bats can fly makes them an easy contamination target.

Did this theory sound like some Hollywood sci-fi conspiracy movie plot? According to the conspiracy, the bat contaminated by the COVID-causing virus was alleged to have been bought illegally from the same market. Though not the reality, I found this theory interesting enough to share with my readers to brainstorm on the story.


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