GlobalWhat if Ambani Became India's Next Prime Minister?

What if Ambani Became India’s Next Prime Minister?


When you think of India, you probably think of some of the most famous places – the Taj Mahal, the Golden Temple, and the beaches of Goa. While these famous Indian destinations are essential, you probably don’t know that many small towns and villages dot the country are just as beautiful.

Mukesh Ambani is the wealthiest person in India. He is the chairman and managing director of Reliance Industries, the country’s second-largest private sector company. The 45-year-old has been involved in Reliance since the early 1990s when Ambani worked as a member of the company’s executive council. Ambani has previously said that he wants to be known as the person who changed the face of India. With his vast wealth and vast business experience, it is safe to say that Ambani has a lot of potential to achieve this goal.

India is one of the most exciting countries globally, and it is also one of the most misunderstood. Mukesh Ambani could help his country move forward by becoming the Prime Minister. From economic reforms to strengthening national security, the richest man in India has a lot to offer.

Ambani, the chairman of Reliance Industries, is also the wealthiest person in India.  His wife, Nita Ambani, the head of the Reliance Foundation, is one of the wealthiest people in India and owns a stake in several companies, including Reliance Jio. Together, the Ambanis own a majority stake in India’s most valuable company – Reliance Industries. What would you do if you had the opportunity to earn a massive amount of money and wield enormous influence? As you can imagine, the Ambanis have already explored that question and have made an informed decision on the best path for their future. 

What Happens If Mukesh Ambani Becomes Prime Minister?

Although it’s unlikely that Mukesh Ambani will ever become the prime minister of India, it is worth examining what would happen if he did. First of all, Ambani would not be able to take office based on his name; the minimum qualification for prime minister is that the person must be a member of either the House of the People or the Council of States.

Ambani would also need to be a member of one of the major political parties to take office. Finally, Mukesh would have to convince a majority of the Lok Sabha (the lower house of Parliament) to vote him into office. Ambani would have a lot of work to do. He would have to reform the Indian economy, modernize the country’s bureaucracy, and deal with many international issues. It is unlikely that he would be able to accomplish all of these tasks in just one term as prime minister.

If Mukesh Ambani became the Prime Minister of India, some of the significant changes we can expect are as follows.

Ensure Good Governance

Many people say that good governance is “a myth, a concept, a policy,” but in reality, it is the true nature of politics. If you hire the best people and allow them to do their jobs without interference, you get a government that works to the benefit of its citizens. With the massive resources that the Ambani family could bring to bear, it seems likely that they would use those resources to ensure that good governance is the norm under their rule.

If the Ambani family were to take power, they would have to have a powerful government that is not accountable to anyone. The family would also have to have a substantial populace that is not afraid to criticize the government when it should be. A strong government with a free population that is not afraid to criticize and hold the government accountable – is the best path forward for India.

Make Economic Reforms

India has made some significant economic reforms in the last few years but has a long way to catch up with its peers. A considerable part of the reason for this is that the Indian government has been too focused on growth at all costs – but the government should be focused on building a stable economy that is resilient to shocks and that encourages long-term investment.

The government needs to encourage investment in long-term assets and infrastructure, which will help bring a return on investment when the economy slows down. In addition, the government will have to set regulations that are clear and allow for speedy project completion.

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Reduce Corruption

Corruption costs countries billions of dollars every year in lost growth, damaged reputation, and decreased social trust. And while it’s true that corruption exists in every country, it can be much more pervasive in some countries than others. If Mukesh Ambani became the Prime Minister, he would likely use his considerable resources to invest in reducing corruption.

One way he could do this might be by creating a federal anti-corruption agency. Ambani could use his wealth to support the agency’s efforts and leverage the agency to help reduce corruption across the whole country – this would be something to see!

Strengthen National Security

National security is vital because it is the foundation for all the other aspects of government that are important to the people. If a country cannot protect its citizens, they have no one to serve. Furthermore, if a country cannot protect its citizens, then those citizens will not be loyal to the government. Instead, they will have their competing government, which will make more vigorous efforts to protect the citizens.

