Things you need to knowWhich Feet Pics Sell Best?

Which Feet Pics Sell Best?


Are you looking to make a neat side income? Have you considered selling feet pics? Promoting and selling images of your toes, legs, and more is quickly turning into a viable income source. 

However, for beginners, this business can be tricky. Fortunately, in this article, we will discuss what type of feet pics sell best by understanding 

  • How to sell your feet pics 
  • Leveraging social media to promote your content
  • How much to charge for feet pics
  • Risks/Cons of selling foot pics 

Understanding these steps will allow you to turn feet pics into a profitable passive income source. 

How to Sell Feet Pics

The underlying factor for success in the feet industry is marketing. Attractive feet, though an advantage, are not mandatory when selling your images. You can successfully deal even average-looking feet pics with the right type of marketing. Therefore the answer to “what type of feet pics sell best?” is “the best-marketed ones.”

Additionally, buyers also have varying preferences. For example, a feet enthusiast may be fond of shapely, well-manicured feet. However, you may just as likely find another with a penchant for realistic-looking feet pics. Moreover, some buyers may even have a taste for sexy footwear instead of the feet themselves. 

Using Legit Websites

So, having attractive feet is only half the battle won. It would help if you learned to cater to different niches and preferences to build a steady buyer base. Sites like Feetfinder make it easy to target different audiences. If you promote your content exclusively on your social media channels, you may work twice as hard to attract your buyers. 

For example, say, you are using Twitter to sell feet pics. If you are primarily selling stockinged feet or pics in high-heels, you have to use all available resources to find your clients. To discover buyers who are into your type of content, you may have to visit forums. You may thus have to frequent and interact on sites often frequented by lovers of stockinged feet.

Using Appropriate Tags and Keywords 

Feetfinder, for instance, streamlines this process by letting you customize your content tags. When you post on the site, the system enables you to attach tags to content. For example, if your photo is of your feet half buried in sand, you may use keywords like “beach,” “natural,” “toes,” or more to describe your post. 

Buyers use these tags to streamline their own search results. If their inclination is for natural-looking feet, they may choose the “natural” label. Tools like these increase the chances of your content and account being discovered by the relevant audience.

Feetfinder’s tag-based posting eliminates the need for extensive, cross-platform promotions. Easy and accessible, this system optimizes visibility by opening up your content to a wide variety of buyers. Using a trustworthy site like this is one of the best and safest ways to sell feet pics.

5 Types of Best-Selling Feet Pics 

Additionally, there are ways to curate your content to get a loyal buyer base. For example, the following types of images represent the best-selling feet pics on sites like Feetfinder. You can model your feed on these feet-based content for the best results.

1. Appealing Feet Pics

One important thing to know when selling feet pics is that appealing does not always equate to attractive. Shapely, dainty feet can help attract a larger audience. However, even average-looking feet can be appealing.

The trick to making your images look good is feet care. Regular spa treatments and manicures can improve your appeal. Buyers may appreciate you taking care of your feet and be willing to pay more. Even if you can’t afford professional treatments, getting at-home soaks and scrubs goes a long way.

2. Pics with Attractive Backdrops

Pictures with eye-catching backdrops are one of the best-selling types of feet images. These pictures use the backgrounds to add to the aura of the scene. For example, using a beach backdrop or a sandy background makes your photo more interesting. If, on the other hand, you are posting a pic in heels, a club scene background may be more fitting.

Using creative backdrops like these instead of a plain scene add atmosphere to your images. Your buyers may be willing to pay more for such work. 

3. Feet Pics in Different Poses 

Sellers with images taken in different poses have a more versatile portfolio than regular vendors. You will also have a higher engagement rate if you can provide pictures taken from different positions. Buyers have different preferences in poses, feet types, and styling. To appeal to a broader audience, you must tick off several boxes.

Take inspiration from these types of sellers and ensure that your feet pics have different poses. For example, you can take one from the top, with full sight of your toes. For other images, you can try ground-level angles and arched feet poses.

If unsure, you can watch tutorial videos that teach you how to pose with your feet. For added appeal, use editing apps to create a professional look for all your photos. 

4. Feet Pics Targeting Niches

Some of the best-selling feet pics are those that target niches and rarely explore kinks. When starting, most sellers attempt to cater to the mainstream audience. The main issue with this strategy is competition. Most people will be posting content similar to yours. You will also be targeting the same audience. So, unless your content is top-notch, the chances of standing out are very low.

Catering to off-beat, niche buyers, on the other hand, means less competition. You may also find regular buyers more easily with such a strategy. For example, feet pic involving oil or s&m elements may be more profitable compared to images with stockings and high heels. 

5. Feet Pics with Props

Images that incorporate props have the capacity to catch a buyer’s attention immediately. Using accessories, clothing, footwear, and even paint can make your feet pics more appealing. For example, using feet jewelry for your toes and ankles can make your content more luxurious.

Similarly, stockings, socks, and lace can increase the sensuality factor of your photos. If you are up for the challenge, you can add paint, flowers, and even food to your content. 


However, it would always help to be vigilant when selling feet pics. If you are not using a legit site, you may attract shady characters. Feet-selling platforms like FeetFinder require authentication for every account sign-up safeguarding your interests. Additionally, this platform also lets you adjust your rates, giving you control over your content.

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