Kratos; Real Greek God Or Not?


In the Greek Mythology, many Gods with varying powers are present. Among all these divine gods, Kratos is one central character.

Kratos is a figure associated with battles and chaos for many people. So, there is confusion among mythology and gaming enthusiasts about whether Kratos is an authentic Greek God or not.

And today, we are going to clear that out.

1. Introduction 

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Kratos from Greek mythology is a sign of strength and power. But there are no Kratos’s details in Greek mythology like the crucial gods of Greek Mythology.

The name Kratos got more attention due to the video game called “God of War’’.

Santa Monica Studio created this video game. In the game, Kratos is a fictional character. The association of this video game character is with strength, but he is not a traditional Greek god.

So, in this article, we will discuss whether Kratos in God of War and Greek mythology are real. 

2. The Origin of Kratos

God of War Greek Era Development Stories with Cory Barlog

As discussed above, Kratos was also a character developed by Santa Monica Studio in the video game God of War. So, his origin is more in modern gaming than ancient mythology. 

2.1 Development

Kratos is a fictional character developed for the video game God of War.

2.2 Design of the Character

Kratos has a striking appearance. He has a bald head and a red tattoo. But the most famous thing about him was his iconic chain weapon.

The name of the weapon is Blades of Chaos.

2.3 Story Behind the Character

In the game, Kratos is the Spartan warrior. He made a formal agreement with the Greek god Ares. So, he becomes the “Ghost of Sparta”.

Kratos is famous for his ruthless nature because he was seeking revenge against the gods of Olympus.

2.4 Inspired From

The inspiration for Kratos’s character is from Greek mythology, particularly in terms of killing the monsters and gods in-game. So, he is a unique creation for the game story. 

2.5 Evolution

Evolution of GOD OF WAR Games 2005-2023

The character evolution occurred throughout the “God of War” series. Because the game further delved into his backstory, his relationship with other characters and his complex moral journey.

Therefore, Kratos is the main character of a highly successful video game series which have a blend of action with mythology and storytelling.

3. God of War

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The series is famous for its action and adventure gameplay. Also, the epic storytelling, blended with Greek mythology and original fiction, makes it more prominent. 

Following are some critical aspects of the “God of War” video game series;

3.1 Kratos

Kratos is the main character of the game. 

3.2 Greek Mythology

How Do God of War Mythologies Co-Exist?

The inspiration for the fun is from Greek mythology. So, players can see here various Greek gods and mythical creatures. The significant aspect of the game is its blending with mythology.

3.3 Gameplay

The game is fast-paced, hack-and-slash combat, puzzle solving and platforming. Due to the combat system, players can perform various powerful and brutal attacks.

4. Kratos’s Impact on Pop Culture

Pop culture
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Kratos is an iconic character in the “God of War” Video game series. The character Kratos has a significant impact on pop culture.

So, in every possible way, Kratos left his mark on pop culture. Also, his character design becomes an iconic symbol of the franchise.

4.1 Memorable Dialogues 

The memorable dialogue of Kratos from “God of War” is “I am the god of war!” and “By the Gods”. Therefore, fans often quote these lines. 

4.2 Successful Franchise

The franchise of “God of War” became Sony’s most successful series because of multiple entries across many Playstations Console. So, the game consistently has a dedicated fanbase.

4.3 Cinematic Representation

The game series has cinematic storytelling. It combines action sequences with emotional narratives.

Also, everyone loves the approach of character design. Therefore, it influenced the overall way of game development. 

4.4 awards 

Many games from the series won numerous awards in gameplay. Also, they won medals in storytelling. In the year 2018, the play won Game of the Year awards.

4.5 Acceptability 

The “God of War” series become more acceptable in media like comics, novels and television. Because of this, the character and the video game series became more popular among people. 

4.6 Merchandise

Kratos in the game was featured in a vast range of merchandise. So, the brand became strong in the gaming merchandise market. 

