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Lucid Dream Pills – The Product That Helps You Control Your Dreams


Dreams are nothing but a picture painted by our subconscious mind while we sleep. However, it is still unclear whether this act of dreaming has any specific purpose; they are indeed crucial components of our everyday lives.

There have been multiple scientific speculations pondering the role of dreams in our life; one such speculation suggests that dreams help us hold on to the essential memories while simultaneously allowing us to discard the less important ones; this helps us sort through complex situations and feelings.

Apart from helping us deal with complex emotional situations, dreams also help us get in touch with our inner creative side. Sometimes the imagination that gets buried under the heavy burden of our everyday lives can resurface in the form of dreams.

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Some of the well-known works of literature have been inspired by dreams. It includes Coleridge’s hauntingly beautiful poem ‘Kubla Khan,’ Mary Shelley’s ‘Frankenstein,’ and many more.

REM sleep refers to a time in our sleep cycle when our sleep is in its most surface state, and our brains are in their most active state. Scientists think that we get most of our dreams during the short period of REM sleep. Some scientists also opine that we dream about 5-6 times while asleep, but we usually end up forgetting most of them.

What Exactly is Lucid Dreaming?

Lucid dreaming is a dissociative state where we are both awake and dreaming. It even impacts the overall physiology of our brain. It is a unique state where we can experience dream-like hallucinations while having wake-like reflexes and awareness. Scientists have often referred to it as a hybrid state of consciousness.

However, if we are to put it in the simplest of terms, a lucid dream refers to a dream that one has complete control over. Our own brains indeed orchestrate our dreams, but unfortunately, we usually have little to no control over them.

However, you will find your dream going precisely the way you want in a lucid dream. It creates an ideal world in your head that you can exercise complete control over.

Incredible as it may sound, lucid dreams come with a certain number of risks. Lucid dreams occur when you are only half asleep; thus, it disrupts the overall quality of sleep, and you may wake up still fatigued. Lucid dreams also blur the lines between reality and illusion, creating a mental fog or confusion in lucid dreamers.

Lucid dreams are also often related to declining mental health resulting from a lack of deep sleep. When we are lucid dreaming, our brain is somewhat similar to when a person experiences sleep paralysis, which is a horrific experience.

While Lucid dreams usually occur spontaneously, they can be externally induced. To do so, one needs to train their metacognition abilities, i.e., one should actively attempt to be more conscious of their thought processes.

The effortless way of doing this is by keeping a sleep journal. If you note down dreams the moment you wake (because that is when you remember your dreams best), you will undoubtedly be more aware of your subconscious thought processes.

Some people implement the mnemonic lucid dreaming method, which also involves gaining better control of your metacognition. You can mnemonically induce lucid dreaming by constantly and vividly thinking of your desired dream setting or a setting you had seen in a previous dream and wish to return to.

The simplest way by which you can hope to lucid dream is by maintaining a steady sleep cycle. A steady sleep cycle means you will have a reasonable REM sleep period. Since this REM sleep period is an absolute requirement for lucid dreaming, the longer the REM sleep, the more the chances of you experiencing a lucid dream.

Benefits of Being Able to Control Your Dreams:

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  1. Reduction in Nightmares:

A lot of people suffer from terrible and constant nightmares. It can be caused because of some form of internal conflict or just general problems in life. Constant nightmares do not allow a person to properly relax or enjoy their sleep like they should be able to. Lucid dreaming can steer your subconscious away from the scary world of nightmares to a more peaceful and pleasing world of your choosing.

  1. Improves Motor Skills:

The state of Lucid Dreaming allows your brain to be active. Therefore, depending on the kind of dream you are having, lucid dreams can help you improve your overall motor skills. For example, if you dream about practising a particular football move on the field, the part of the brain that reacts is the same as the part that would get activated when practising it in real life. Thus, it will help to improve real-life your abilities.

  1. Helps with Problem Solving:

Some people have said that pondering over their problems in the lucid dream state has helped devise creative solutions for them. The lucid dream creates a safe space for you to try out different solutions and always have the option to restart. Practising problem-solving while in a lucid dream also helps our general problem-solving abilities when we are awake.

  1. Improves Creativity:

Being able to lucid dream also helps to improve your creative prowess. The world of lucid dreams is a mixture of your subconscious and conscious thoughts. It is a world where your imagination gets free reign, and you can visualize your thoughts very vividly. This helps you get more intimately in touch with your inner creative side.

