Future NewsCounter-Dominance In The World Of 5050

Counter-Dominance In The World Of 5050


The world is on the brink of witnessing an inverse reciprocation of dominance. A drastic drift in power is being noticed. Ironically, the ones who were petrified back then, now stupefy people dwelling them in the pigeonhole fences. 

It seems like someone has played the REVERSE card in the UNO of life. Was it a smart move or will it add to the woes? How will the world look like then? Has dominance exchanged spheres to be unidirectional or is it still multidirectional? What will happen if the powers switch when snatched from the dominant and infused in the weak?

Let us find out together!

What is the concept of dominance?

Dominance can be described as a world devoid of equality, but infused with partiality. The idea of considering someone or something not-so-important or devaluing their essential goodness on certain parameters is believed to be a trait of superiority. When our sense of equity is soaked in the idea of equality, certain differences sprout up, thus deepening the line that divides those who dominate and those who surrender.

Dominance is an act of undermining someone’s ability under the accordance of pre-defined notions as assumed by self for power and possession. Being directly related to self-esteem, dominance can prove to be both- merry and murky when implied unregulated.

Merry dominance is more of guidance. It is when one guides and does not dictate to the other person; making them feel equal and not inferior. For example, a teacher giving lessons to their students.

On the other hand, the opposite of merry dominance is the other pole, the murky. Murky Dominance implies dominance when one dictates and not guides the other person. For example, Hitler was a dictator and dictated people to act in accordance with his norms.

Being merrily dominant represents a slightly less aggressive form of being dominant. They are still adjustable and understanding. A person who is merrily dominant is open to new ideas, refinements and suggestions. Whilst, on the other pole, someone who is murkily dominant represents a volatile form of being dominant and is neither adjustable nor understanding.

Why jeopardize in dominance hierarchy have taken place?

In this modern world, people mistake power for barter. They believe an extravaganza of power will bring them more respect in exchange, while, ironically, it’s quite the opposite. Power can never bring respect and royalty. An individual can choose one while staking and jeopardizing the other. It is the conscious and free will to act that determines one’s righteousness. 

Dominance has a different meaning for people belonging to the different strata of society. To the elite and upper-caste section of society, it is more of a power play, a show to others of their supremacy. While to the not-so-elite or lower strata, it is being dictated by the other section of the society as if being the puppets of their palm.

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Ever imagined how a world like that would look like when the dominance in power hierarchy is reversed? Suppose it is 5050, and the power structure amongst animals changes, by not considering their size, but from their might? “Who will be the new KING of the jungle then?” How will the childhood story of the ferocious beast, Lion and the Mouse look like?

Layman’s term proposes the mightiest to be the dominant one. But, on the contrary, the weeniest, the little, and the not-so dominant in power ought to abide by the norms set by ‘the dominant’ apply to how dominance in such a world looks like? Be it many questions, bountiful uncertainty, our history is the evidence that it is not the words, but the power that speaks for one, thus, dictating their position in the society.

About the World of 5050

Welcome to the WORLD OF 5050! Nothing is the same, everything is different. This is the world of those subdued.

We have always presumed dominance as an integral component of sustenance. But, on the contrary, dominance is nothing, just a ravage of time. It isn’t immortal but subjugated to change.

If a person becomes over-dominating, it dies, but if only he or she knows how to maintain an equilibrium in the power, it thrives. With people becoming more aware and cautious, protests against unevenly distributed power, rights, and essential goodness can be seen thriving in society.

The power that is now split,

Crowned on those who were once considered a misfit.

Just like a boomerang bounced in the sky,

Dominance decides on how fast will it fly.

With humans transversing between finding a respectful spot in the society but still being largely dictated by the extrinsic stimuli. By the passage of time, the term dominance will get subjugated to different ideologies and opinions. It varies from culture to culture and belief to belief and over advancements in future innovations. Keeping in mind the advent of technology, there is no denying the fact that soon our world will be more technology-driven than human-oriented.

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Basically, the question is about the exchange and accumulation of powers. Quoting Siren And Their Secret Tales, “Often many of us have never hesitated in dismissing a lot of things as non-existent or as mere figments of the human imagination.”

We are often taken over by the thought that how would the work not meant for us or never tried by us could be befitting for us if we never tried our hands on it. Don’t we? But, this is not so the case with animals. Why is it so? Well, this is because contrary to humans, animals, on the other hand, lack comprehension power. They do not think rationally, rather work on blind moves. Theirs is a trial-and-error method.

We have always interwoven the concepts of dominance and the tyranny of power. It is because both of them go hand-in-hand. Without dominance, no person can be a powerful orator, and won’t be given any heed by anyone.

Thus, while dominance is vital, over-dominance can spoil and tarnish relations.

Khushi Mohunta
Khushi Mohuntahttps://linktr.ee/khushimohunta
"We're all broken, that's how the light gets in." Khushi Mohunta is an 18-year-old author based in Sirsa. She is pursuing Liberal Arts and Humanities. With an equal interest in the fields of English and Psychology, she also has editorial zeal. She adheres to the saying “looks can be deceptive” and would be found in her own cocoon- reading and composing. Khushi always perpetuates for new horizons even in the adversity, because rest is mere transitory in her facet. From writing poems on sui generis days of her clan members to being orchestrated with the cognomen of Chief Editor of her school, she bloomed. According to her, “Words can paint constellation’s breathing stars into dwindling lives.” Linguaphile and an admirer of the literary world, she vehemently believes in the allotrope; “Pen is mightier than the sword.”


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