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Future of Plastic And Cosmetic Surgery


Today thousands of people are into plastic and cosmetic surgery. They are getting their bodies modified in various ways. Tattoos have become a trend among the young generation.

Tattoo artist professionals perform various unconventional body modification processes. Most common procedures among teens involve piercing, nose reshaping, ear surgery, acne scar removal treatment, and much more. Most people today are full-time employed in such businesses.

What is Body Alteration?

Consider how many people you meet in a day. How many such people have tattoos, piercings, and unnatural hair color?

Such alterations made in any part of the body are known as body alterations or modifications. This culture was first established in western countries, and eventually, every culture started adopting such alterations. Body alterations also include plastic and cosmetic surgeries.

Tattooing is a way for individuals to differentiate themselves from others. They have become much more fashionable today; every tattoo has a meaning or emotion. Young adults find tattoos a way to fit in and belong in society. Most of them get a tattoo in their early teenage years.

Most teens are also getting encouraged to get cosmetic surgeries. They see plastic surgery as a way to stand out from the crowd. It is easy to predict that more and more teens will go against the law to obtain such surgeries. The reason being the same, i.e., to be accepted by peers and to look “normal” in front of society.

What Is Plastic Surgery?

Plastic surgery refers to altering or modifying any part of the human body. It involves restoring the skin’s tissues to make it look more normal. Doctors sometimes suggest such a process in case of accidents where it becomes necessary for an individual. It is mainly of two types: cosmetic surgery and reconstructive surgery.

In other cases, it is mainly done to improve someone’s insecurity or personal benefit. Apart from this, there are various other reasons why an individual chooses plastic surgery; let’s look at them!

Major Reasons For Plastic Surgery

• Aging: It is a phenomenon that makes tissues and cells of an individual loose, making their face look saggy, dull, and pale. Hence people choose plastic surgery to look young.

• Excess Fat: Some body parts have pockets of fats even after exercising daily and eating healthy. Hence to remove them, surgeons use a technique known as liposuction to remove this excess fat.

• Physiological Reasons: Body shaming, judgment from others, and insecurity also become major reasons for using plastic surgery. To improve one’s self-esteem and appear appealing, people use plastic surgery as a solution.

• Career Aspects: Some career goals require changing your face or body immediately. Thus, people resort to plastic or cosmetic surgery as a way of doing this. Most actors who serve as public faces use this method to appear flawless in front of their audience.

• Medical Issues: Plastic surgery becomes the only solution if you have a deviated septum or have breathing problems.

• Loose Skin: When a person loses or suddenly gains a massive amount of weight, it leads to skin laxity resulting in stretch marks in various parts of the body; thus, to remove this person use plastic surgery.

These are some of the common reasons why people opt for plastic surgery. However, there are plenty of other reasons ranging from personal needs to medical needs of individuals.

Cosmetic Surgery

Cosmetic surgery enhances an individual’s physical appearance by operating on the face. The major difference between plastic and cosmetic surgery is that cosmetic surgery is done for one’s self-esteem and not for medical purposes.

Such surgery can be performed on the head, face, neck, or body for aesthetic appeal. The outcome of cosmetic surgery does not often meet its expectations. According to a survey, it was found that 65% of people are not satisfied with the results of such surgeries and regret them.

Can Plastic Surgery Change You Completely?

Plastic surgery or Cosmetic surgery can change a part of your face, but it cannot change you as a person. You remain the same person before such alteration. Suppose you are insecure about your nose, then getting a new nose will change your appearance, but it will not reduce your stress or other difficulties in life.

For instance, there is a show about Bollywood wives on the internet where they talk about how they get Botox injections and even show the procedure. Feeling the need to get such surgeries is completely normal. The fear of aging, which forms the basis for such a procedure, is also normal. However, one should keep in mind that it doesn’t change you as a person.

Yes, it might increase confidence; for some people, it can be a positive or life-changing decision. It might help in eliminating one’s self-consciousness and insecurities. However, getting surgery for such reasons cannot be your last resort, as surgery is not a cure for such issues. It gives you temporary happiness. But in the long run, you need a permanent solution.

The Future Of Surgery

Twenty years into the future, surgery will not be the same. With the development of the latest technology and therapeutic procedures, plastic surgeries will take a new toll. The future will involve the latest AI (artificial intelligence) technologies. Along with this, restorative practitioners will better understand the procedure to be formed.

Robotics and 3D printing will take the lead on operations. A partnership between patients and clinicians will form a new, improved healthcare center.

Picture By: ANVA Marketing/Pexels

New drugs will be used, making the pain almost zero after or during surgery. In the future, patients can confidently expect surgeries to become more accurate and less painful, with faster recovery rates and predictable outcomes.

Currently, plastic and cosmetic surgeries are done only by young adults. However, it is expected that in the future, such surgeries will be done by everyone, irrespective of age. Cosmetic surgery will become a new trend among people. Such surgeries considered weird now will become normal and aesthetic in the future.

Surgeries At Regional Level

Currently, advanced plastic and cosmetic surgeries are performed in metropolitan cities only. People from regional states who wish to get some surgery have to travel to big cities to get the surgery done. Treatment of stem cells or tissue cells that helps make your skin tighter is available only at a few locations by an expert, which needs thorough planning.