If Mukesh Ambani became the Prime Minister of India, he would likely prioritize strengthening national security. Ambani could use his wealth and influence to modernize the Indian military and purchase more advanced weaponry. It would allow the military to defend India from any threat – both outside and within.

India’s Infrastructure Will Be Built from the Bottom Up

The Ambanis could help this process by encouraging state governments to begin building infrastructure from the bottom up. The government could use the private sector to build roads, bridges, and other large-scale projects, but it would be more effective if the state governments started work on smaller projects.

Once the smaller projects are completed, the government could then leverage the private sector to build the larger ones – in this way; the government would be able to leverage the private sector’s expertise to complete large-scale projects. It is a great way to get infrastructure projects done – and it would be a great way to get Mukesh Ambani’s projects done as Prime Minister.

The Government Will Have a Massive Debt Repayment Program

During the last decade, the amount of debt that the Indian government has accumulated has risen dramatically. With India’s population multiplying, a large portion of the population will depend on government services for their livelihoods in the long term. If Mukesh Ambani were to become the Prime Minister of India, he would have to address this massive debt burden. However, it seems likely that he would come up with a creative solution that could be successful.

There Will Be More Private Investment in Infrastructure

The government has played a significant role in funding infrastructure projects in India but has not always had the best projects to pick. The private sector has stepped in to fill this gap but has not always had the best projects to pick. If Mukesh Ambani became the Prime Minister, he would likely encourage the government and the private sector to play by the same rules. He could use his wealth to encourage good private-sector behavior and push for a government that would not fail to consider the private sector’s expertise when making decisions. It could allow for more innovative projects and less prone to cost overruns.

India’s Telecom Sector Will Become More Competitive

The Ambani family has played an instrumental role in creating India’s digital economy. Reliance has been at the forefront of bringing broadband to rural areas and has strongly supported the Digital India initiative. If Mukesh Ambani were to become the Prime Minister of India, he would likely use his considerable influence to push for a government that would make significant changes to the telecom sector.

The government has had a monopoly on telecom services in India for a long time. The telecom sector has been relatively stagnant because of this monopoly and has not been as innovative as it could be. Ambani could use his wealth and influence to encourage the government to create a more open market for telecom services, making India’s telecom sector more competitive.

He’d Change India’s Education System

There is no doubt that education is key to success in life. Still, many critics also argue that the education system in India is too focused on academics, and not enough attention is placed on an individual’s development. Ambani would likely make changes to the education system to incorporate academics and life skills, such as communication skills and self-confidence.

One significant change we can expect from the education system is the removal of restrictions on foreign investment in educational institutions. Indian companies often operate in a highly regulated environment, and it should not be a surprise that such regulation exists in other industries. If Reliance, for example, owned a state-run educational institution, it would be logical that the government would want to make sure the company didn’t profit from the institution. Removing restrictions on foreign investment in educational institutions would make it easier for Reliance to own a school.

He’d Revise the Tax System

The tax system in India is quite complex and has many rules based on an individual’s income, occupation, and other factors. The current tax system has a lot of spheres of influence that don’t make a lot of sense, such as tax rules for contributions to a social security fund. Ambani likely would tackle this problem by revising the tax system to make it easier to navigate and more transparent.

There are also tax rules based on an individual’s profession and are very outdated. If Mukesh Ambani became the prime minister of India, he would likely work to revamp the tax system so that it is easy to navigate and makes more sense.

He’d Make an Effort to End Poverty

If Mukesh Ambani became prime minister of India, we can be sure that he would try to end poverty in the country. The current system of transferring public funds to poor people is highly inefficient, and it often results in people who don’t need money to receive help. Ambani would be likely to make changes so that public funds are more efficiently used and help those who need them.

Another change that Ambani would make is to increase access to education – poor people in India are often too poor to have access to education. Improving access to education would help the poor in India get out of poverty, while eliminating poverty is a much longer-term goal.

He’d Make an Effort to Stem Trafficking

Trafficking of people is a severe problem in India. The Indian government has been trying to stem this problem for years, but it is still widespread. If Mukesh Ambani became prime minister, we could expect him to make an effort to stem the trafficking of people. Ambani would likely make an effort to crackdown on human trafficking, not just of goods but of people as well.