  1. Helps Relieve Anxiety:

Anxiety is often caused by things that are not in our control. In the world of lucid dreams, we are often in complete control. Thus, lucid dreaming can be a healthy exercise for those who suffer from anxiety disorders. It helps them reach a world where they can control the events and happenings, which they are usually unable to do in the real world.

Lucid Dream Pills – An Easy Way to Acquire Full Control of Your Dreams:

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Up until now, we have discussed Lucid dreams as a spontaneous natural process that comes with a plethora of benefits and some degree of risks. However, what if I told you that you could get lucid dreams any time you want while also substantially eliminating most of the risks that come with it. The innovation called Lucid Dream Pills will help you achieve precisely that.

Being able to lucid dream usually requires regularly training the metacognition or managing a stable sleep schedule. But these things are easier said done. We are rarely in control of our schedules as modern life is hardly stable. However, this does not mean that we cannot be in control of our dreams. The new Lucid Dream Pill will chemically stimulate your brain to achieve the desired lucid dreaming state without requiring you to make any drastic changes to your schedule.

This pill chemically improves your metacognition for a limited amount of time, allowing you to gain proper control of your dreamland. It is also completely safe with little to no side effects.

One of the most significant risks of lucid dreaming is that it disrupts proper sleep and rest. This pill eliminates that issue. There are separate pills for different sleep cycles, starting from a 4-hour sleep cycle pill to an 8-hour sleep cycle pill. Consuming the right pill will automatically regulate the ratio of deep sleep to REM sleep.

For example, if you take a 6-hour cycle pill, you will have a longer REM sleep time than a 4-hour sleep. Thus, your deep sleep is not hampered; this pill maintains a steady proportion of REM sleep to deep sleep to make the most out of your precious sleep.

Another risk associated with lucid dreaming is that it induces a condition similar to sleep paralysis. The pills also help regulate the overall dopamine level in our brain, which induces a feeling of pleasure and reduces anxiety.

It reduces the risk of your brain or thought processes spiralling into a state that may cause paralysis. The sleep regulation formula of this pill also makes sure that your brain never enters the state of sleep paralysis by maintaining a soothing effect on it.

Thus, these pills not only help you gain control of your dreams based on your unique sleep cycles but also have a soothing effect on your brain, which reduces anxiety or disturbing thoughts during sleep. Furthermore, it shall help you gain control of your dreamland while allowing you to experience the best sleep of your life. Relaxing was never this easy, but the Lucid Dream Pills somehow make it happen.

Another benefit of this pill is that it acts as a natural alarm clock. By regulating your sleep, it will help you wake up on your own once the effects wear off; and no matter when you wake up, you will feel completely relaxed.

Main Features of the Lucid Dream Pills:

    • Different pills to accommodate varying sleep cycles.
    • Helps maintain a steady ratio of deep sleep to REM sleep.
    • Regulates and improves the release of Dopamine to have an overall soothing effect.
    • Helps reduce anxiety and stress.
    • Reduces all the general risks associated with lucid dreaming while allowing you to enjoy all the benefits of lucid dreams.
    • It is easy to intake as it is in the form of a pill.
    • Gets rid of the need to condition your body to achieve lucid dreaming organically.
    • There are no noticeable side effects as long as you choose the right pill for your sleep cycle.
    • Works like a biological alarm clock by highly increasing the chances of waking up on your own when the effects wear off.


General Price Range:

While most psychedelic drugs are pretty pricey, Lucid Dream Pills have been designed for the average working-class consumer who needs to properly find some time to relax amidst their busy schedule. Depending on the sleep cycle, the price changes. The pill required for regulating a 4-hour sleep cycle costs the least, while the one required for controlling an 8-hour cycle costs the most. However, two 4-hour pills will cost more than a single 8-hour pill.
These pills can be bought separately or as a pack of 30 to last you the whole month. You should try a single pill out first and then purchase a pack of 30 after you are convinced of its benefits.

It is strongly advised that you use only one pill a day or visit the physician; violating this primary rule may lead to unforeseen complications.


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Sleep is essential in our lives. A night of good sleep helps us immensely by improving our cognitive abilities and overall motivation in life. If our sleep gets disrupted, so does our mood and overall productivity. Since dreams have an immense effect on the overall quality of sleep, it’s a true boon to find a way to regulate them.

Being able to regulate dreams will make for better sleep, which will help us bring forth our maximum potential.
Thus, Lucid Dream Pills are genuinely a blessing in disguise. They are easy to avail, not as pricey as most other drugs of the same kind, and are entirely harmless when taken in the correct quantity. It is time you took control of your life and enjoyed the relaxing sleep you deserve.



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