Belief and OpinionsWhat if All Dead People are Alive Again!

What if All Dead People are Alive Again!


What if you discovered one day that all people who have ever lived on Earth could be resurrected? What if science in the coming years develops so much that it can become capable of bringing even dead people back to life?

You would first be thrilled by this news since now you would be able to meet and reconnect with all your loved ones who have departed from this world. You would also be able to meet and live with entire past generations whom you have only heard about.

You would also be able to meet many of your favorite famous personalities, many of whom you have only heard about. All the people you have learned about from your school textbooks would suddenly be back to create more differences in the world.

All your favorite past actors and singers who died long ago would be back, and you would finally have the opportunity to see more of their works. If all the dead people were brought back to life, then it would probably not be limited to modern humans. It would most certainly include all the forms of humans that have ever existed on Earth.

How would they be able to adjust to this new and modern world? What would our world be like with all its inhabitants back and alive simultaneously? Would our planet be able to accommodate all these people? What problems would humanity face with returning all the dead people, and what challenges would they pose? What political repercussions would be there with all the leaders returning to life?

What Would the World Be Like for Those Who Have Just Come Back to Life?

They would get a chance to live their lives again. They could choose to live differently this time; they could change their earlier professions and choose to do different things. Or they could complete what they wanted in their life and could not do.

With this advancement in technology, they would get a second chance to live and fulfill their purpose in life. None of the people who would return would want to miss this opportunity to live their lives again. However, adapting to this new world after death would be difficult.

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The world now would be much different than the world they left behind. The modern world is witnessing an age of information technology and communication revolutions. Technology is impacting every aspect of today’s world. Information produced in one part of the world can easily travel to another part of the world.

The current world is highly connected with the help of the internet and highly advanced communication technologies. Most of the work is mechanized, and technology has made our lives too easy. The transportation facilities of today’s world are also different from the ones that existed just some decades back.

Thus, while those who died recently would not have many problems, those who left this world even a hundred years ago would feel as if they had entered a completely new planet where they do not belong. However, even though they initially face some problems, humans who left the world about five hundred years ago are expected to adjust to this new and improved world.

They would find these technologies intriguing. They would appreciate that the world had improved so much better in the years when they were not there.

But this would not be true for those primitive forms of humans who are very different from modern humans. They would ultimately be unable to cope with this drastically changed world. The entire world, the new people, and the technologies today would make no sense to them.

Dead People Back to Life
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They would want to continue living the way they lived earlier. They would like to go back to the forests and rural areas to continue their hunting and gathering activities. They would start hunting animals to obtain food. Hunting is something that is mostly banned in today’s world. There would be much tussling between modern humans and these primitive humans.

Today’s world respects animal rights and is constantly devising ways to protect more and more animals from becoming extinct. At the same time, the forested lands are decreasing because of the many activities of modern humans. Primitive humans would see this as an encroachment on their lifestyle and the destruction of their livelihood.

At the same time, modern humans would continue trying to make these primitive humans a bit more civilized through various policies and reforms. These primitive humans would, however, strongly resist. They would not consider the authority of the current human government; rather, they would like to follow their tribal chiefs.

Impact on the Population

There would be a major impact on our world’s population with all the dead people coming back to life. Although the world’s current population is much more than what has existed on Earth throughout the ages, the number of people dead since the start is far greater than what exists today.

If all these dead people came back to Earth, we would certainly face a severe overpopulation problem. Many scientists believe that our planet can only support a limited increase in population. If we go beyond that, life on Earth will become highly unsustainable.

Hence, bringing all the dead humans back to our planet can have dire consequences for our planet. It could further exacerbate our current problems of global warming and climate change much worse. We could also face more instances of food scarcity since there would be more stomachs to feed. Water scarcity would become even more acute.

All dead people back to life
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Job Prospects in This Changed World

With all the past humans back, they would certainly need some work to earn a living. At first, the governments of different countries might provide funds to them to make them settled. However, this would not work for long. These newly returned humans would need to find appropriate professions for them.

People who have recently died, as well as people from the nineteenth, twentieth, and twenty-first centuries, may attempt to take up and learn about current jobs.

