Belief and OpinionsWhat are Occult Studies? A Complete Guide

What are Occult Studies? A Complete Guide


What are occult studies? In many countries, people still see occult studies as a threat or danger, as there is a lack of proper knowledge.  Here, myths will be debunked and introduced to reality, as well as some interesting facts about the occult and secret societies. Also, you will be informed of the history and origin of occult studies, its relevance and portrayal in popular culture, its pros and cons and its esoteric aspects.

1. What are Occult Studies?

To understand occult studies, one should learn what occult is. Occult is a part of cult science and we can’t see with our visible eyes. It is a mystical world consisting of a wide expanse of practices that possess a variety of facets of paranormal, supernatural, magic, astrology, witchcraft, mystery, alchemy, and so on. If you talk about sense and logic, they are not applicable here. Invisible occult forces surround us. It is based on particular types of signs and signals. Occult studies are a science with signs. In this universe for every action, there is a reaction, but to be an alchemist, a person should be influential enough to attract energy from a particular environment and manifest it.

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Originally, these secret societies of different places aimed at the public welfare of that respective place. So, they manifest the positive entity and work on it but later, this science was misused inadequately. Later they used their energy to epitomize devils, demons, and satan and in this course, an imbalance of energy is there. The balanced ones are gods and positive energies.

Irrespective of all the religions, it is an alternative one, slightly different from what people follow.

2. History and Origin of Occult Studies

In the 16th century, during the Renaissance period in Europe, occult studies arose. From the Latin word occultus, the term ”occult” emanates. It means underground and hidden. At that time it was depicted as pseudoscience which means a false science that is neither factual nor a scientific one. Later it expands to a broader form like magic, witchcraft, alchemy, mysticism, paranormal, supernatural studies, rites, and rituals. This broad spectrum is known as occultism. Initially, the English vernacular didn’t encompass this word until the 19th century when the word occultism occurred, which means secret society or group exploring paranormal and supernatural rehearsals.

The curiosity of acquiring knowledge about life after death or the life of deadly souls, shadowy figures, their power, and malicious intent led to its emergence in different parts of the country. The benevolent spiritual practices lightened bottomless secrets that were magick and were hidden from the public eye, which also contributed to its emergence. Today, in the United States, the popularity of the occult has become more popular than it was 20 years ago.

3. How to Study and Apply Occult Practices?

Occult is open to anybody, and anyone can know this, including you! It is like an art which demands your energy to sink in. If you are a beginner, here you will get to know about some basic steps:

3.1. Adequate Information and Selection of Books and Authors

First of all, you should gather some books on the occult in a way that lets you know exactly what you want to explore. The occult consists of a vast range of topics like Wicca, Neo-Paganism, Witchcraft, Magic, and so on. So, you should select the particular topic of your interest and gather books related to it. Every topic of the occult has some varieties, such as:

1. Wicca is a movement of the West, which means “Craft of the Wise”. As it is based on the religion of neo-paganism, Wiccans have significant nature and utilize magic for good causes. In England, Wicca was founded as a religion in the mid-twentieth century. It was created from various ancient pagan practices which were persecuted pejoratively in the bygone era.

2. Witchcraft is something related to the power to influence some kind of energy through the occult to achieve a particular thing. There are many kinds of witches depending on particularity like Green witches, Crystal witches, Cosmic witches, Sea witches, and so on.

What are occult studies?
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You must have to be precise about selecting an experienced author’s book and also according to your knowledge of the particular topic. Give quality time to reading, researching, and understanding the specific topic to know how and why it began. Acquire familiarity with ways to practice it and how it affects your life.

3.2. Awakening of Subconscious Power

If possible, meditate daily to arouse your psychic power. This helps to calm your mind, which is very important to be an occultist. It is very important to work on your concentration power to attract energies and forces.

3.3. Deciding and Planning 

Know and be firm about your intention. Have clarity about your desires and keep your beliefs realistic. Be patient, as it is not any kind of miracle that is going to happen in one or two months of practice.

Plan the pattern to perform the magic spell and follow the steps. Concentrate on your will and purpose. So, other energies won’t be able to deviate you from your aim. In a way to perform a more dangerous act, a drawing of the protective circle is needed.

3.4. Assemble Required Materials 

Candle snd stones
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Sometimes, while performing the rites, there are requirements for some materials, unlike others which require your focus only. So, gather the required materials while processing the magic spell like candles, charms, cards, and whatever is needed. Then, conduct the rites.

3.5. Observation and Revision 

Observe the outcome and record it. If any results while performing the rituals occur, note them down. To become an occultist, practice and spellcasting it regularly as this might be a key to gaining the results. Never succumb to any kind of addiction (taken from Book of Shadows)

4. Books to Read on Occult

There are many famous as well as infamous books on the occult. One of them is the Book of Shadows by Lisa Buckland. In this book, you will get everything explained about Wicca and magic (white, black, and red). You will also get to know about the spells and the ways to perform and develop your skills. Another book is A History of Magic, Witchcraft, and the Occult by Professor Suzannah Lipscomb. This one tells about the history of many occult activities like alchemy, paganism, Wicca, and so on. Here, you will fetch many details about the mystical world.

