Futuristic InnovationsAI-Powered Weather Predictions and Control System With 2 Examples

AI-Powered Weather Predictions and Control System With 2 Examples


Weather forecasts are not accurate, frequently. For instance, you might have taken an umbrella as the news forecasted heavy rainfall but there was no rain.

On the other hand, you might have gotten drenched in rain while you were told that it would be sunny outside. This problem along with many others can be solved with AI-powered weather predictions and control systems

1. Limitations of the Current Weather Prediction System

Why is there a need for AI-powered weather predictions and control systems? The current weather forecast system lacks in a lot of ways as follows:

  1. Weather forecasting is inaccurate quite often.
  2. The terminologies used for the forecasting of weather can be difficult to understand and comprehend for the general public.
  3. Many people, especially teenagers do not bother to access the news daily.
  4. Weather forecasting is not available for certain areas where it is difficult to get radio connection or internet access, especially remote areas or places with rugged geographical features.
  5. Usually, weather forecasts are applicable for a short period of time.


2. What is an AI-powered weather Prediction and Control System?

AI WEATHER PREDICTION! (meteorologists' first choice)

The AI-powered weather predictions and control system will have the following characteristics or features:

2.1. Built-in Weather Prediction Capability

The AI-powered weather predictions and control system will be programmed in such a way that it accurately predicts the weather for a longer period of time in a detailed manner. 

2.2. Features to Manipulate the Local Weather 

The AI-powered weather predictions and control system will be able to control the local weather over a small area, for example, someone’s property or a particular neighbourhood. This will ensure that the climate at large is not affected heavily. This feature will also ensure that if someone prefers rain, it will not clash with someone else’s preference for sunshine.

2.3. Weather Predictions for Remote Places

The AI-powered weather predictions and control system will ensure that in case of travel, individuals do not face inconvenience due to their lack of awareness about the weather of the places they travel to. This can be applicable to the local weather of remote and secluded places. 

2.4. An Easy Software Programme

AI-powered weather predictions and control system
By Unsplash+ / Unsplash copyrights 2023

The AI-powered weather predictions and control system can be bought by customers as an app or website for their personal use. However, there will be limitations to the features in case this technology is owned privately. This is to ensure that there is no misuse of the technology. For example, a man buying this software will be able to stop rainfall over this house only and not throughout his neighbourhood. 

3. AI-Powered Weather Predictions and Control System: Advantages

3.1. Vacation at Home

Imagine that you are exhausted after getting roasted worse than a chicken in summer and you wish for cold and chilly weather. However, you are either too busy to go on a vacation or you lack the resources for it.

Instead of crying for the hills, literally speaking, you can utilize the AI-powered weather predictions and control system to make your home feel like Ladakh

3.2. No More Monsoon-Gloom

After a prolonged period of heavy rain, most people get tired of the damp weather in monsoons. Not only do they have trouble with traffic and floods but also clothes seem to refuse to dry.

In this case, the AI-powered weather predictions and control system can be used to stop rain for a short period for the hot and sexy Sun to take over and dominate.

3.3. Local Control

This advantage is pretty self-explanatory since it is described as one of the main features of the technology. 

3.4. Heat Waves? What’s That?

Heat strokes and skin rashes will not be a problem as you walk toward your college or office on a scorching hot day. Even if your favourite sunscreen fails you, the AI-powered weather predictions and control system will not.

3.5. Going to Remote Places

AI-powered weather predictions and control system
By Danis Lou / Unsplash copyrights 2017

How cold will it be there? Exactly what type of clothes should I pack? These are frequently asked questions before you go to a place for a tour. The internet might provide a general idea about the weather condition but mostly, it is not accurate unless the place you are going to is a very popular destination for tourists

Also, most probably you will not get an accurate weather report of the days you are actually going to stay in the place. This is why, AI-powered technology for weather forecast can be very useful.

