Futuristic InnovationsPerfect Communication - A Device That Nullifies Language Barriers

Perfect Communication – A Device That Nullifies Language Barriers


Introducing Perfect Communication – a device that nullifies language barriers across the world!

Humans are social animals. We have lived in communities since the time of our pre-historic ancestors. For a species as dependent on community life as us, one can only imagine the proper importance communication can hold. Language is one of the critical modes of communication. While almost all species on Earth have some way of communicating with one another, it is only humans who have been able to develop cognitive language communication.

perfect communication
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Expression is a crucial part of our identity. It states our individuality and makes us vital contributors to our culture. While humanity began by scribbling on cave walls and bodily signals, communication has become increasingly sophisticated with time.

With the help of language, we can all express our unique ideas and thoughts. It is essential not only for the development of society but also for ourselves as the exchange of ideas and intermingling of different perspectives is a fantastic aid for cognitive development.

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The language used by pre-historic humans mainly depended on drawings such as cave markings or auditory transmissions, i.e., they would communicate using low grunts, drum beats, and other similar auditory mediums. However, language now is much more sophisticated in that it consists of signs and symbols, entire grammar structures, and many other technicalities. The more language develops, the more specific expression becomes, and therefore it can reflect more individuality.

Each human being on Earth grows up developing a unique experience of their surroundings; by using the language tool, we can share our unique experiences, which can help us see the world differently.

We, humans, are known to be curious by nature; language helps us ask questions, and it also helps us answer them. If we did not develop language properly, we could never convey our doubts with such accuracy, and neither could we hope to find specific answers to those doubts from those who have the answers. Thus, language constantly helps us grow on every level, making it the most basic mode of communication.

While communication via language has unified us, it has also divided us because of numerous languages worldwide. No single human being can hope to speak them all, of course.

No matter how big a genius you are, it is doubtful that you will be able to master all the different languages on Earth. These separate languages have sophisticated technicalities and unique grammar structures, so it is pretty easy to feel lost trying to interpret them without a translator.

Most online translators will only do a partial job of translating, which is why most of those translations sound inaccurate to a native speaker. And even translators are human, after all, there are only so many languages they can master, and you cannot always hope to have a translator around. Thus, even after years of refining our communication system, this great barrier still exists between other members of our species and us.

But not anymore, thanks to the Perfect Communication Device. This futuristic device is built to nullify any language barrier across the world. Far from just a simple online translation tool, it can translate different languages in real-time with almost 99% accuracy. It will help you understand different languages but also help you communicate with them by translating your language to the language of your listener. The device is innovative because it deals with communication problems from both sides.

How the Device Works

Most sophisticated, modern translation devices use the Neural Machine Translation (NMT) process to facilitate efficient translation. The neural network it creates is faster and more efficient in transmitting signals, thus making the translations faster and more accurate. The Perfect Communication Device is based on the same principle but uses a slightly more advanced version of NMT.

The machine’s sophisticated engineering has loaded it with almost every discovered language on the planet, including ancient and almost obsolete languages like Latin. Thus, almost anyone from around the world can benefit from this machine.

Its sensors are built to pick up not just different languages but also different accents or dialects the language may be spoken in; and its advanced NMT can make out the little differences in meanings that a change in accent or dialect may lead to and, therefore, provide you with an accurate translation you can trust.

Main Advantages of Perfect Communication

The perks of having no language barrier in communication are pretty obvious, but if I had to list them, they would be as given below.

a) Foreign Visits Will Become Easier:

Photo by Guilherme Stecanella/Unsplash

So many of us love to travel, and why shouldn’t we? The world is filled with numerous places of beauty. However, proper communication is one of the apparent disadvantages we face on any foreign trip. The leading cause of this is the language barrier.

While some of us may be proficient in many languages, that is an unfair expectation of everyone. The Perfect Communication Device eradicates this problem; it will translate the native language of most places on Earth in real-time to a language of your choosing. Whether asking for directions or making friends with the locals, this device will make the communication process feel like a breeze.

As we all know, unfortunate incidents are a part of everyone’s lives, and there may be a chance that we fall sick in some foreign land, being able to understand

b) Access to More Media:

Most foreign media these days will indeed come with subtitles, but it isn’t something we can always bet on. It is because some subtitles are uploaded quite late, some are primarily inaccurate, and there are so many great foreign movies for which there may be no subtitles available.