4.7 Influence

The Video game series “God of War” has a prominent influence on the action game genre. Because of its storytelling and cinematic presentation, it also influenced other titles. 

5. Kratos in Greek Mythology

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So, we discussed about the Kratos in “God of War”. Now, we will discuss the mythological character Kratos. 

In Greek Mythology, Kratos is a minor figure. He is not a prominent god and does not have a significant mythological narrative. So, Kratos is considered one of the personification concepts in the divine world. 

We can find Kratos’s mention of his siblings in Greek mythology. Bia, Nike and Zelus were his siblings.

Collectively, all these siblings personify different things like Power, strength and victory. So, Kratos represents strength. Bia represents force. Nike represents victory. Lastly, Zelus represents rivalry. 

We can find the above personification in ancient Greek literature, particularly in the poem “Theogony” by the Greek poet Hesiod in the 8th century BCE.

One notable appearance of Kratos in Greek mythology is in the context of the binding of Prometheus. According to some versions of the myth, Kratos and Bia were tasked with chaining Prometheus to a rock in punishment for his theft of fire and his aid to humanity.

So, Kratos in Greek mythology is not a major Greek god. He is the personification of strength. In Greek Mythology, Kratos is a minor figure. So, there are many limited details about him. 

But let us discuss the available information;

5.1 Personification of Strength

As discussed above, Kratos is the personification of strength. His physical appearance also signifies his name.

5.2 Family

Kratos is the son of Pallas and Styx. Styx is referred to as a river in the Underworld. 

5.3 Role in Mythology

Kratos: Did He Really Exist in Greek Mythology? - Mythological Curiosities - God of War

There is mention of Kratos in some mythological events. Still, he doesn’t have a significant story associated with him.

But there is one notable appearance in the story of Prometheus. In this, he was asked the task with his sister Bia to bind Prometheus to a rock. 

5.4 Attributes

Kratos is referred to as a winged figure. It symbolizes the swiftness and power of strength.

5.5 Association with Zeus

Zeus is the king of gods. Kratos, along with his sister Bia, served as his enforcers. They help to maintain order on Mount Olympus. 

5.6 Kratos in Ancient Texts

Even though Kratos is not an Olympian god, there is mention of Kratos in Hesiod’s “Theogony”. 

5.7 The Ancient Art of Kratos

Due to the ancient arts, the appearance of gods can be predicted. The depiction of Kratos in art is as a muscular, powerful god.

6. Final Debate: Kratos is a Real Greek God or Not?

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The classification of Kratos is a point of debate between scholars and enthusiasts of Greek mythology.

Some say that as there is mention of Kratos in ancient Greek texts, he is a legitimate god. Some argue that Kratos do not have specific attributes, domain, or throne on Mount Olympus. 

6.1 Compared with Greek Gods

To know Kratos’s divine status, it is essential to compare him with Olympian gods. Zeus is the king of god. Athena is the goddess of wisdom.

They have defined roles and attributions. But Kratos only has significance with the concept of strength. Also, he does not have a role and attributions. 

Greek war
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So, in this article, we discussed the character Kratos from the Video game series “God of War”. There were various reasons behind the fame of the essence.

The inspiration for this character is from Greek mythology. In Greek mythology, the association of Kratos is with strength, and the character in the game is designed accordingly. Due to his striking appearance and dialogue, he became famous in the industry. 

The game series has been awarded many awards. It dominated the action genre of gaming. Also, due to the animation and storytelling of the game, it dominated other genres of the gaming industry. 

But this character was developed from the ancient Greek mythological god Kratos. Kratos is associated with strength. In the ancient texts, some of the references to the Kratos can be seen.

But he is not the prominent god in mythology. Because he does not have any mythological significance, role or attributions. So, there is a debate about the question of whether Kratos is an authentic Greek god or not. 



  1. The article talks about whether Kratos is a real Greek god or not. It’s interesting to see how the video game character is connected to Greek mythology. I like how the article makes me think about the mix of fiction and ancient stories. It’s a good read.


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