3.6. Accuracy in Weather Forecast

Nature is unpredictable. However, the current weather forecast system is based on existing data and known characteristics of similar weather conditions. This is the reason why the accuracy of weather forecasts is not always right. This situation can be improved as the AI-powered weather predictions and control system will be based on automatic updates on immediate shifts in weather.

3.7. Forecasting Possible Natural Disasters

The  AI-powered weather predictions and control system will be able to predict an unforeseen tsunami before you get hit by a huge wave. You will most likely cancel your plans to visit a place before an earthquake hits it if you know so beforehand. Hopefully, you will, right?

4. AI-Powered Weather Predictions and Control System: Disadvantages

4.1. Possible Misuse

Though it was previously mentioned that there are certain limitations on the program so that people do not misuse it, it can be counter-argued by stating that every technology can be used and misused.

For example, a tourist staying in a hotel shares it with other tourists. If one person decides to alter the weather of the area, others will be affected by it. Sensible people will understand this but not everyone is willing to be reasonable, unfortunately. 

4.2. Long-Term Negative Effects

If the weather of a place is altered again and again, it is going to create a butterfly effect and affect the climate of a larger area over a long period of time. This can even change the climate of the whole world. As this process will be unnatural and forced, there is no guarantee that it will be safe in the long run. 

4.3. Nature Keeps a Healthy Balance

Nature is known for its cycles and for maintaining an organic balance. Throughout history, forced artificial influences have never borne good fruits in the long run. Thus, manipulating weather is a risky gamble and goes against nature.

4.4. Local Birds and Animals Negatively Impacted

Local birds and animals, which thrive through their bond with nature will be affected. For instance, ants that carry their eggs before rain or gather food before winter will be negatively impacted as they will not be able to adapt to sudden and abrupt man-made changes.

Birds, especially, migratory birds that rely on the changes in season and temperature shifts to fly to new places to settle will either have to adapt to the sudden changes or face dangerous difficulties.

4.5. Unemployment

The  AI-powered weather predictions and control system will not require a human operator or weather reporter. This will cause many people to become unemployed.

4.6. Easy Kills Joy

AI-powered weather predictions and control system
By Wolfgang Hasselmann / Unsplash copyrights 2020

Have you ever wondered why you enjoy the monsoon season as it sets in and rejoice with joy and relief? The reason is simple. You did not have it easy towards the middle and end of the scorching heat of the summer.

Similarly, you rejoiced at the onset of summer when you felt awake after a long wintry slumber and finally got to enjoy juicy fruits. 

Human beings are creatures of intellect and tenacity. This is why you get bored if you get something easily and you cherish something, which you strive for. This rule applies to every aspect of life.

The AI-powered weather predictions and control system will take away the pleasure and satisfaction that comes after a seemingly long waiting period. 

5. Examples- Current Development in the Field of AI 

5.1. Atmo

In San Francisco, an AI-powered, data-processing powerhouse, that will use a meteorological field to predict the weather, currently is being used as a startup called Atmo. It combines Numerical Weather Prediction techniques (NWP) and Deep Neural Networks (DNNs) to predict and forecast weather. It is cost-effective and tailored for the use of various countries to meet unforeseen natural disasters and prevent meteorological shocks for the government so that it can aid its citizens.

Atmo also warns military organizations to prepare beforehand for extreme weather conditions. Overall, it is a commendable step toward the betterment of humanity and a supremely advanced AI-powered weather predictions and control system in the future.

5.2. Excarta

Another AI-powered weather forecast system, Excarta provides precise weather reports for agricultural insight (in case of precipitation or possible heat waves), industrial optimization(for less operation cost and to prevent heavy loss due to extreme unforeseen weather conditions), and energy forecast for farms which use renewable sources of energy like windmills

6. Final Words

Surely, the world would be a better place if you could manipulate weather like the X-men character, Storm. But every power comes with its own set of duties and obligations.

Otherwise, power becomes destructive in nature. This is why the AI-powered weather predictions and control system should be used responsibly if it becomes a reality one day. Perhaps, the statement should be when it becomes a reality since people have already taken a few steps towards it.  

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