On the other hand, people from the Middle Ages would almost certainly want to resume their old jobs or work that existed during their time. They would like to settle down in rural areas instead of urban areas.

As a result, the urban areas would become very populated. They would also like to engage in agricultural activities and handicraft activities. Some people might take up religious positions that were highly revered during their time. Some people would also take up the roles of teachers who teach in a traditional way or doctors who use traditional methods of healing people.

Thus, the world would become a mixture of traditional and modern practices.

Political Repercussions of Bringing All the Dead People Back to Life

There would be a lot of political consequences to bringing all the dead people back to life.

Bringing all the dead people would mean bringing all the political leaders that have ever lived on Earth. It would include leaders having different beliefs and opinions. All the old monarchs and dictators of the world would also be back.

The leaders who had spent their entire life working for peace and justice would not pose any problem. They would be delighted to see that the modern world has become more democratic and equitable.

They would feel that all their efforts during their lifetime to make the world more equitable and to advocate justice have been justified. They would either continue to spend their lives spreading the propaganda of peace and justice or sit back and observe what the current world leaders are doing and provide a meaningful guide to the current world leaders.

There would also be leaders like Mahatma Gandhi and Nelson Mandela. They would not be satisfied with the current political developments and would try to make the world even more equitable. However, radical leaders and dictators who have created extreme terror during their regimes pose a serious threat.

Leaders such as Hitler of Germany, Mussolini, Maximilien Robespierre of France, or even the famous raiders of the world, would continue to try to accomplish what they could not achieve during their lifetime. They would continue to sway the masses towards their cause. It would be a second chance for them to fulfill all their dreams and desires.

They would try to win the hearts of all their previous followers and would even like to extend their influence to other people. They would try to increase their support base as much as possible.

These leaders would constantly try to challenge the authority of our current political leaders and would constantly attack and question the democratic governments of several countries. If such leaders began to influence people, the world would devolve into chaos. It would be a great threat to the world’s peace and security.

They would try to reestablish autocratic regimes. They would try to dismantle the current government that gives equal rights to all its citizens. They would again try to start world wars by inciting rivalry between nations and people worldwide. In short, bringing these political leaders back to life would create havoc worldwide.

Is It Good in the Long Term To Bring These Dead People Back?

Bringing all these dead people back would not benefit the long run.

It would further aggravate all the problems that humanity is facing today. These dead people would pose a lot of challenges to the current world. There would be a lot of negative consequences to bringing these people back.

Bringing these dead people back would mean that all those criminals who had committed serious crimes in their lives would be back. They will probably continue to do bad deeds even when they are brought back from the dead. The entire law and order of our current world would turn into turmoil.

All the terrorists and criminals given capital sentences would also be back. They would further try to take their revenge by harming more people. All the cruel world raiders would also be back, who knows nothing about people’s rights. There would be some positive consequences to bringing these dead people back.

Many great scientists, mathematicians, biologists, political philosophers, and artists would be back. Key personalities like Albert Einstein, Thomas Edison, Issac Newton, Leonardo da Vinci, Charles Darwin, etc., would also be back.

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The scientists who come back from the dead continue to add more information to their findings. With improved technologies, they would be able to create more discoveries. If mathematicians like Aryabhatta, Pythagoras, Euclid, Srinivasa Ramanujan, etc. were back, they would further enrich our current knowledge of mathematics and discover and create more mathematical formulas.

Artists like Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, Pablo Picasso, etc., would continue to amaze the world with their amazing works.

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Many famous architects would also be back and create more marvelous monuments and buildings. The same goes for the authors and actors of the past. Thus, bringing these dead people back would also benefit current humans.


Bringing back to life all of the people who have passed away might therefore have a tremendous impact on the world we live in, even though the idea is appealing. The consequences of reintroducing these individuals into the mix would be more severe.

It will only worsen concerning population increase, poverty, climate change, and political instability. There would be a significant risk to people’s lives and their rights.

Consequently, there will be different challenges to face if and when humanity masters the power to bring anybody and everyone who has departed to life.



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