Futuristic InnovationsArt and Its Indulgence With AI!- 5 Futuristic Things...

Art and Its Indulgence With AI!- 5 Futuristic Things to Know


Art gives significance to the hollow, empty lives that humans are living. Creativity spirals our lives and provides hope for the purpose and salvation we desperately search for. Artists exist in many forms to create worldly pleasures and bring them closer to the very heart of an individual. It is used to portray “escapism,” which means eluding daily life by creating heavily romanticized and fictional imaginary scenarios.

< Painting (Art) on a Canvas>
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It has significant domains and forms that branch out in a variety. It gives meaning to our existence with representations in the fields of movies, music, literature as well as paintings which are the central focus. It frees our minds and spirit to an endless number of possibilities.

Historically, it is associated with a lot of significant past memoirs induced with rich culture. One might be juxtaposed with the idea that this phenomenon can never be associated with the modern era. Ironically, art is one of the elements that has uplifted society in recent years. The advent of technology has uplifted the field of artistic divination.

1. The “AI” in Art

The world of innovation is directly proportionate to the world of technology. If this segment focuses on the creative aspect, technology is placed with the ever-growing modernity elements that steer society in a whole different direction. If we place these two concepts in a juxtaposed manner then it remains to be seen if the answer is AI.

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AI, that is, artificial intelligence, has permeated into our lives. It has found a purpose in all walks of a human’s life. This might be looked into a positive aspect but not all is paradise when it comes to such a mechanism. From another angle, it might seem that AI is slowly replacing the efficiency and productivity in a human’s life. If artificial intelligence took over life, what’s remaining for us to do?

The phenomenon of artistic notions merging with fast-growing technology like AI is unusual but profoundly enriching at the same time. Many uses and purposes have revolutionized art in recent times, making it even more accessible and credible.

2. What is the purpose of AI?

The characteristic that makes art unique lies in its ability to create and innovate out of a scrap of paper. It is very subjective to the individual and deeply entrenched in one’s heart and soul. By bifurcating AI into such a peculiar and rare we can say that the realistic perspective is brought into place.

Divulging deeper, let us explore if AI is what the field of art requires to be acknowledged as a credible and reliable career path. Over the decades, it has become an unpopular choice to be picked as a career, instead, it was looked at as something that is a passion or a hobby for leisurely activities.

The induction of AI into this world filled with creative minds has, however, paid dividends. It has helped artists enhance their talent better and present art in various other fields for aesthetic appeal. However, there is also a certain level of anxiety that technology’s efficiency is coming to reduce the thinking and creative capacity of an average human being.

Therefore, will AI bring forth the end to human thinking capability to connect concrete and complex ideas? Let us find out

3. AI’s Rise: Human’s Downfall?

The dependency on artificial intelligence by humans has led to its rising prominence in a lot of well-known fields. Therefore, the center of all aesthetic experience and pleasure was sure to be one of them. The world seems to be moving at such a rapid pace, and trivial passions like painting may not find a place in a modern place after all.

The anxiety that AI will erase the smallest piece of passion that individuals seemed to hold over historical paintings and the desire to brush strokes on a canvas. However, if we take it at face value, fear of technology engulfing our creative prowess is very common and expected.

This can be attributed to the industrial revolution, where handmade products were replaced with new machinery for the procession of raw materials into well-furnished products.

The anxiety about change is something that will never change. It is also justified, but to move forward in such a rare and unpopular, unconventional mechanism, such as AI and digital technology, will bring a feeling of unease.

Why the Unease?

The use of AI in the field of such creative ability has blossomed a lot of career opportunities and a lot of unorthodox ways through which it can be used. Interior Designing and Graphic Designing are two of the areas where art is used in a much more amplified manner.

< Girl in a White Shirt Painting a Cardboard>
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Apps or well-known platforms like Midjourney and Stability Diffusion have been used by artists and designers for better reach and accessibility. This does upgrade the chances of popularizing certain artworks; one should however not forget the tiny thorn that pricks this privilege on the side.

On such websites, artworks are anonymously presented with no sort of credits or acknowledgments. This reduces the credibility of such sites and gives no respite for any sort of self-satisfaction in the work of passionate art lovers and talented artsy merchants.

