Futuristic InnovationsAI Powered Virtual Reality Language Tutors - 5 Amazing...

AI Powered Virtual Reality Language Tutors – 5 Amazing Facts


AI and Virtual Reality have been revolutionising the sphere of education for a long time now. They have transformed how students and even teachers view education and teaching, making it more interactive, interesting and engaging

AI has been taking the industry by storm and modifying many job-related spheres. It has shown its power and influence over several fields, and technological advancements occurred in them as well. The traditional methods of many professions or ways of doing things are undergoing a thorough change, hence changing the system for the better. 

AI is used in several sectors including healthcare, research, manufacturing, automobiles, business management, security etc. Recent developments have restructured AI, along with Virtual Reality to function as a language tutor, and this is not only motivating the new generation to learn new languages but also to be able to master multiple languages. 

1. What are AI and Virtual Reality Language Tutors? 

The system and application which is structured in a way that intermixes Virtual Reality and the capabilities of AI to train learners in a new language. It uses programming and through it has a personalised way of imparting education, so that the immediate needs of the learners are addressed and they can master the language. 

This also sheds light on the newest development of AI as a tutor and the advancement it has been through.

2. AI as Tutors: 

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The recent development in technology has led tutoring to be a growing field in the market. Several students get trained through the Internet and AI technology and get prepared for several courses and competitive exams.

The field of tutoring through AI has not extremely explored yet, however, there is much research taking place to make it as helpful as possible. 

3. Rise of AI as Language Tutors: 

The most interesting development is the rise of language learning through AI and VR tutors. The rise of recent phenomena may be attributed to the fact that as of recent many companies require their employees to have a strong hold over at least 2-3 languages. This may probably be one of the main reasons why AI language tutoring is getting a lot of attention from the general public and is also in wide use. 

3.1 What is the Present Situation of AI Virtual Reality Language Tutors? 

As mentioned before, AI being used for education is a comparatively new field and is still being explored. There is a lot of material available online yet, that strengthens AI as a strong contender for advancement in education. 

The plus point is that Virtual Reality is also being added, this duo motivates and pulls people in to use it thus promoting the technology and its counterparts. The use of AI is more prevalent in this current scenario since no one has much time anymore to get enrolled in offline classes. This technology mostly caters to that group of people. 

3.2 What are the Reliable AI VR Language Tutors Present Today? 

People who are an expert in the field of technology have come up a long way with technological innovations, and creating apps and software which are new in the market and also correspond to the recent trends. 

There has been a steady rise in the number of apps, and software that are AI and VR language tutors. Below are mentioned some of such apps and software which have enabled simpler learning of languages. 

3.2.1 Duolingo 

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One of the mediums through which AI has been used as a tutor is chatbot. One of the prime examples of it is Duolingo which is a language-learning app. Meanwhile, Duolingo does not use VR but the impact it has had in motivating people to learn new languages and master them is unbelievable. 

Duolingo is an app that uses Artificial Intelligence to provide a personalised learning experience, which is interactive at the same time. The app was developed in 2011 and has been providing more than 40 language courses. 

In addition, the system has a Duolingo Birdbrain that keeps track of the progress of the learner and suggests improvements accordingly. Why Is the App Popular?
  • First and foremost, the app is known for its effective methods that guide the learner in the best way possible. In addition, the app works to cater to the personal needs of the user, and this helps the user learn better. 
  • Secondly, the app does not allow the entire process of learning a new language to get boring and uses a lot of ways to increase engagement and develop a strong interest in the minds of the readers. They do this by including games that aid the learning process. 
  • Lastly, Duolingo is known for its ways of adapting users to a new language faster and, so that they can use it for basic communication. 

3.2.2 Immerse

woman using black VR headset beside computer
By JESHOOTS.COM/Unsplash/Copyright 2018

Immerse is another AI-based platform that uses VR to teach language skills to learners. Unlike, Duolingo Immerse uses Virtual Reality, and stands as one of the well-known AI VR language tutors. 

It is an immersive and award-winning platform that helps learners gain confidence in new languages. 

The reviews that the members of Immerse have given are also insightful. They have said that “it provides first-hand language learning in a virtual space”. In addition, they have been in praise for the guides they had, and who helped them learn the language. Why Is It Popular?

Immerse has attracted people due to its VR and the fact that it aims to provide a realistic experience to the learners, giving them enough space to interact with the other learners as well. 

Secondly, immersion allows learners to interact with their instructors or guides as well, which gives the learners a chance to address their concerns directly. 

Thirdly, the involvement of metaverse and virtual reality makes Immerse an unforgettable and engaging experience

Lastly, Immerse provides several interactive activities that give the learners enough space to practice their speaking skills and listening abilities. 

Immerse is a recent development in the sphere of AI Virtual Reality tutors, however, has proved to be extremely helpful. It is gaining strong popularity and is also widely in use. 

3.2.3 Mondly VR

Mondly: Practice Languages in VR

Mondly Vr is another AI and Virtual Reality language tutor. It is the first platform that gives the language learning experience through chatbots and speech recognition features. One will realise the power of immersion if one decides to choose a new language with the help of Mondly VR. 

