TechnologyTechnological Trends in Government 2023

Technological Trends in Government 2023


What’s the use of technology if the government doesn’t use it for the development of our nation and to change and empower the lifestyle of the citizens?

Even the smallest upgradation in technological trends in government can make a huge difference not only for the nation but also for the people living in that particular country.

technological trends in government
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People often think that digital innovations are just the solutions for their problems, but when we think beyond just the personal solution or digital entertainment, we get to see the bigger picture.

When any government of any nation starts any new digital or technological transformation, the first step is to reach out to its people. The authorities are trying to solve a significant problem or make the country technologically advanced by providing small technical solutions.

In India, over the years, technological trends in government have kept changing and have benefited the whole country, be it the Aarogya Setu app during COVID-19 or introduction digital currency.

This was just one of the two significant examples of technological trends in the government of India. There have been many digital and as well as offline technological changes that have been beneficial for people to grow and live their lives at ease.

Not only in health or economically, but authorities are technologically developing every sector, be it agriculture, education, military defence, etc.

1. 2023: A Year That Will Benefit from Technological Trends in Government

In this era, the more we milk out solutions and help from technology, the more we will develop and make things easier in the future.

Every day we hear or get to know about unique and different technological innovations happening worldwide. Some might be technology related to material advancement or knowledge/ skill-based innovation.

Material-based technological development by the government includes things like providing high-tech machines or robotic machines to industrial or agricultural sectors, digitalized equipment, tools, etc., basically worldly things that are technologically or digitally advanced.

technological trends in government
Photo by: Simon Kadula/ Unsplash/ Copyright 2022

Skill-based technological development by the government includes providing technical training or arranging technical programs and providing proper guidance for the use of technology in the related sector.

Technological trends in government are beneficial for looking after the country’s working process, and they ease the steps of the decision-making journey and make it a little hassle-free when it comes to monitoring the progress and condition of the nation internally.

Various sectors have received technological help from the government, so India is the leading country, e.g., agricultural and industrial sectors.

Many large – and small-scale industries are switching from manpower to robotic machines for better product outcomes, and the working hour doesn’t apply to those machines.

So, in less time, when men and machines come together, production level increases with enhancement in the quality of the product and services and due to sales of those productions indirectly, it has a positive impact on the nation’s economic growth.

Automation has a remarkable effect on both the sector and the internal operating systems of the government. The government’s introduction of digital currency was a significant step toward ending corruption between citizens and the authorities under the table to either complete the work immediately or brush it under the rug.

There is no opportunity to see the government officer or other authority figure or bribe them to do the job because of the cashless payment and faceless assessment procedure.

People only know they pay taxes or other fees directly to the government department and submit the necessary paperwork because of the digital technique. And due to this, there’s no chance of corruption because people don’t know who the officer in charge of their work is.

technological trends in government
Photo by: Geralt/ Pixabay/ Copyright 2022

And due to a platform entirely based on blockchain, the transparency between the government and citizens is maintained.

Blockchain is like a ledger but in digital format where all the data and its related information are clubbed and linked in a chain. Through this government can track and monitor all the transactions.

Technological trends in government don’t limit themselves to just government sectors or only for its citizens. But India’s tourists also benefit from this technological change happening in all sectors.

The government has allowed the owners to use advanced equipment like self-ordering digital machines and robots for serving and room cleaning purposes for hotels and restaurants.

In many airports and railway stations, the government of India has installed a private breastfeeding room with digital instructions about a baby’s health care for women new to the motherhood phase.

And now, tourists can track their suitcases, hotel buildings, and even their tourist cars with the integrated sensor attached to them through their mobile devices.

The government introduced this facility for tourists because many of them faced the problem of luggage misplacement.

Due to this, tourists feel more secure about visiting a particular country, which will also benefit the country’s foreign exchange.

2. Is Technology Only for Financial Purposes?

Technology can be more beneficial regarding the country’s financial status, but not all technological trends in government are introduced for economic growth. Few technical developments are made for the nation’s people, especially for the youth, because they are the ones who will run the country in the future.

It is introducing technology like e-learning, providing students with digital tablets specially made for learning purposes and providing schools with e-classrooms that are accessible to both parents and professors.

Not only for municipal (government) schools but also for private schools, digital programs are being arranged to enhance and develop children’s critical thinking and analytical skills from an early age.

Even educators participate in digital training programmers to learn the technology and guide students while tracking their performance.

The government is also trying to spread technological help not just for mind and skill development but also in the areas of healthcare for the citizens. Now doctors can practice their surgeries or extensive operations through AI before performing them on actual patients.

And now, due to advanced medical equipment, doctors and robotic machines can work together to operate in critical medical cases. Transplantation of organs is carried out with the help of organ preservation done with technology while transporting them.

Many hospitals track a digitalized health record, and reminders for check-ups and appointments are sent to patients.

Photo by: Vlada Karpovich/ Pexels/ Copyright 2021

With these technological trends in government, assistance is provided to disabled people with bionic body parts and many other wearable gears to make their lives easier.

Regarding transportation, the government introduced specialized autonomous vehicles, especially for disabled people, and private companies are collaborating with the government to make autonomous vehicles available to everyone.

Every city is now turning into a a smart city with smart parking, intelligent digital health, and electronic education; with that, the environment has to be taken care of.

Many countries have adopted the technology of “liquid trees“; an electronic glass tank has been installed in the stress filled with water and micro-algae.

This microalga is used to take out the CO2 (carbon dioxide/ carbonic acid gas) emission from the air. Controlling climate change and global warming will be aided by this.

AI technology is used in many countries to train their soldiers to prepare them for war. They have to go through various virtual and digital practises and training for war so that they are well aware of and prepared for any situation at their country’s border.

During COVID–19, in a situation like a lockdown, it was tough to control the citizens with fewer police officers to monitor and patrol every street in the country.

And in this situation, they developed an AI drone with a night vision camera used to surveil a city; It also has a sensor to check the temperature of a particular area. These drones were well-equipped and were known as “Corona Combat“.

After which, in 2022, the Prime Minister came up with “Bharat Drone Mahotsav“, a drone festival, to boost and motivate the startups involved in drones with AI pilots. Now these types of drones work as AI security; they work as police inspectors patrolling a particular area. Through drones, police and the security department can easily surveil the whole country.

3. Conclusion

Technology is more than just digital screens; contrary to popular belief, it extends beyond the advancements and digitalization we view or experience on our devices. There are various types of offline technologies, and they might all benefit everyone worldwide.

Technological trends in government promise citizens that they will live in a better country and that technology will continue to assist them occasionally so they may raise their standard of living.

If proper use is made of these technologies, soon any country can transform from a developing to a developed country, but it’s up to the government how to give proper access and when to introduce their citizens to new technologies.


  • Vini Darbar

    Vini comes from a mass media background and is a writer by passion. Her articles for Icy Destiny serve as a source from which she can share her unique perspective and unique creative vision with the world. Traveling and writing are not only mere tasks for her, but a big part of her life. And you will understand this when you read her articles. Education/Qualification: Mass Communication

Vini Darbar
Vini Darbar
Vini comes from a mass media background and is a writer by passion. Her articles for Icy Destiny serve as a source from which she can share her unique perspective and unique creative vision with the world. Traveling and writing are not only mere tasks for her, but a big part of her life. And you will understand this when you read her articles. Education/Qualification: Mass Communication


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