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If You Were Born on Mars, Here’s What Life Would Be Like!


If one were to be born on Mars, life would be different. You’d have to drive a stick shift because all the electric cars would have been bought by people who already lived there — and not by people like you, who live on Earth. You’d probably need a motorcycle or a scooter to get around, as walking wasn’t an option for everyone.

You wouldn’t be able to go out at night without some disguise. And even though you wouldn’t have access to the same TV shows and movies as someone else, you still technically live on the same planet. So if you were born on Mars, what kind of person would you be? Let’s look at what it would be like to live there.


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The temperature would be pretty damn hot

On the red planet, it would be pretty damn hot. You’d have to deal with the heat both day and night. Even with the pressurization, the air in the small box would probably not be able to circulate very well. Your skin would probably get hot, and you’d probably have a pretty sunburn. If you didn’t have any protection from the sun, you might develop dark skin that would prevent you from being recognized as the same person who came in the box.

It would be a bit like living in a blender

You’d probably have to deal with lots of distractions and a lot of noise, but you’d have to put up with the same kind of stuff you do on Earth: noise from traffic, TVs, and other electronics, traffic jams, and distractions from people who don’t understand the need for a stick shift.

If you lived on the red planet for a while, you’d probably start to appreciate the way your city moves and feels. You’d probably wonder why all the other cities on Earth don’t move the way you do.

You’d wear a headlamp or some other kind of lighting device

If you want to blend in, you might want to wear a headlamp or some other lighting device when you go out at night. It would probably be pretty bright inside the box, and the light would probably be pretty harsh on your eyes. Without a helmet, it would be hard to see.

Photo By : Planet Volumes / Unsplash

 It would be hot and dry.

The thing that makes life on Earth so pleasant is that things are pretty warm and humid. Many animals, including humans, thrive in hot, humid conditions. But on Mars, the air temperature would be pretty cold — around 50°F in January and February — and dry. You’d have to be careful not to go into the Arctic Circle, where the air is a bone-chilling -60°F. Dry air means you’d have little water vapor in the air to create moisture or rain. So rain would be scarce on Mars.

There would be dust and grit.

We have enough loose dirt and sand to fill an ocean on Earth. On Mars, you’d have to deal with much, much more. First, there would be substantial dust storms on Mars. And while they’re nothing like the dust storm we hear about every summer in Oklahoma, they would be tough to cope with.

You’d need to wear protective gear.

That would include a spacesuit, of course. The average person on Earth can safely wear a standard T-shirt and shorts while outside; a spacesuit would require much more clothing and protection. A spacesuit helmet would be the size of a small car, with a face mask and communication system inside.

Photo By : Juli Kosolapova / Unsplash

What Food Looks Like on Mars

On Earth, most people eat food from a plant or animals. If you were born on Mars, you might eat food based on a diet of only plants or only insects. You would probably not be able to eat meat, fish, or shellfish because those are all part of a human’s diet on Earth. Instead, you would eat fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, and grains.

You would probably not be able to grow any of them in your backyard, so you would have to rely on imported food. Even though you would be able to eat what foods are available to people on Earth, you would probably have difficulty keeping up with modern food trends. For example, people on the Red Planet might consume more fresh vegetables than people on Earth because they get all the vitamins and minerals they need from the vegetables.

What it’s Like to Work on Mars

Your workplace would be strenuous — and potentially dangerous. Working on a space project would force you to live and work in a very confined space.

You would probably spend your day sitting or lying down, so you would not be able to do much physical activity. You would probably spend your evenings and weekends doing work since there would be no way for you to relax. Your sleep schedule would probably be relatively short since you would be so exhausted from working. Your diet would consist of a small amount of food provided to you daily and water and exercise.

You would probably have limited time for social interaction since there would be no time for recreation or hobbies. Your health would probably be decent, but you would be confined to a small space for the most part. Your work on Mars would be strenuous, but it would be boring.

You would probably have to sit through endless meetings, presentations, and training sessions, and you would probably not be paid too well for it. If you were on Mars working on an actual project, it might be able to help people on Earth.

What if everyone on Earth was born and raised on Mars?

You would most likely grow up hearing about the inequities and hardships on Earth. You might even be exposed to them firsthand since you would most likely grow up around people born there. You might not be aware that there are countries on Earth where people are born into poverty and have very little chance of escaping.

You might not know that people in some parts of the world face food insecurity and that basic human needs like food and medical care are often denied because of a person’s inability to pay for them. You might not know that people on Earth have different cultures and traditions and that many people on Earth are willing to accept everyone on Earth as one of their own.

You wouldn’t be able to go out at night.

One of the things that would make life on Mars so different from life on Earth is the lack of nighttime. On Earth, most people can’t just go out at night because of the darkness and the dangers that come with it. On Mars, however, you would not be able to go out at night because there would be no night.

