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A World Run By Google – How Would It Feel Like?


The 22nd Century has almost everything adapting itself to the increasing use of Artificial Intelligence (AI). Google has evolved to be more than just a search engine. One of Google’s co-founders, Larry Page, once told in an interview about Google, “Oh, we’re making an AI.” It was the founders’ vision to create an AI that could make lives easier for people all across the globe. The coming decade will witness a Global Brain that can rule over every operational aspect of this world – economy, politics, business, and law and order.

Today, Google has become a global archive system that stores our history. It feels to have made a virtual world right alongside the real world – a simulation of the daily reality that keeps growing more robust every day. Google is moving at full speed towards its vision to make the world simulation feel more and more accurate by acquiring important companies and embedding their high-end AI tech at the core of such companies.

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Google’s Achievements

Google acquired Nest – the AI-based air-conditioner that prepares your room temperature just before you wake up and start your day. Google designed a crowdsourcing navigation app as an AI in modern cars – Waze. This software will know exactly when and how you want to drive and help you reach your destination by finding you the least congested roadways.

Furthermore, you can trust its driverless mode as it knows how to follow traffic rules and avoid pedestrians while driving. You might even find photos of your house taken from outer space and camera-embedded cars as part of the Google Map navigation!

Google will soon connect the world with its technology beyond just the unified search engine or the global cloud archive. Approximately 65% of the total online search market is held by Google, making it a business giant with its biggest competitors still not big enough to beat it. Can you imagine the power this global giant is gaining every day?

Billionaire businessmen like Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk, who have significantly influenced the world economy and overall technological advancement globally, are afraid of Google’s strategies. They believe Google to be their best and worst competitor in the recent future. Nobody messes with Google. It has gathered immense supremacy in shaping the world today.

We have seen how easy it becomes to search through the web and come across pages or websites we might like just by permitting Google to use our cookie data. There are so many Google apps all across the World Wide Web like Google Workspace (for work), Google Maps (for navigation), Google Finance (for business), Google Jobs (for employment), Google Drive (for storage), Google Classroom (for education) and so many more applications to scrape off preference info about individuals to curate a personalized experience.

Similarly, using an Android phone gives the same vibes as the more we use our phones, the more it becomes accustomed to the apps and activities explored and preferred. So, imagine how easy lives would become if Google collected personal data and acted adequately while ruling upon the world. Let’s picture a day in a city run by Google.

A Day in the Google City

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Good Morning, Diana. Wakey wakey. It’s a beautiful clear sky outside after the snowstorm has ceased. The temperature is 2 degrees Celsius as the chilliness decreases.

“*YawnThank you, Melissa. Turn on the heater, please.” I woke up without a shiver as Melissa, my house AI by Google, quickly controlled the room temperature before I could get out of my heavy blanket.

I rubbed my eyes and struggled to sit up when Melissa gave me the news. She would sometimes do things automatically, but I just like giving random orders. So, I have turned on the voice command settings in her mainframe. 

Urgent Message. Incoming from Hubby. Says – Babe, I have an urgent flight to catch tonight, and I don’t have time to pack things up. Would you please do that for me? I would be home before supper. Love you. Flying kiss.

“Oh no, not again. I hate these sudden trips! Melissa, do one thing. Prepare a list of all the essential things for business travel and buy me some of them if not present in the house. What about the oven?” I stood up from my bed and walked towards the bathroom with a towel when Melissa answered.

Oven preheated at 2 hundred and 70 degrees Celsius.

“Great!” I quickly took a hot shower and put up a long dress before walking toward the kitchen. Ricky wanted to have some cookies to offer his friends at school. So, I had prepared the dough beforehand yesterday and asked my AI fridge to maintain perfect conditions to preserve the dough. As I opened the fridge door, it greeted me.

Hello, Diana. Good Morning. The dough is in perfect condition, ready to be baked.

“Thank you, Mr. Fridge. Please provide Melissa with a list of the groceries we fall short of. Reduce the refrigeration temperature if needed.” I pulled up my hair into a bun after giving the instructions to my AI helpers. Although life has become so easy with these Google-controlled AI, there will always be certain things that we would prefer to do manually. Like kneading a cookie dough and baking them for my kids with Love.

My husband would wake up before me and prepare breakfast every morning. He would take our kids to school on the way to his office in his automated car. He doesn’t bother waking me up as I stay up till late spending time developing my website. It has the locations of his office and the kids’ school locations fed to drive without manual control every day.