If a person is trafficked, it can be difficult for the trafficker to be prosecuted, but Ambani would likely make it easier. 

More Power to States

Despite being a centralized country with national boundaries, India is a federation. It means that there is a central government, but other levels of government also have some responsibilities. States, for example, are responsible for the running of schools and hospitals.

If Mukesh Ambai became the Prime Minister of India, the most critical change we can expect is that the central government would have significantly more power. It would be because Ambani is a massive supporter of the Startup India initiative. He has promised that if elected as the Prime Minister of India, he would take several steps to support the startup scene in the country.

He’d Support the Startup Scene

The Startup India initiative is a government effort to encourage and support startups in the country. The initiative is led by the Department of Science and Technology and includes several policies designed to support startups. If Mukesh Ambani became the Prime Minister of India, you can be sure that he would push for the initiative to continue to succeed. He has been a very public supporter of the initiative and has promised to make it an even larger initiative if he were elected as the Prime Minister of India.

He’d Take a Different Approach to Development

One of the major criticisms of the Indian government is that it has taken a slow, rather than a rapid, approach to development in India. Ambani has been a public supporter of this idea and has promised to take a different approach to development in the country.

Immigration Reform

One of the major tasks of a government is to regulate the movement of people within its borders. What happens, however, if the citizens of one country have caused a significant issue in another country? If you have ever been to a foreign country, you might have noticed that people are staring at you because they are curious to know where you come from. So, if Mukesh Ambani became the Prime Minister of India, one of the first things he’d do is address immigration reform.

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New Investments and Development

One of the most important things a government can encourage new investment in its country. If Mukesh Ambani became the Prime Minister of India, you can be sure that he would do everything in his power to encourage foreign investment in India. You can also be sure that he’d aim to make India a more attractive place for the flow of tourists worldwide, who would spend money in the country and contribute to its development.

Improve Healthcare for All

India’s healthcare system has come under severe criticism in the last few years. Healthcare for India’s poor is particularly inadequate, and the country’s growing population can’t afford the rising cost of treatment. Another primary concern is the quality of medical services. There have been numerous reports of doctors and nurses falsifying documents to increase patient treatment time or recommending unnecessary surgeries or prescription drugs.

Ambani would take a completely different approach. He has been a prominent voice in the industry favoring universal healthcare. He has said that if the government provides healthcare to the masses, they can only repay them by coming next door to get their service done.

Protect the Environment

The government of India has recently launched a new campaign called “Clean India.” The campaign aims to dramatically reduce air pollution and address the issue of unsafe levels of radiation in India’s cities. With a “Clean India” campaign, Ambani would quickly become an environmental leader in India. He has stated that he believes that cleanliness is next to godliness. He has pledged to continue the initiative of his philanthropic organization, the Reliance Foundation.

He Would Increase the Supply of Affordable Electricity

One of the most common complaints about India’s energy sector is the high cost of electricity. In recent years, the government has tried to improve the situation by encouraging the development of new renewable energy sources like wind and solar. However, the government has not met the electricity demand and has often placed “load-shedding” measures to cut electricity to consumers.

Ambani believes that the solution to this problem is to increase the supply of electricity throughout the country. He has said that expanding power generation capacity is the most critical solution to the energy challenge.

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He Would Be Willing to Take Risks

One of the critical differences between Mukesh Ambani and other Indian business people is that Ambani has been willing to take risks – some of them very large. As the head of Reliance, Ambani is India’s largest producer of petrochemicals. However, he is also investing in renewable energy.

It is a risky business because, in the future, renewable energy sources like wind and solar may become much more popular. However, if they are not profitable today, they may be profitable in the future. Ambani has calculated that his investment in renewable energy could be profitable in the future and worth the risk.


While it may sound like a crazy fantasy, the fact is that if Mukesh Ambani became the Prime Minister of India, he would be able to influence the direction of the country significantly. Ambani is a very influential person in India and is one of the wealthiest people in the world. If he were to become the Prime Minister of India, his changes to how the country is run would be very important. Ambani would make all of the changes listed above if he were in power, and they all have the potential to dramatically improve the lives of people in India.



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