Futuristic InnovationsPotential Perils of Teleportation Can Annihilate Humans

Potential Perils of Teleportation Can Annihilate Humans


What would happen if teleportation was real? Would humans get killed while being teleported? 

Teleportation is quite challenging. It necessitates mastery of numerous complex quantum physics principles, even in its most basic version. Just picture entering a transporter and travelling thousands of kilometres in seconds! It would take a genuinely tremendous amount of computing power to transport a full person.

However, teleportation is a real phenomenon that has been tested in laboratories. Although all they are doing in these instances is teleporting the spin states of certain electrons or atoms, it is proof of concept, which is all we require to begin posing some significant concerns.

If it were a human, you wouldn’t just magically transport it from one location to another. The person would be destroyed and reduced to molecules in one location, then spontaneously moved their molecules to another and rebuilt. You are killed during teleportation.

So, it is clear that teleportation can be the worst torture for a human body or even a suicide mission to take on! Let’s discuss all the aspects to understand how teleportation can kill individuals or even entire humanity.

Earth’s Movement Can Interfere With Teleportation

Let’s imagine you possess the same ability Nightcrawler did in the X-Men. In the comics, he enters another dimension before leaping to the final location. Additionally, his power only spans a few kilometres.

In the actual world, though, this would result in a very uncomfortable circumstance. Even while the jump only lasts a split second, the Earth will nonetheless leave behind dozens of kilometres in this short period.

Let me remind you that the Earth revolves around the Sun at a speed of 30 km per second. So, teleporting superpowers would transport you to a neighbouring city instead of an adjoining room, at best, and outer space or deep under the land surface, at worst!

Earth From Space
Image By: titoOnz/ UnlimPhotos

How can we solve this issue? If you want to use this superpower in real life without getting in trouble, you’ll need to carry a unique supercomputer with you. This machine will assist you in predicting the precise position of the Earth at any point in time and fine-tuning your jumps.

But what if you want to jump further than just a few kilometres? Say, across the Equator. Your journey would be ruined by inertia because the Earth doesn’t only revolve around the Sun but rotates on a fixed axis too. It means that the planet’s surface, along with humans, trees, and buildings, is in constant rotational motion.

Because the teleportation superpower doesn’t imply the ability to slow down instantaneously, you might hit the nearest wall faster than an F1 car due to the Equatorial Moment of Inertia. Therefore, in addition to the navigational supercomputer, you will also want a powerful jetpack to aid in slowing down and teleportation to a location above the Earth’s surface. Furthermore, you’ll need a parachute to fly down to the surface, which will take a while!

I realize this isn’t how you imagined teleportation to function, but hey, sci-fi movies offer some other ways for you to use this power.

Teleportation Through Special Dimensional Gates

Teleporting Gates
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This concept comes from the Stargate movie and also Doraemon’s Pass-Through Hoop. In the film, the characters used to travel through portals that aliens had built all around the galaxy. The problem lies here. If you want to get anywhere using such gates, they should already exist at the point of arrival.

Flight to another galaxy could take thousands of light-years, which is not desirable. So, let us build such gates here on Earth so we can dash between resorts whenever we want. These are known as stationary portals.

Albert Einstein proved the possibility of inter-dimensional movement back in 1935. Wormholes can connect two points in space-time located very far from each other. To create one of these, you won’t need much – produce more energy than comes from the Sun.

Let’s use an ultra-powerful fusion reactor to create a wormhole. Will it all work out? I’m afraid not because if you try to enter it, a wormhole will either irradiate you or explode with the force of an atomic bomb! Isn’t it terrifying?

Teleportation Through Wormholes
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But who knows if one of your atoms might indeed reach some of the resorts you have dreamt of. Even if you put on some extra protective armour to save you from all these things, a small wormhole will have the properties of a black hole. You will be spaghettified in a second, and trust me; you won’t enjoy this process.

One of the theories holds that the gate will also stretch time. As a result, the adventure will not appear instantaneous. On the contrary, it will feel like it goes on forever. It is an excellent way to go insane, as it happened in The Jaunt, a Stephen King book.
The only way to avoid these issues and remain relatively healthy following teleportation is to create a wormhole the size of a quarter of our galaxy. But, we must keep this monster far from Earth unless we want to see it torn. So, a journey to the portal will take as much as flying to Proxima Centauri or more, and this downgrades us from cool Stargaters to regular astronauts who will have to waste ages when going on vacation.
Does this mean we should give up and stick to old-fashioned air travel? Fortunately, science fiction suggests yet another method of teleportation that does not involve lethal inertia or a massive explosive.

Can We Make Teleport Transmitters On Earth?

The characters in the Star Trek franchise use this device to move between spaceships and planets instantly. The transporter rips apart human atoms and then reconstructs them at the final destination. Not immediately but quickly. Looks like a suicide booth, heh?
You die when the transporter tears you apart and returns to life when it fixes you later. So, you’ll have to complete a euthanasia consent form before setting off for a resort. Holiday’s ruined, but it’s not only legal aspects. The problem is that even after having all the paperwork done, you still can’t be sure that the travel agency will be able to assemble all the octillion atoms of your body, right!
Image By: petrsvoboda91/ UnlimPhotos
When working on your brain, one small error can turn you into a completely different, if not disabled, person. Of course, if you want insurance, the teleportation cost will skyrocket in no time. And if even one fly gets into the cockpit, you know the rest of the story. Assume we install fly traps in the lab and even ensure passenger safety. What happens next?
The file size containing information on the accurate molecular composition of a human body will be a number followed by 42 zeros. That’s way more than all the storage devices made on Earth can hold! Besides, sending this much data will take incomparably longer than our universe has ever been existing!
At a certain point, your head will still scream in pain on one side, while your body will run around like a headless chicken. If we want to teleport a person in one piece, we need to give them the properties of a quantum particle which opens up a new possibility.

The Tunnel Effect

At any point, electrons and similar particles can instantly pass through any solid barrier. However, if a human-turned particle wants to spend a weekend in Mexico, we’ll need a few million walls, with the last one leading directly to the beach!

This fantastic ability will allow you to tunnel into a nightclub and avoid the bouncers, but that’s about it. Because the tunnel effect is unlikely to work, you’ll have to stand at the walls for hours until you succeed. The party would be over by the time you arrived at your Mexican resort!


Many philosophers are worried that the human mind won’t survive this trip. They’re sure that if we split someone’s body apart, they may lose their consciousness or soul forever. Your body will end up possessed by an entirely different personality on the other side of the gate, and who knows what this new you may be up to! So, we get the impression that we won’t learn to teleport in this lifetime, but perhaps it’s for the best.
It is how we must acknowledge that teleportation is a suicide mission and can kill the human species in many ways.

Prerona Banerjee
Prerona Banerjee
An engineering student but a writer by hobby who got a chance to showcase her creativity and imagination through Icy Destiny articles.



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