After the cookies were ready and packed up, I put up some warm clothes to step out of the house. My twin boys, Mark and Joe, must be waiting for me at school. My house locked up automatically the moment I stepped out of the security mattress, turning on all the theft alarms. I approached the garage that welcomed me by turning on my car. The garage AI knows when I need the car and keeps me updated about the service status on my phone.

I drive the car myself because I would sometimes take my boys on a ride. The safety feature is always turned on and might take over anytime if it senses any danger due to manual error, so I feel safe. After entering the car, I must wear a wristband that connects my vitals with the car’s system. This band facilitates communication with road traffic and the AI driver, letting it know when and where I need driving assistance on the road.

Outside my kids’ school, I greeted my babies with warm hugs and handed them the jar of cookies. They became so happy! All the other kids gathered around them for cookies. Kids love my choco-chip cookies. When only 2 were left inside the jar, Mark and Joe quickly hopped into the car and asked me to drive away or else they wouldn’t be able to take a bite. *Giggles* poor boys! I will make more cookies tomorrow for them.

They preferred reaching home directly today, so we went home without making a stop anywhere else. Back at home, I found my house and garage unlocked. How? Did the safety feature fail? I sighed relief when I saw my kids rushing toward their father. I approached to hug him.

“Honey! How did you come back so early?” He kissed me before starting with the long story.

“You won’t believe what happened, Love! Our trip got cancelled. This happened because our boss got banned by the company!”

“Banned?” “Yes. He had been talking shit about the company’s ties with Google, and he officially wrote a blog post on the same two days ago. It went viral, and we all saw it yesterday. Today, the tour for a new project got cancelled, and he got locked inside his own house!”

He burst into laughter for a short while before resuming the story, “That guy woke up in a freezing room which didn’t have electricity. His bank transactions froze, and he could not make a single transaction anywhere! He couldn’t log into his profile or access his project files. He was locked out of the internet.

The police came to arrest him, and that’s how he got out of that house. I came across a news cover on YouTube saying that he sold some confidential information about the company outside. That’s crazy, man! I mean, can you imagine a life without Google? I can’t. And honestly, I am grateful to the company for providing me with a better life than what my father had to live through. I have no hatred for that company. It is so much more than just the internet – it’s a brain to the entire internet. It’s like throwing shit at the person who provides for your survival. That guy got himself into a big struggle!”

After realizing how much of our lives depend upon Google nowadays, I lost my speech for a moment. It’s all around us, and we live in a world ruled by Google! How can a person stop using Google even if he doesn’t like it? It is not wrong if a person gets banned for cheating on a company that is so deeply embedded in our lives altogether.

We checked the news on our smart TV and learnt that the guy had been confiscated for now. His family is eager to pull the matter to court. Even if the guy gets back his previous life, this incident sets an example about what kind of mastery Google has on every person’s life. They don’t need a law to be legal. The more it becomes prevalent in people’s lives, the masses need to find tools to ensure everybody gets access to the correct exposure to Google’s supreme AI brain and features. It can only be fair when everyone is on the same page. This incident inspired the very first post on my web page.

Reshaping The World Technology

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On October 2, 2015, Google went under restructuring and became the current parent company of all its subsidiaries under Alphabet. Alphabet aims to reshape the future of the internet and AI all across the globe. With Alphabet, Google moves beyond its internet and advertisement business and steps into a broader spectrum of technology covering robotics, automation, life sciences and many more.

Why Alphabet? As stated on the official page, they liked the word “alphabet” because it is one of the human beings’ most important innovations in the English Language. It is the foundation pillar of all communication and search engine usage now. The word “alphabet” can also be broken into the meaning of a supreme investment as it attempts to provide the world with the best technological advancements.

The reason behind Alphabet is that it gives Google a safe zone to operate and implement its dream innovations without attracting the glare of business regulators. Owing to its unique way of interconnecting technologies, Google has faced many legal issues.

Photo by Rajeshwar Bachu on Unsplash

Under the structure of Alphabet, Google acts as a subsidiary company alongside other subsidiaries which work independently of the search engine business. The founders are pretty strict with their vision to change the world. To protect their company from deviating from its vision, the founders hold a majority of the voting rights without the majority of the company’s stocks. This way, they can protect their company from being changed under pressure from investors’ money-making strategies.

Therefore, it can be concluded that Alphabet is focused on making a World Brain AI beyond just the internet and would not tolerate any profit-making deviations to “rule the world” virtually.



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