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What If It’s 2150 & Marriages Don’t Exist


The word marriage holds so much importance in the modern world, well it certainly has been depreciated over time. Let’s put our thinking caps on for a second and imagine what would the world be like if marriages stop existing.

Let’s start at the beginning and explore:

How Was the Concept of Marriage Introduced

By Nathan Dumlao / Unsplash Copyright 2022.

We can track marriage as back as the period of Mesopotamia when the concept was introduced to establish some balance within the society. Women have always been expected to produce heirs, and haven’t been given much importance in the past. Due to the rise of agricultural societies, there was a sudden need to designate the upcoming generation as the rightful heirs to sustain their name.

What is the Importance of Marriage 

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Marriage is considered a sacred bond between two people, which needs to be followed for the rest of their lives. Its like having a partner, who would be with you in all walks of life.
Marriage is often considered to be a conflicting social responsibility, which needs to be fulfilled in a properly functioning society when parents expect their children to get married and finally initiate the cycle which once they did years ago.

Apart from the social responsibility individuals indulge in marriage with their own choice and consent, and an excitement which represents their love for each other. Marriage represents a scared commitment, which even extends up to seven lives in Indian Culture.

What if the Concept of Marriage Doesn’t Exist 

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Imagine a concept and a way of living life suddenly vanishes from the face of the world, what do you think would happen, if this phenomenon takes place in actuality?
The first thing that comes to mind is chaos, while it can also be surprisingly freeing, knowing that you don’t have to commit for the rest of your life. There are several things that could happen if the marriage didn’t exist:


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The concept of family has evolved from the concept of marriage. The term family is a commitment in itself, not so different from marriage. Humans are social creatures, who find it hard to live by themselves, and the idea of spending life without any consequent other was a hard pill to swallow, hence the concept of family and marriage. But if the marriage does not exist, it’s hard to believe that families would.


By Larm Rmah / Unsplash Copyright 2022.

Bringing a new life into the world is a big task, and not everyone is ready for that responsibility. People often wait to get married before having children, and sometimes they wait for years despite being married for a long time.

Do you think, that individuals would be ready to take on such a humongous responsibility without a proper commitment from their significant other? It seems too far-fetched to say that people won’t have children, but the frequency would drop significantly.

World Population

By Joseph Chan / Unsplash Copyright 2022.

As we discussed that people would be reluctant to have children in this type of situation, we can also say that the world population would drop significantly. Imagine only a few chosen individuals having children, and many spend their whole lives without even thinking about their offspring.

Humans have a biological itch in their system, which urges them to reproduce and pass on their genes to the next generation, but without a proper structure of a family to support this need, many individuals would opt out, which would result in a noteworthy decrease in the world population.


By Elijah Macleod / Unsplash Copyright 2022.

Now imagine when there is a lack of proper families in the world and individuals who are not interested in having any children, don’t you think that the levels of nepotism would decrease significantly?

This actually would be one of the few benefits which could be extracted from the lack of marriages, as the drop in nepotism, the individuals who deserve the positions would be more probable to receive the positions.

Mental Conditioning

By otal Shape / Unsplash Copyright 2022.

According to some research, higher divorce rates are linked to higher depression rates in adolescents. Whether parents, believe it or not, divorce has a big impact on children’s lives and mentality.

Watching two of your most beloved people getting separated due to unknown reasons right here takes a big toll on children’s mental perception. Imagine growing up without the support and love of the two people who gave birth to you, and now imagine the repercussions society would face due to this situation.


By Maxim Hopman / Unsplash Copyright 2022.

We often think about our families before we consider taking any decision or action which could impact our lives. Individuals who be quite reluctant to think about their parents, due to the lack of properly structured families in existence.

Rash actions are easier to commit when there is no answerability and responsibility. Adding on to the previous statement regarding the mental conditioning of the individuals, there is a slight possibility that the crime rates would soar high.

Final Note

It’s the year 2022, and while the importance of marriage has reduced over time, it’s still considered a very important part of an individual’s life. Divorce rates are increasing, and there is no telling what the future has on hold for us. But thinking about the non-existence of marriage is quite bizarre.

The world is growing so fast, that there is no telling what the world would look like in 100 years, maybe marriages would go obsolete even before that, or maybe they don’t go extinct in even a thousand years.

But can you imagine what the world would be like if this happens? Are you a supporter or are you against it? Marriage is something so big in magnitude, sometimes followed for the fulfillment of religion and sometimes for the self-satisfaction of the individuals.

Marriage is the essence of love and sentiment by two individuals who have promised their lives to each other, accepting their flaws and improving each other as life goes on.

We don’t know whether it would be better if marriages don’t exist, but we most definitely do know that there are very few gestures that could match what marriage represents.
In the end, it’s the choice of the people and their ideologies concerning holy matrimony.


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