It is argued that the works are generated from pre-available works by the AI, and it is not a direct representation or ‘stealing ‘ of one’s work where artists feel exploited and used. This is argumentative and can be debated upon, with problems of copyrighting and creativity credits coming to the fore, it plants questions if AI’s contrivance is the way to go about this.

4. Opportunities in the Workplace 

Incorporating AI in such a unique and creative field might not be the perfect idea, although one shouldn’t disagree it has its brightest areas too. We cannot expect art to thrive with its intrinsic cultural history and aesthetics when the materialistic and tech-savvy is growing tall at a rapid pace

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With AI’s induction, the possibility of such an unpopular field being established in the mainstream world is assured. Therefore, the two concerned worlds in the discussion are intersected, and there is scope in finding jobs enough to earn a livelihood for budding artistry professionals.

These are some of the areas which can be developed for better career opportunities in this crafty and unique intrinsic field. Some of the well-known and obvious lines of expertise in a distinct kind of discipline are as follows: 

1. Generative Art

This is one of the most popular mediums through which artists garner their livelihood and keep their lives in one piece. This kind of technique doesn’t require creators to finetune their skills and come up with a very well-drafted final result, rather, this mechanism relies on the help of algorithms to end up with a product.

This can be indicative of creating fictional characters, historical figures, and well-known nationalists where evidence of their physical existence cannot be proved. They are components of descriptions on paper, and with the help of algorithms, they are brought to reality and life.

There is also the representation of different cultures by the creation of figures from each state or vicinity. One can say it gives a person clarity through those kinds of visuals, but this kind of idea is also problematic, considering it is a generalization and stereotyping of the culture in one particular class structure.

Of course, there are problems with this kind of modern solution for better representations, but this also provides a medium for budding creators.

2. Art Market 

To excel in this special kind of upcoming business domain, which has grown from the roots of creativity and aestheticism, one needs to be aware of the market that is available and the relevant scope in such a sphere.

AI platforms can work together in bringing together the workers and creators for better reach and dissemination. This helps in recruiting a lot of workers as the field grows in rapid heights and statures and widens the world of art.

This also helps increase opportunities for creators, artists, and designers, and the institutionalization of galleries is also brought upon, giving the enthusiasts a chance to experience the pleasure of aesthetics they have been exposed to, relieving a wide range of emotions.

Besides this, AI’s interaction techniques will help humans to get closer to experiencing art as part of reality and not just as an illusion of emotions and abstractness and as an element that is deeply rooted in one’s subjective heart. One can also say it is entering the materialistic world of business and is slowly venturing on the cusp of greatness.

3. Graphic Designing

This is one famous example of a choice of work that keeps this slowly growing expertise as a popular career choice. The introduction of AI has only made this line of work much more popularized. Why is this such a preferred form of a job for so many artists?

One can raise their hand and say this is because of the kind of prospective payment that is being offered. In thinking from such an angle, we forget the very purpose of its usage.

Visuals. That’s right. Visuals are a medium through which information is transmitted to our minds in a very effective manner. The aim solely remains to expose ourselves to more visuals to grasp the idea that is being presented.

Attractive presentation of the website, logo designing as well as social media coverage are one of the key aspects of the task of graphic designing.

5. Conclusion

AI and art have a relationship that has been interlinked for quite some time. It prompts us a solution that this field can be advanced rather than being neglected with so much potential and scope. Therefore, the generation of works by AI will lead to more and more job opportunities rather than robbing humans of their desire to create art.

Technology and creation will hopefully join forces in the future and create a society with modernistic balance and futuristic development.

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  • HariniShan

    Harini is an intern and is writing for the IcyDestiny webpage providing you content about scientific advancements and its relationship with different themes and situations in life. She is passionate about writing about the smallest, peculiar things in life that is forgotten easily. She is an undergrad student at Christ University, Bangalore and she aims to provide unique and inspiring content for users to engage in.

Harini is an intern and is writing for the IcyDestiny webpage providing you content about scientific advancements and its relationship with different themes and situations in life. She is passionate about writing about the smallest, peculiar things in life that is forgotten easily. She is an undergrad student at Christ University, Bangalore and she aims to provide unique and inspiring content for users to engage in.


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