Futuristic Innovations5 Futuristic Weapons that will Change the Future War...

5 Futuristic Weapons that will Change the Future War Scenario


Futuristic Weapons – A Day in the Life of Future Warfare sometime in the 2050s. 

Weapons always intrigue us. As much as we hate the idea of destruction and war, we never shy away from thinking about what kind of weapons will dominate the future.

Weapons and ammunition are always the main attraction in Hollywood movies, then either they are based on real-life or on sci-fi movies like 13 Hours, Ghosts of War, and Star Wars.

We saw a big change in the last few centuries, from stones, swords, and machine guns to weapons which was once a dream, and now we have settled with nuclear bombs. But this is not it, as the inventors have not stopped here and went on to make such futuristic weapons that we have not imagined yet.

And under the current circumstances, we do not doubt that advanced weapons will not be needed in the future. Most countries are already dealing with the spears of the future, and thus we expect that the demand for weapons will only increase in the future.

Researchers have already noticed huge funding for hypersonic missiles from military-powered countries that are funding the project and are hoping for a positive outcome. With Game-Changing Technology, the time is not far when we will fit similar guns like the E-11 blaster rifles or electro staff.

No doubt we have some of the greatest weapons in the years to come that will fight not only humans but also supernatural bodies. There are many science-fiction movies where such weaponry has already been shown. Like Identity Disc in Tron, Head Bomb in Total Recall, Auto 9 in Robocop, Proton Pack in Ghostbusters, and more.

But soon, this weaponry will be part of our real world as our future generation will dwell on such ammunition.

Here we have brought a list of such weapons which will give you a glimpse of such futuristic weapons which will be possible only after 20 to 30 years.

Guide of Weapons that will Dominate the Future! 

Robo Soldier 

Robo soldier or robocop is just like its name. This is someone who will not only be equipped with all the latest gadgets but will also fight in place of humans. They are not merely an AI but the full human form and who will play as a human soldier substitute.

Isn’t it interesting that humans will not fight by themselves in the coming year but send these robot soldiers to fight on the battlefield? With their Artificial intelligence, they will collect enemy data and send it back to their headquarters. And will also not shy away from fighting the enemy when needed.

However, not everyone is in favor of this robotic soldier. As one can only imagine how terrifying they can be without a real brain. They also can carry heavy machinery, which is another advantage of these small but mighty robotic soldiers.

And to prove it, a production studio even shot a video in which a robot soldier is seen in his full killer mode. The video has garnered over 2 million views in two days. But thankfully, this is just a parody video, and our world is still safe from these Robo soldiers.

But surely, robotic technology will advance in the coming 20 years, and the demand for these AI soldiers will increase. They will replace the army or be an important part of the country’s security.

No matter how horrifying this combination appears and how many protests have done to stop the research on it. In 2050 we will surely go to witness these robot soldiers in our defense system.

Talking about their appearance and skills, these robot soldiers will look like people wearing 200 kg metal with wire instead of veins inside their bodies. They will be fast and perfect, whose calculations will be as accurate as possible, and survive any gunshot. And instead of the brain, there will be an AI brain.

Since these robot soldiers have so many advantages, their involvement in future wars will be seen.

But these robot soldiers also have many limitations. Such as

  • Their battery life
  • They cannot function on their own
  • They don’t have the ability to identify the enemy from civilians
  • Have high chances of misconduct


future weapons
Photo by Papafox from Pexels

If you are a Star Wars fan, you must have known about laser weapons. The one where they fight with high-energy laser-like swords but in a more advanced way.

The laser light travels in the air at high speed and can strike anyone over thousands of kilometers.

Advanced and high-speed laser spears have explosives that release the laser beam and hit the target. This weaponry would be light in use, but the destruction it would cause would be massive. And that would be its advantage.

But since these laser beams would be light in use, they would have their limitations. Contains:

  • Need more energy
  • Not ideal for big targets
  • Need fuel
  • Energy might get dispersed due to air travel

Neuro weapons

Neuro weapons are the most destructive and advanced weapons that can be used in the future. And it will also be the one that will change the definition of future weapons used in war.

Since the intellect now uses neurotropic drugs on enemies, they will be used more brutally in the future.

Neuroweapon means attacking by altering the functions of the nervous system to control the mood, emotion, and movement of enemies. These include certain biological and chemicals that affect the nervous system.

In the future, these neuro weapons will include chemicals that will help detect enemy behavior through brain-machine interfaces. And intelligence will control people at large regardless of their norms and culture and can be easily manipulated.

Despite its progress, some limitations to its use remain. It contains:

  • Not be effective for long-distance target
  • It cannot cause mass destruction
  • Need constant guidance

Portable Atomic Clock

Global Positioning Systems (GPS) have already forwarded the idea of a portable atomic clock has already been forwarded by Global Positioning Systems (GPS). It is used for the military to know the accuracy of combat, but it also has the drawback of being jammed by enemies.

The advent of these Potel atomic clocks offers many benefits. Since it is drinkable in size, light in weight, and power, it gives accurate readings compared to GPS.

DARPA has already announced a Robust Optical Clock Network program to create this clock. The advantage of this watch is that it can be used in planes, ships, missiles, and more and yet cannot be jammed by enemies.

It will also reduce the timing error and give accurate readings for 100 seconds, which was impossible in GPS. Also, due to its portability, it can be easily fixed on naval ships or military bases.

This portable atomic clock will surely change the war landscape in the years to come. But mostly, it will be helpful for the defense and security of the country.

Its limitations include:

  • Need to adapt to temperature and vibration noise.

Stealth Aircrafts

The time is not far when we have stealth ships, drones, and 5th generation fighter aircraft. Stealth technology will become commonplace in the near future, just like the 117 Nighthawk and B-2 Spirit.

Stealth ships will be a new addition to future warfare. The advantage of such an aircraft would be that the enemy could not easily detect it. And it can attack without anyone knowing.

It is similar to camouflage but with the latest technology that makes it undetectable. You can also expect a stealth sheet and an invisibility cloak that military troops use.

The military will soon use an invisibility cloak in future warfare. Its specialty is that it will be lightweight to be used easily.

However, you have to wait a little longer to see it in motion.

future weapons
Photo by Robert Waghorn from Pexels

Where many researchers are already turning to weapons of the future, the time will soon come when we are already looking at them rather than talking.

Today warfare technology has changed universally, and science has played an important role. These weapons can decide which nation is most powerful and who faces defeat and who wins. Even though countries do not use these advanced weapons in times of war, they are certainly used to give the feeling that no adversary is weak and is now more capable than ever to fight against their enemies.

Soon all countries will develop effective defense systems that will make war more aggressive when used. We have already seen what weapons can do in WWI and WWII.

Mass destructive weapons like the first bombers were a dream, and today, we have reached the atomic bomb. Looking at the changed scenario of the last 70 years, it is clear that these advanced weapons and even more advanced weapons will be added to our defense system. Thus, we will see these weapons coming to the fore in the years to come.


  • Swati Dubé

    Swati is an India-based writer. She did her Masters's in Advertising and Public Relations, and bachelor's in Political Science. Her expertise lies in International Affairs, Travel, Real Estate, and Self-development. She can usually be found building new ideas, reading, and listening to the stories of local people on various continents.

Swati Dubé
Swati Dubé
Swati is an India-based writer. She did her Masters's in Advertising and Public Relations, and bachelor's in Political Science. Her expertise lies in International Affairs, Travel, Real Estate, and Self-development. She can usually be found building new ideas, reading, and listening to the stories of local people on various continents.


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