Futuristic InnovationsAugmented Reality Contact Lenses: 13 Fun Facts

Augmented Reality Contact Lenses: 13 Fun Facts


Four decades ago, oblivion prevailed. The human race did not have the faintest, foggiest or haziest idea about the concept of Virtual Reality or Artificial Intelligence. The technological epoch had just begun, with the hopes and aspirations of newer possibilities in the future.

Those desires indeed bore fruits, because, decades down the lane, technology gave birth to wilder, crazier and more innovative creations. Not a soul would have thought that we would come this far, when Metaverse is a thing and Virtual Reality overpowers all domains of life, cutting down on human emoloyment.

With such fast-paced progress, these mobile phones and Bluetooth headsets are on the verge of becoming a talk of the past. Let’s illuminate on another new innovation in the ‘market’, though not commercially available yet: Augmented Reality Contact Lenses.

As complex as it may sound, with development in the medical and sci-fi sector and the interplay of the two, these lenses have now been tested on a human sample, bridging abstraction and actuality.

1 Introduction

Exciting developments in Augmented Reality are happening on a daily basis, hence Augmented Reality powered Contact Lenses which were a part of science fiction movies, may soon become reality. In the contemporary times, contact lenses solely fullfil the purpose of correcting our vision and helping us see. However, in the future, that will be bygone.

Contact lenses will display digital information apart from perfecting our eyesight, and also record everything. Moreover, it will also keep a check on the health of the user and keep giving major updates. With the first testing already performed, this technology is just around the corner and may be ready to get applied in the near future. It will certainly be a ground-breaking revolution!

Augmented Reality Contact Lenses
Image by Эльвина Якубова from Pixabay Copyright 2021

2 The Augmented Reality Of Today

As of today, Augmented Reality finds significant use in the various apps and mobile phones. It enhances our interaction with content by improving the experience of the user. Hence, AR has become a crucial component of applications, ranging from shopping to gaming.

For instance, games like Pokemon Go used AR to allow users to capture Virtual Cartoons by using their camera in the real world. With the integration of Augmented Reality, shopping platforms like Sephora and Amazon have benefitted immensely, allowing users to virtually try products from the comfort of their homes. Sephora allows users to try different shades and tones of makeup virtually, and choose the best product.

Lenskart, a renowned eyewear company has revolutionised user experience for buying glasses. Through the Lenskart app, users can virtually try on different frames and choose the best-suited according to their requirements. Basically, the app users the camera of the customer to overlay the virtual glass frames on the face of the user. Hence, the convenience of the shopping experience increases manifold.

Augmented reality Contact Lenses
Image by Pexels from Pixabay Copyright 2016

3 The Turmoil Of AR Lenses

Scientists have been working on creating the Augmented Reality Lenses for a long time now, but the major issue faced by users is discomfort . The creation of these lenses requires a combination of biomedical engineering and Artificial Intelligence, which is tricky. The previous AR Lenses created were too uncomfortable for wearers, and could not be tolerated for more than a few hours.

With the recent developments in this field, AR Lenses are too close to becoming reality.

Image by kkolosov from Pixabay Copyright 2017

4 Mojo Vision: Augmented Reality Contact Lenses Come To Life

Mojo Vision has successfully developed it’s special AR Lenses, allowing users to view three dimensional images over real world settings. The company claims its prototypes have an LED display and medicine oriented batteries. The first human to be tested on was none other than the CEO of the company, Drew Perkins. The Mojo lenses operate as a pair, and each lens has an LED display with 14,000 pixels per inch. All operations occurring inside the lenses are monitored on the basis of eyeball movements.

Augmented Reality Contact Lenses
Image by Stefan Keller from Pixabay Copyright 2020

5 The Survival of The Fittest

With the presence of a plethora of technological organisations, competition becomes inevitable. There has been an emergency of too many brands of Augmented Reality Lenses. One of the most renowned such brands is Google Glass. Google glasses were basically ‘smart glasses’ developed by an over-ambitious Sebastian Thrun, founder of X development. The glasses faced extreme criticism because of the high costs and safety concerns. Moreover, the price overpowered the cause of the product. Hence, it is proved that solving a bigger problem for the general public is what will ultimately make an innovation succeed, no matter how creative or outlandish.

Image by Michael Schwarzenberger from Pixabay Copyright 2014

6 Effortless Integration With Natural Sight: Augmented Reality Contact Lenses

Mojo Vision has successfully created a world of new hopes spanning across various industries. From healthcare and education to entertainment and communication, the potential of these lenses is vast. By employing cutting-edge technologies, a revolution has been accomplished in creating contact lenses that overlay digital information onto the real world view. The lenses smartly mix digital content, with natural vision so that the users can keep up with their concentration. Hence, it has successfully connected the physical and digital domains.

Image by Reto Scheiwiller from Pixabay Copyright 2022

7 Professional Applications

Frankly stating, the applications are too many. In the healthcare industry, these lenses can revolutionise medical diagnosis by overlaying patient data, making it easy for doctors to diagnose diseases or perform surgeries.

The field of Education will be impacted greatly. an engaging learning experience can be curated for the students. This will also help them gain practical knowledge and skills.

Augmented reality Contact Lenses
Image by Tumisu from Pixabay Copyright 2018

8 Empowerment of Users: A Major Pro

The perception of the naked human eye is too tiny. This is exactly what the AR Contact Lenses attempt to combat. Imagine, experiences like toggling between tabs right in front of our eyes, pictures coming into motion, just like shown in the movies, actually enter the real life from the ‘reel’ life. Mojo Vision’s lenses have the potential to revolutionize fields like healthcare, manufacturing, and navigation by providing users with instant access to pertinent information, increasing efficiency, and reducing errors. Since there is no need of hands to access information, like weather updates or driving, the comfort level rises exponentially. For instance, navigating through a completely unknown area can become a walk in the park, thanks to these lenses that the directions appear right before your eyes while you are driving and staring at the road ahead.