The only time you would be able to see the stars would be at night, and then only in a dark room. You would have no idea what time of the day it was because the hours do not exist on Mars. It would be hard to differentiate night and day because there would be no distinction. You would most likely go insane from the constant change in light conditions.

You’d probably need a mars friendly closet.

Photo By : Mike Kiev / Unsplash

One of the things that would make life on Mars so different is the climate. We are used to many variations in weather patterns on Earth, from hot and humid to cold and snowy. On Mars, however, there is almost no variation in climate, and the only way to indicate the season is through the number of sunflowers in your backyard.

Even though there is no season on Mars, the lack of seasonal change would still be a jarring change for the planet’s climate.

You would not be used to a year that feels like winter and a year like spring. As if the climate and nightlife weren’t tricky enough, you would also be expected to wear a spacesuit most of the time. Your entire body would be exposed to space radiation, and you would have to deal with exposure to toxic chemicals if you were on a dirty job.

Being born on Mars would force one to always wear a spacesuit while on the red planet. Your clothing options would be minimal, especially since you need to wear them 24/7. Your casual clothes would probably be next to nothing while on Mars since you would not have time to shop.

Your daily routine would probably consist of lying in bed, watching TV, eating a light breakfast, and taking a shower. Your rest time would be short since you would be on the move. Your diet would consist of food similar to what you would eat on Earth, including a few vitamins and minerals from the food supply on Mars.

You would probably not be able to eat meat because it isn’t an animal, and you would not be able to eat fish or shellfish because they are part of an animal’s diet.

What Would You Do for Entertainment?

On the surface, at least, life as a former human on Mars would be pretty much like living on Earth. You’d still have your regular TV channels, and you’d still be able to watch your favorite TV shows, but the environment would be dramatically different.

There are many places where people have worked very hard to Make It a Home. Some of them Are Famous, and Some of them Are Not. So if you were born on Mars, what kind of person would you be? Let’s look at what it would be like to live there.

To get your fill of entertainment in the year 3000, you’d have to develop a different plan. Because let’s face it, there’s not much to see around here. Fortunately, there are plenty of entertainments to choose from in the modern world, such as TV, movies, books, and video games.

If you were born on Mars, some things might not even exist. But in the year 3000, you’d have to make do with what you had. TV would be slightly different from what you watch now, as it would air only a few shows per day. And, because you’d have little or no electricity, there would be no way to power a TV. Other than that, life would be pretty much like today.

What would it be like to live there permanently?

The short answer is that it would be very different from what you’re used to, that’s for sure. You’d have to adjust to a very different way of life, and your body would have to get adjust to the different way of life.

You’d probably have to take a long, hard look at your diet, especially with the lack of fresh fruits and vegetables available on the Red Planet. You’d also have to learn how to be a bit more self-sufficient, as you’d need to make your food and water, and you wouldn’t be able to buy the staples that everyone else in your country can buy.

What Countries on Earth would look like on Mars?

You’d expect the Red Planet to look a little wild with a name like Mars. But the fact is, it probably wouldn’t look at all like the pictures you’ve been shown. First, the surface would probably be relatively uniform and feature a few trees, rocks, or other features that might look like trees or rocks to an Earthborn observer.

In terms of landforms, any large, high-rise cities or towns would likely be located on a moon or other orbiting body. And, even though the atmosphere of Mars would be breathable, you’d probably have to wear a spacesuit to go anywhere near the ground.

If you want to explore the most exciting places on Earth, you’re probably going to have to head to Africa, the Middle East, or Asia, where there will be something interesting to see. And while there are a few places on Earth appear to blend the two, there are also places like the Andes in South America that are pretty much exactly like Earth.

So, why is Mars such a bad idea?

Photo By :
Nicolas Lobos / Unsplash

Well, for one thing, it’s cold and snowy outside, which would be hard to get used to. And while you’d have some protection from the sun, it would be pretty hot all the time, with a heat index of up to two hundred and fifty degrees Fahrenheit (or thirty degrees Celsius) during the day.

And then there’s the issue of water. Without a source of fresh water, you’d have to survive on rainwater and plain old tap water. And since you’d probably have little to no electricity or running water, that would be even harder.

In many ways, life on Mars would feel very familiar. There would be no electricity to lighten up the dark. No running water. No running Internet. No cell phone service. And no way to communicate with other cultures.

However, there would also be little to no government, economy, or infrastructure, meaning there might not be a space program. That would make survival very difficult. And since there’s no way to heat or cool your house on Mars, it could get freezing winter and burning summer. You also wouldn’t be able to grow your food since there would be no moisture to take in by plants. And without fresh water, sanitation would be difficult, and health would be poor.


If you were born on Mars, you’d have to avoid bumping into anyone you know. Since there aren’t any roads or sidewalks, you’d have to walk or bike. You’d probably end up with a pretty lousy back since you’d have to practically sit upright for hours to keep from sliding into the distance. But if you had to live like that, what kind of person would you be? Are you ready to meet your new neighbor on Mars?

What If You Were Born on Mars?



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