The Occult Sciences: A Compendium of Transcendental Doctrine and Experiment by Arthur Edward Waite is a very beneficial book as it provides you with an extensive guide to occult science. It introduces you to white magic, black magic, and how angels and demons are evoked. It also casts light on various other occultist practices such as astrology, alchemy, etc.

5. Advantages of Occult Studies

Every magic has its pros and cons depending on how constructively and destructively the power is used. So do the occult studies. The desire to know the esoteric aspects sensed by people who are special and break the mould of what is out of reach of a normal person’s thoughts attracts the person towards it.

Supernatural powers
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Good purposes in the cult include self-healing of a person, spiritual opening, Divine practices, and alchemy astrology. Also, psychic readings for performing magic can be accessed by it. Those who intellectually approach occult studies can have benefits like:

5.1. Esoteric Awareness

There has always been involvement of esoteric wisdom in Occult studies. Hidden knowledge, age-old rituals, and supernatural exploration are also a part of occultism. To achieve awareness, people get an in-depth understanding of the riddles of the universe, esoteric wisdom, and metaphysical concepts of reality.

5.2. Self-realization 

Occultism often digs into resonant self-realization and deep work on renewal on a personal level. By diving deep into esoteric knowledge, alchemy rites, and ancient traditions, a person may unveil the veiled aspects of themselves. This pursuit of learning helps the person to achieve personal transformation and reincarnation.

From Spiritual Aspiration to Realization | Sadhguru

5.3. Spiritual Connectivity 

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Occult studies also lead to spiritual connectivity and connection with the divine. Once you are connected to the divine, you can feel about the communion of everything. Also, you will be able to understand the feeling of oneness with the galaxy and probe metaphysical facets of existence. There will be the development of more love, kindness, compassion, and exploration of transcendence.

How to find a spiritual connection | Radhanath Swami | TEDxSquareMile

5.4. Sixth Sense Development

Sharpening instincts, development of sixth sense, and psychic abilities are gained because of the occult practices. To develop an individual’s other-worldly skills, occult studies include meditation, prognostication, prophecy, and energy work. The purpose of this is to practice the things that work on intuition and psychic growth.

6. Disadvantages of Occult Studies

The list is quite long, but I will try to explain some of the negative connotations, like doing witchcraft and attracting negative energy through dark arts that occultists practice with really evil rites. Here, the intention is not at all of healing; it is wicked as well as evil.

Some religions, like paganism, Wicca Voodoo, and more like these, practice to have Resurgence in modern society.

6.1. Demonic Influence

I agree about the existence of demonic influence, and for our spiritual journey, it is a threat. As the influence of demonic spirits is high, it might make you feel tempted, but without our consent, they can’t touch us straight. The prayer offered to evil is a false adoration; it is a vicious web that Satan creates to trap. So, don’t fall for it and concentrate on the lord and the holy spirit rather than the evil one.

6.2. Misuse of Witchcraft

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As we have heard, specific witchcraft involves many things like cursed food and water, adhesion of pins to some fortes like dolls, and many more things like this. Out of hate and revulsion, such things are used to cause harm to a person by directing physical evils towards a particular person. So, it should be restricted to the use of the forbidden energy and powers for the cause of revulsion.

6.3. Wicked Intent

Many occultists try to communicate the dead spirit, which includes dark ideas, aura, and energy to process this. Any kind of superstitious activity which is done with bad intent and is not for the public welfare is evil. By doing such bad practices, salvation can’t be achieved.

7. How are Occult Studies Perceived in Society?

Occultism elicits a mixed reaction from society. While various kinds of occultist practices such as horoscope, tarot reading, palmistry, and so on are perceived in a good light, there are various instances where followers of alternative religions or practitioners of Wicca are persecuted for their witchcraft.

By Dmitry Vechorko/Unsplash copyrights 2019

According to BBC News, in 2014, around 3000 people were killed after being accused of being witches. Instances of forced exiling are found in many places. Also, cases of coerced confessions are witnessed. In this process of compelling confession, the alleged person is forced to admit that he or she is a witch and then has to face the suffering. Along with the accused, the whole family, including the children, have to face stigmatization for a long time. This forced exiling, coerced confession, and brutal killings do not impact positively on society.

8. Get Creative

Every supernatural force or energy that can’t be seen with our naked eyes usually comes under occult studies. Different rites are performed to observe and attract these entities, depending on the place and type of rituals to be performed. There are different gods and goddesses in witchcraft in every culture, which require a specific set of rituals and rites to be evoked. However, in Neo-paganism, the rules are flexible and created during the practice itself. You can write your own spells and create a ritual that suits your needs.


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