A learner can master up to 30 languages if they decide to begin their language learning with this platform. Why Is It Popular?

Mondly VR is known for its immersive environment. The learners don’t need to travel to learn a language to its best but can learn it at their own pace in the comfort of their homes. 

In addition, the learners get a chance to practice conversations in realistic situationsand, at the same time get feedback on their pronunciation, and tips on how to improve them. This helps build the confidence required to speak a new language. 

Furthermore, the experience is a fun and comfortable one, as the learners just need to acquire a headset and they can get ready to learn a new language. 

Like Immerse, Mondly VR is also new, and has acquired a great number of learners, and good reviews as well. 

3.2.4 Immerseme

Immerseme, an AI VR language learning platform guides the learner into learning new languages by putting them in real-life situations through VR. This requires them to hold conversations in the language, further allowing them to practise and even improve at the language. 

This also means that the learner gets to visit the countries virtually and hold conversations that require the use of the language. This will help them to navigate real-life scenarios Why is it popular?

The excellent immersive technology is the first reason that makes Immerseme a popular and highly preferred platform. 

The choice of getting to visit whatever country one likes virtually, and also indulge in real-life situations, excites the learners and makes them eager to experiment with it. 

It is extremely effective as VR allows the learners to hold conversations that give them practice and better exposure.

3.2.5 Virtual Speech  

The VirtualSpeech Platform - Training with VR & AI

This is another app that tries to impart language learning by putting the learner in various virtual reality situations. This is primarily for business communication. 

The platform also has roleplay functions that effectively make it learn languages better.

The platform will teach the learner to navigate through several professional settings and give them practical experiences on how to behave and talk in such settings. This will be of extreme help for people looking for a job and trying to get into one. 

4. What are the Limitations of AI and VR Language Tutors? 

AI and VR language tutors need headsets to make the experience fulfilling and beneficial to the users. In many cases, these resources may not be accessible or affordable to them and that may pose a big challenge. 

AI VR language tutoring platforms require strong internet connectivity for the learner throughout the entire time they use it. Slow connectivity or bad connection can disrupt their learning process. 

Even though a lot of new features are available at present through AI and VR, they are still not as superior to human interaction. 

This system can also lead to huge expenses at the same time leading to costs of management and maintenance. 

Lastly, an AI VR system is prone to technical disruptions and therefore requires technicians and professionals to tackle the troubleshooting problems.

If these limitations are tackled, AI VR language tutoring will gain more momentum and be effectively used for mastering new languages. 

5. The future of AI-Powered Virtual Reality Language Tutors: 

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AI has been revolutionising several industries with the help of its technologies, and they aim to cover as many industries as they deem possible. The ai aid has been benefitting several industries, and transforming them into major tech-based industries, which makes certain processes more simple. 

In the spectrum of language learning, AI has started implementing VR technology and the chatbot feature too. This has allowed a large number of people to get a strong grasp of languages from the comfort of their homes. 

In addition, they have made the otherwise tedious process, extremely interesting by applying scenarios similar to reality and giving them a chance to practise it through Virtual Reality. 

Furthermore, many of the platforms have been programmed to facilitate interaction among learners and make the process of learning better and more effective. At the same time, they have also enabled interaction with their instructors and guides, making it easy to receive personalised suggestions for improvement. 

Speech recognition is another feature being imbibed in the technology. However, that is a work in progress and only a few of the platforms have been programmed in that way. 

Rest assured, the future of AI VR language tutoring will be a preferred choice by many and they will be adapting to the system widely. The recent limitations may also be looked for thus making the system more accessible. 

6. Conclusion: 

The amalgamation of AI and VR has transformed the education sector, especially in the sphere of language learning. The innovations have made these processes more interesting and appealing to the public and coerced them into learning a new language. 

Even though the field is relatively new, there have been steady developments and several reliable apps and platforms have been introduced. 

While there are a few limitations that this technology faces at present, with better technologies and research, this is something we can get over. 

Looking ahead, the future seems promising and there will be further tactics to make AI VR more secure. With developments like speech recognition, and the promise to better the interactive processes, AI VR technology will gain new momentum, and rise to a new height of advancement. 

Therefore, AI VR language tutoring will empower individuals and take them places. Language learning will no longer seem like a tedious activity, and people can pursue their passions of learning a new language from the comfort of their homes.


  • Jyoti Rupa Bhattacharjee

    A curious soul, who looks forward to future innovations in technology, and enjoys researching about tech, Jyotirupa is a student, pursuing Masters in Literature. A bibliophile, and an avid reader of mystery, discovery and exploring is her favourite passtime. She endeavours to get to the bottom of the futuristic innovations and the digital wave, and how it has impacted the present generation.

Jyoti Rupa Bhattacharjee
Jyoti Rupa Bhattacharjee
A curious soul, who looks forward to future innovations in technology, and enjoys researching about tech, Jyotirupa is a student, pursuing Masters in Literature. A bibliophile, and an avid reader of mystery, discovery and exploring is her favourite passtime. She endeavours to get to the bottom of the futuristic innovations and the digital wave, and how it has impacted the present generation.


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