Futuristic Innovations3 Reasons Why Information Through JWTs are Preferred

3 Reasons Why Information Through JWTs are Preferred


Information and accessibility are all needed to survive in such a challenging world that is constantly on the rise. The question of security over important documentation is a highly debatable topic. 

In these times, when accessibility is so easily obtainable through web pages, websites, and the internet is available to a lot of people. This way, at the click of a button, information can be obtained without as much hassle. 

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However, we should keep in mind that not all information is up for grabs and freely passed around. Some information should be confidential and shouldn’t be within the purview of the public domain. JWTs are a handsome alternative for securing information and transferring it to required authorities.

1. What Are JWTs?

The idea of JWTs refers to intensely privatized tokens that make it possible to securely exchange data between two parties with the assurance that no third party will interfere with the process of sharing sensitive and confidential information.

It is also essential in saving relevant information because it can be verified easily. As soon as the information is given to the website, it immediately saves and secures whatever is encrypted on the page. This way, the user doesn’t need to worry about the information being lost and leaked.

Here are reasons why JWTs are a preferred means of information:

1.1 Authentication Processes

JWTs are also very important for authentication processes. Digital verification is also available making the newly emerging medium much more efficient and credible.

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Short messages can be encrypted over computing programs and can be transmitted to various persons from different countries, safely. Access rights are also looked into and only those with authorized rights to such information will be able to get their hands on the material.

Another advantage that this web token holds is its ability to secure usernames and passwords. The only real exchange is done through the user and the server and safety are guaranteed after the information is accessible to the first party who would have the authority to ensure access to the second party.

1.2 Information Exchange

This is one of the main reasons why JWTs are the most preferred form of information access as well as information exchange. It is one of the primary reasons why JWT as a phenomenon is widely recognized in the first place.

1.3 Signed Tokens

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Another feature of information transmission is the availability of signed tokens. Signed tokens enhance the credibility of JWTs. They also verify the integrity of the tokens that will be shared by the two concerned parties and take it up to another notch of protection against hazardous viruses that have the power to leak out information.

Signed tokens work hand in hand with encrypted tokens. While signed tokens ensure credibility and the verification processes underlying the same, encrypted tokens will make sure to program it and hide the claims which are strictly confidential and needs to be protected from getting leaked out.

Signed tokens are more personalized and give credibility to who information belongs and in the process protect the required details.

2. Components of JWT

The new phenomenon of JWT works on the principle of a structure that is disintegrated into different components. In simpler terms, the structure attributes to the various components that align with such a unique anomaly.

The programming of JWTs is complex and may look like a set of gibberish that is being put together in one place. Although, we can argue that this is how the world of technology and modernism is to us. We are venturing into the world of the unknown, experimenting with things, and coming up with theories to make sense of the absurd language of technology we are exposed to.

With that being said, let’s look into the components which make up the whole idea. The visuals of how a JWT typically looks are given below:


2.1 Header 

It comprises two parts and is the part that provides information to the user. It usually consists of the type of token that is being used or signed and the type of encryption that is being done. The signed tokens and encryption tokens also work together with the formation of a certain algorithm.

{ “alg” : “HS256” , “type” : “JWT” }

It is always recommended to use the JWT type to formulate a program. Another feature includes an encryption style that organizes the code depending on the sensitivity of the data. Complex coding of JWTs has a much more complicated set of coding processes.

3. Common Methods of Encryptions

Some of the methods of encryption would make data accessing efficient and much more fast means of obtaining coded information. These include RSA with SHA-256 which combine to form {RS256} and similarly with EDCSA with SHA-256 to create {ED256}.

Therefore, some kind of encryption is always required to add relevant information to a particular database. There is also an option available to determine the degree of importance that specific amounts of message or notification that is needed in a relevant space.

3.1 Payload

Payload refers to the data transmitted to a particular location and is the second part of the token. It gives out claims in different forms which are first presented as “keys or pairs”. Later, these claims turn out to be the mode of exchange through which users can obtain data and secure their information.

3.2 Types of Claims

3.2.1 Registered Claims

These are the type of claims that are registered in the JSON web token registers prior before the information is handed out. These claims are small descriptions that describe the data that is being presented at the same time, redefining the structure.

In simpler words, it is almost like definition through abbreviation, but this is represented through coding language in the computer world for secure access to data.

For example, a registered claim can be presented in this form: issuer(iss), expiration time (exp), audience (aud), and subject (sub).

3.2.2 Public Claims 

Public Claims can be only approved by the user or even determined so that the transfer of information is done smoothly. The user should, however, be careful to not collide with various information so that there is no collision or mix-up since all of the information is let out into the public domain.

3.2.3 Private Claims

Private Claims are one of the most important claims and are centric on the concept of JWTs. The primary motive of these claims is to exchange data securely only with selected parties specifically two people. This way information gets personalized and confidential ones are more likely to be protected beating the fear of it leaking out.

Therefore in that way, the entire JWT process is almost complete through this process. This is how a payload is attributed to obtain information:

{ “sub” : “123”, “name” : “Alice”, “exp” : 30 }

3.3 Signature

The concluding piece in the structuring of JWTs is the signature. It holds the power of authorization and verification. This offers more credibility to the information that is being spread and gives life to the web token if one wants to talk in normal human language.

This secures the data by identifying with the user’s fingerprints, therefore there is no way the data will be accessed by hackers or any outside source.

4. JWT Usage in Daily Life

The mundane boring aspect of information transfer is made much more intriguing because of JWTs, the process of secure transfer of information is made easier which has already been established. But what is the point of the existence of complicated structures of JWTs with laden rules and regulations when we don’t know its usage in real life?

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If we look through when we could use JWT authentication we can probably decipher an idea of the kind of situation that requires their usage.

There is an option that the user can store any kind of information about the client they are working for. This might work very efficiently for security companies who are looking to offer protection in terms of viruses and hackers and cyber-crimes where the clients are being viciously attacked. Coding systems work in a manner that helps users safeguard their clients’ place in case they feel threatened or even feel stalked by someone. 

This way, security measures can be operated within the house with some coding techniques and there will be no danger to the client fulfilling his desire at the same time.

However, the extent to which this will work is still being debated. JWT is a fairly new concept that is slowly carving its pathway into the real world. The incorporation of real-life instances attributed to this mechanism is very low.

This can be, at the most used by highly influential people who are working for the national defense and deal with confidential information that shouldn’t be accessible to the public. Another emerging example is the database of criminals with their biometric evidence will also help the police and national security.


In the end, with all the exploration of JWT, there remains doubt over its relevance and competence in modern society. 

As a fairly new concept, it’s coming up the ranks and slowly establishing itself as a mode of security information transmission mode and it only helps in the growth of our society to transfix coding ideas for the betterment of a place always dire in nature.

JWTs might not be the ideal future but it sure does ensure a world of safety and security.

Harini is an intern and is writing for the IcyDestiny webpage providing you content about scientific advancements and its relationship with different themes and situations in life. She is passionate about writing about the smallest, peculiar things in life that is forgotten easily. She is an undergrad student at Christ University, Bangalore and she aims to provide unique and inspiring content for users to engage in.


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