Augmented Reality Contact Lenses
Image by Azminsultana from Pixabay Copyright 2016

9 Role of Augmented Reality Contact Lenses In Communication

AR contact lenses can certainly revolutionise the way we communicate and collaborate with different organisations or people. For instance, a person has to attend a meeting. Won’t it be helpful if he can actually see the subtitles and speech flashed right before his eyes instead of looking down on the piece of paper over and over again? Let’s take another example. Imagine going for a movie. You suddenly realise that the movie is in Korean, a language completely foreign to you. Will it not be so convenient if you are able to see the captions and subtitles of every dialogue in front of you? Hence, AR is catalytic in providing seamless communication.

Image by StartupStockPhotos from Pixabay Copyright 2015

10 Gaming with Augmented Reality Contact Lenses: A New Career

Thanks to the technological era of today, gaming has become a potential career. AR Contact Lenses can certainly help you in levelling up your gaming technique. With the capability of overlaying objects and characters onto the real world scenario, gaming can become even more interactive. Imagine, dragons coming to life in your bedroom! Or demons being unleashed out of the chamber into your living room! What a fantastic gaming experience that would create.

The boundaries of the gaming industry will be pushed further, giving way to a newer and better horizon of gaming ! Gamers can now embark on interesting adventures right from the comfort of their gaming setup. Hence, endless possibilities will be opened up.

Augmented Reality Contact Lenses
Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay Copyright 2017

11 Working of Augmented Reality Contact Lenses

These lenses are skillfully crafted with a perfect blend of optics and sensors. The design of each pair determines the technical ratios. The lenses have optical components that permit passing of light and guide it to reach the correct spot in the human eye. These lenses also have micro-displays to project virtual images. These also have built-in sensors to track the movements of the eyeball and also the user’s surroundings. The eye-tracking technology is the major factor that determines the efficiency of these lenses and differentiates it from the normal contact lenses.

To put a precise overlay of information, this monitoring of orientation is crucial. Miniature batteries are extremely important for their functioning. Power saving is also a commonly incurred problem when it comes to Augmented Reality Contact Lenses. With the ongoing development being done, these lenses may soon be available commercially.

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay Copyright 2018

12 Healthcare : A Revolution

The scope of these Augmented Reality Contact Lenses in the field of healthcare is immense. Surgeons have access to the patient’s data overlaid while inspecting the condition of the patient, hence the need for separate screens and devices can be eliminated to a huge extent. Surgeons can have quick access to crucial information while performing a procedure. During a surgery, these can overlay virtual diagrams and models onto the surgeon’s field of view. Patients can also be educated about medication instructions. Individuals will be empowered to take care of their own health and well-being. Hence, the impact of these Augmented Reality Contact Lenses on healthcare will prove to be immeasurably huge.

13 The Future of Augmented Reality Contact Lenses

Think of  a world where digital overlays perfectly blend with the real world surroundings, filling the gap between the physical and digital horizons so beautifully. Virtual elements will become components of daily use, thanks to these smart lenses that will act as ‘tokens of convenience powered by digitization‘. With the help of the complex integrated micro-display technologies, high resolution images will be directly displayed on the retina. Social media pictures and videos will come to life, as picturesque landscapes and scenic beauties get displayed right before us. Coming to practical usage, these will be a boon for all scientific areas and no domain will be left untouched. The line between ‘real’ and ‘virtual’ will be erased so efficiently, that many won’t even realise how seamlessly this new technology will get integrated into our lives.

Image by Pexels from Pixabay Copyright 2016

14 Conclusion

To epilogue, the future of augmented reality contact lenses holds immense potential to transform our lives in the most extraordinary ways. These lenses are a symbol of groundbreaking advancement in technology, effortlessly merging the physical and digital realms to enhance our perception. They will also help in improving human interaction in multiple ways. By the merging of cutting-edge micro-display technologies and miniaturised sensors, these lenses will revolutionise our experience with the world.

The possibilities that these contact lenses offer are vast and futuristic . Imagine having instant access to an ocean of data and services, right inside your eyes! From real-time efficient data overlays to interactive gaming experiences, these lenses will open up new dimensions of entertainment and education. They will enable us to interact with our surroundings in unprecedented ways. This will definitely broaden our understanding of the universe.

Beyond entertainment, these lenses will have a deep impact on fields like healthcare. By supplying r biometric feedback and monitoring vital signs, they will empower individuals to take control of their health and well-being. Imagine receiving personalised health recommendations and life-saving alerts, just through a simple glance.

Furthermore, augmented reality contact lenses have the power to reform communication and social interaction. They will blur the lines between physical and digital realities, enabling us to connect with others in entirely new ways. Social media platforms will come alive as immersive landscapes, fostering richer and more engaging experiences. Virtual avatars and emojis will add a new layer of expression and communication, bringing us closer together across distances and cultures.

While there are still difficulties to overcome, and challenges to battle, such as power management, data privacy, and user interface design, the future of augmented reality contact lenses appears incredibly promising. As research and development continue, we can anticipate a world where these lenses become a mainstream technology, seamlessly integrated into our daily lives.

In this future, augmented reality contact lenses will empower us to see and experience the world in ways previously unimaginable. They will enhance our perception, knowledge, and connection, ushering in an era where the boundaries between the physical and digital realms fade away. With these lenses, we will embark on a transformative journey, embracing a future that is vibrant, immersive, and perfectly  augmented.



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