However, plastic surgeries are becoming a trend, demand for the latest technology and experts at the regional level will increase, and many practitioners will also start providing such services at the regional level. Hence, getting surgery in your city or state won’t be a problem in the future.

Future Of Surgical Teams

Demand for cosmetic surgeries such as Botox injections and skin tightening is increasing gradually. As a result, demand for such experts performing surgeries will also increase. Hence, there is greater scope for employment in this field.

The surgical professional team will become more important in performing and delivering surgeries with utmost care. The surgeon’s role will become multi-faced as they need a proper understanding of the language of medicine, the expectations of the patient, and the operation of the latest technology.

Yet, despite the increase in demand for such experts, there will be a threat to their jobs as the new algorithms of the AI will be automated hence eliminating the role of such practitioners.

Changes In The Role Of Cosmetic Surgeries In The Future

Currently, most plastic surgeries are surgical based; however it is expected that in the future, such surgeries will be non-surgical, i.e., do not involve surgery by use of drugs or physical therapy. It would be easy to enlarge or reduce the size of any part of the body by taking the fat cells from different parts of the body and rejecting some specific features.

The problem of hair loss would be eliminated, and facial transplants would become more prevalent. It would be easy to reshape some parts, such as the nose or jaws, in the same way, a sculptor does.

The expensive instruments used in cosmetic surgeries, which are hard to find, would be available in our homes easily, making lives simpler. Acne scars and pimples would be eliminated. Also, hunger and thirst would be regulated by different technologies helping us maintain our ideal weight. After 50 years, aesthetics will rule the world. People would question those who haven’t gotten such surgeries yet.

Application Of 3D Printing

3D printing is a revolutionary tool that has advanced the procedure of plastic and cosmetic surgeries. The scope of 3D printing in the future is vast. It can demonstrate problem 3 dimensionally.

Practitioners could use 3D printing for medical research, biological implants, and surgical planning. It will allow the printing of plastic parts of the elements. This helps save time and the cost of acquiring a new medical instrument. With advancements in technology, 3D printing will provide multiple benefits. It can incorporate biological implants into 3D prints.

3D printing could allow surgeons to identify defects and take corrective actions. It also helps patients understand what is being done and how the procedure is carried out, which ultimately improves the consent process by making patients happy and satisfied.

Although, there are still a lot of dilemmas regarding how to implement such procedures and monitor them. Since it combines plastic and energy, it becomes environmentally harmful and is not eco-friendly.

Will The Process Of Facial Recognition Change In The Future?

Although the scope of facial recognition is restricted today, it is bound to increase rapidly. With the latest technology, internet connectivity, and electronic capture technology, facial technology will enter into commercial and personal technology.

There is a need to improve the facial recognition algorithms and data integration and wider the concept to many people. 

It also becomes an important task for the surgeons to be ready and prepared to discuss this technology with the patients and the effects of plastic surgery on facial recognition. There would be a need to provide data on biometric identification after the procedure and mention such notations to clients to get their consent.

Social Media Influence

Nevertheless, social media continues to be the main source of people getting the idea of surgeries. With the pandemic, people having access to and time to spend on social media made them aware of their appearances and looks in a way there weren’t before.

Every social media platform sets a beauty standard for people using it. People normally compare themselves to social media influencers or celebrities who have undergone such surgeries hence starting the thought process of plastic surgery. Whether knowingly or unknowingly human brain automatically starts making an individual feel less about themselves.

Everyone on social media is envious of each other. They show their pretentious life. This, however, may affect someone negatively. Social media influencers show before and after pictures of themselves, making people believe that the process is simple and painless.

Similarly, magazines and advertisements also play a huge role in affecting someone’s self-esteem. Most teens are self-conscious about their bodies. Almost everyone wants to change a thing or two about themselves. They are very young, and these things matter a lot to them.

They start getting such thoughts from social media. Spending a lot of time on such applications makes them think about themselves in a harmful way. However, with some time and maturity, these things usually fade away. Changing your body to get accepted by others or to fit in is not the right reason.

Hence, one should introspect their insecurities and not just get surgeries just for the sake of it. Such influence of social media is expected to grow further in the future, becoming one of the main reasons people get plastic and cosmetic surgeries.

Will Body Modification Become An Addiction?

Most individuals use body modification to distract them from their real-life or feelings. They attempt to use external forces to calm down their inner selves. Getting a body part altered once is acceptable but getting it repeatedly and harming yourself is concerning.

Earlier, whenever someone used to get a tattoo or a piercing, it was a one-time thing; however, with time and in the future, the number of such tattoos will go on increasing. It is easy to predict that people will get obsessed with such alterations and surgeries and will test how further they can push their limits.

For instance, consider the case of Dennis Avner, who spent a lot of time, money, and effort making himself look like a cat. He became addicted to altering his body, which was harming him. Hence, it is important to see a professional at the right time before getting addicted.

Botox Injections
Picture By: cottonbro studio/Pexels


The future of plastic and cosmetic surgery will be fun and happening. There will be alterations that we cannot even imagine now. Body modification will become a trend, and everyone will have multiple tattoos and piercings to fit into society. Such changes will be done early to define one’s identity. 



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