If you speak any common language like English, Spanish, or French, then there is a good chance that you may find subtitles for most good movies. However, so many more languages in the world do not find adequate representation. The Perfect Communication device allows you to choose from 100s of different languages all around the globe and translates for you in almost an instance.

This device can translate not only movies but also the lyrics of songs. A few of us enjoy niche foreign songs without proper translation, but we stay listening because we are hooked to the music. With the Perfect Communication Device, that won’t be the case anymore; you won’t just feel the music but also understand the lyrics.

c) Greater Understanding of Different Cultures:

Language and communication are an essential part of most cultures. It is a required method of getting to know other cultures and learning about their societal values. The language and communication of most cultures are rooted in their history.

The language they use for close communication has developed through a dynamic process of the various changes that that particular culture has undergone throughout history.

Therefore, when we can unlock the mysteries of language and communication of other cultures, we can learn about their history and therefore feel a more excellent bond of understanding towards them.

d) Be Part of a More Diverse Community:

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The internet has indeed broken most barriers to communication around the world. However, it has not been able to destroy the language barrier across different regions. While you may be able to connect to someone as far as East Africa by using the internet, there is a meagre chance that you will be able to properly communicate with them if they strictly speak Swahili and you strictly speak English.

Most people would use familiar online translators in a situation such as this. However, as mentioned before, online translations can be widely inaccurate on several occasions, especially in the case of informal, intimate communication.

It is where the Perfect Communication Device comes to the rescue. With its exceptionally high accuracy rate, you can now have casual and informal conversations with almost anyone around the globe and expand your community or circle of friends without being bogged down by the challenges of language barriers.

e) More Efficient Expression:

In a world where the Perfect Communication Device is a commonly used communication item, self-expression can reach new heights. Words are practical tools to express our thoughts and feelings. Therefore, it is logical to think that a more excellent choice of words will allow us to refine our expression even further.

With the Perfect Communication Device, you can store any foreign expression that moved or seemed interesting you can be stored in its internal storage system. It will help because, while all languages have their beauty and are perfect in their way, expressing a particular thought or feeling may seem tedious in one language but extremely simple in another.

Thus, you can use the stored foreign expression to express yourself better. It is, however, only possible in a world where the Perfect Communication device is in everyday use. Making it a standard item was one of the main aims after designing this device.

Main Features of the Perfect Communication Device

  1. Lightweight and Easy to Carry Around – The Perfect Communication Device was designed to be used on the go. Therefore, it was made sure that the design and build were light enough for you to travel with it easily.
  2. Fast and Accurate – This Device is not only fast with its translations but also about 99% accurate. It maintains its accuracy by coming up with constant updates that you can easily install on your device, free of any additional cost.
  3. Sensitive Sensors and Advanced NMT – These two intelligent technologies make the Perfect Communication Device able to detect almost any language, no matter what dialect or accent it is spoken in.
  4. Allows both Battery and Electrical Charging – The dual charging option facilitates travellers even further. Depending on their unique situation, they can use whichever charging option seems more feasible.
  5. Colossal Directory of Languages – With almost every discovered language stored in its sophisticated programming, the Perfect Communication Device is helpful for people from any part of the world.
  6. Additional Internal Storage – You can use this communication device to translate and store foreign words and expressions. It is so that the user can increase their vocabulary with foreign words or expressions that they might have found interesting.
  7. Low Maintenance – This communication device hardly requires any maintenance. The only high cost you will bear is the cost of purchase. The charger and headphones come free with the Perfect Communication Device.

Expected Price Range

The sharp lines invested behind the Perfect Communication Device have been able to bring down its cost of production significantly. One of their main objectives was to make it available for everyday use. Compared to other sophisticated, NMT-based translators, this device is relatively inexpensive.

It costs no more than a cheap phone, and there may be even cheaper versions coming up in the future as the brilliant minds behind this communication device are still at work, trying to make it even more efficient and bring down the cost of production further.


Photo by OpenClipart-Vectors/Pixabay

The human world has always been divided by artificial barriers. Nature never meant to separate us, but somehow, we found a way. The Perfect Communication Device is simply a humble attempt to break down one of the numerous barriers we have created amongst ourselves. We all proudly belong to the most intelligent species on Earth. Therefore one can only imagine how advanced we can get if proper communication (via language) was no longer a hard and fast barrier.

This article imagines a world like that where we can enjoy the benefits of our intelligence even better by breaking down one of the primary barriers between us. It also imagines a device that would facilitate the process in the hope that one day we can enter a world where language and communication are made universal so that we can better understand each other.



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