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What If Books Didn’t Exist


What If Books Didn’t Exist? A world without books will be a world where psychological growth will become stagnant for humans. Doesn’t matter if we like books or not but they do have a great impact on us. If you just rewind back to the time you were born, you will know much of your values, and beliefs, and your development comes out of books knowingly or unknowingly.

As great philosophers say books are a treasure of knowledge. Obviously, they are because if there were no books there wouldn’t be any learning. You may have not known some of the greatest histories in the world. You may not be familiar with your own culture, or have the power of imagination.

When someone reads a fictional story or even a normal book it develops the imagination in them and you learn it adds to your creative power. Now you may think if there were no books, then we could have used the internet to know things. Then what about the ancient times when there was no internet because it wasn’t developed back then?

People’s psychological health would have become rigid if there were no books. Because one may know nothing, forget about learning or knowledge, one wouldn’t know how to read something anywhere.  The values and knowledge that you got from your parents, the culture that you know so much about comes from books.

The things we see, the things we read and comprehend inspire us and we share that knowledge with others as well. Books are not just for grasping knowledge, they show us different perspectives and opens our mind to new things. They make us familiar with different great people, our culture, the history of well-known people, amazing fictional stories, and many more.  

Impact Of Books On The World

How books can open your mind | Lisa Bu

For many people, books are an escape from reality. When you read a novel or a fictional book or even a biography, it broadens your perspective, and as you read you develop a very good imagination power. You get to know more about the world you live in, obviously, the digital world had made it possible at the tip of our fingers.

If since the world started, there were no books till now then we wouldn’t have evolved the way we did or have the internet that we have today. Because our minds would have become stagnant, unable to process or read things, get some new ideas, or get inspired by something. If you don’t know or have knowledge about things, you can’t form an opinion or thoughts on them.

Books have taught us a lot, not just education-wise but have also given us inspiration and stories that we cherish and relate to. Books are not just an invention of today, they have long lived through civilizations and thousands of years.  Books are the past, present, and future. No matter how much we grow personally and digitally, books will always have an impact on us and the generations to come. 

There are many books out there in the world that impact us in various ways. For eg if I talk about psychological books they help us understand human behavior and the complexities of a mind better. They broaden our perspectives and opens our mind to various possibilities.

Now, this is all a very basic thing one already knows about books. But what do we learn from stories that aren’t real or books that are fiction? Even though those stories aren’t anything real that exists but just like how we relate to characters in movies in the same way by reading we develop a bond with those imaginary characters.

We try to relate with them, we imagine situations the characters have been put into and visualize the scenarios as we read. As you read you step into the shoes of a particular character and try to understand their story. According to research, it’s known that reading fiction stories can develop skills like critical thinking, empathy, and theory of mind.

Replacement Of Books

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If we think logically books cannot be replaced. If we talk about current times, yes of course internet would have been used to share information and stuff. But speaking of old times when there were no books, the generation wouldn’t be able to learn or know anything.

They wouldn’t have even known that through fictional and non-fictional stories, one can get to learn so much about human psychology, culture, behavior, and much more. Obviously, in the digital world, there are more options that can be used instead of books.

But many people prefer books now too because they know the internet couldn’t give them the feeling of peace like books do. Like holding a book in hand, reading it & getting lost in one’s own world. There are various genre books available everywhere. 

Even though now you get audiobooks or hear podcasts to know more about a topic. If one is not into books they can opt for audiobooks as you just have to listen as it narrates it to you.  But this is all talk of today when we have all this technology. If there was a ban on books since ancient times, then reality would have been different. The generation wouldn’t be the same.

Final Note

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The world is incomplete without books. No matter if you like reading it or not. Right from the time you start learning things to the day you die, books have an impact on you in various ways. But now as books do exist in our world, let us take advantage of this situation.

Read stories, know things, learn about various topics, use self-help books to grow, and share recommendations with one another. Because even one life won’t be sufficient to grasp things out there, but while one has time one can make use of it. Nowadays, you don’t even have to buy a book to read it as there are many sites that allow you to read your favorite books for free.

Even if you aren’t a book enthusiast then you can just listen to audiobooks just like you hear podcasts. Technology had made it all easy for us, so we can find one way or the other to learn things or simply do things that we love. 

Do share your favorite book suggestions in the comment section, for the book lovers to explore. Thanks for reading!


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