The Brain-Computer Interfaces – 10 Amazing Things To Know

Brain computer interface
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Today in the field of science we have already progressed a lot. We can control smaller to larger machines with just a single click. In the last few decades, we couldn’t even imagine that we will be having this much-advanced machine. But today we have! The brain-computer interface is one of the examples.

This BCI technology in the future will positively modify our life. Also by achieving the BCI [brain computer interface] technology, we will be superhuman.

Here we are going to discuss these Brain-computer interfaces. Also, we will discuss the direct control of technology using this Brain-computer interface. So let’s start!

1. What is a Brain-Computer Interface [BCI]?

brain computer interface
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Imagine that you can play a game without touching your computer, Interesting isn’t it? We will be having microchips inside our brains. Also, we may have a special cap to read our thoughts.

All these things that seem impossible, are possible only because of the Brain-computer interface.

Brain-computer interfaces or BCI is the system that links our brain directly to computers. Having microchips inside our brains is quite invasive. But having the cap that will connect us to computers is not invasive.

One of the non-invasive options is EEG. EEG stands for Electroencephalography. EEG detects and records the electrical activity in the brain.

These EEG caps are wearable. These caps read the brainwaves. Also, EEG translates the brainwaves into commands for electrical devices.

This BCI will be a game changer for the gaming field. This can even replace the controller of the videogame. BCI will improve the game speed and also will make it more fun.

This Brain Computer Interface is especially useful when you need hands for other purposes.

For paralyzed people, this Brain-Computer Interface would drastically improve their quality of life. A successful brain implant will increase their independence. Also, the disabled can use the Brain-Computer Interface to control their prosthetics.

2. BCI Headphones

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These BCI headphones in their pads have electrodes. These electrodes measure the electrical activity inside the brain. This electrical activity indicates the concentration levels.

The measured data is processed in the mobile app. This is to show wearers when they work most productively.

It also includes music to fit your current mood and alerts for taking a break. These BCI headphones will be soon available for purchase.

3. How BCI Works

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As we know our brains use electronic signals, which is why we can use BCI to control things. The human brain has about eighty-six billion neurons. Each neuron sends a signal to thousands of synapses.

Whenever we wish to raise our arms per se, a specific region in the brain becomes more active. This is known as the action potential and neurons generate the action potential. After the generation of action potential, a signal gets sent.

Now, BCI can measure these action potentials. BCI has a small metal needle that records voltage change. The more needles the more accuracy BCI will have.

This BCI is implanted into the brain’s Motor and somatosensory cortex.

The neuro grams are the size of a grain of salt. It can be scattered into the brain. The advantage of this is that it can detect and pass signals from any part of the brain.

Also, the technique that can place microchips in the brain through blood vessels is developed. Due to this technique, there is no need to do brain surgery to place BCI microchips in the brain.

4. Ways to do BCI

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There are primarily three ways by which BCI happens. The first one is by cutting down the number of middlemen. One of its examples is sending letters directly to the computer from our brain, instead of sending signals from the brain to hands to the computer.

The second one is by cutting the delays. We all know people who talk much faster than other people. Also, some write faster than others do. These all are examples of cutting delays. It can be achieved by making the process faster than ever.

The third one is decoding, encoding, and interpreting. While typing, first we have to think about what to type, second, we have to send the signal from the brain to hand, and then find letters on the keyboard.

However the use of BCI can make this process single-stepped. We have to just think about what to type. Other things are done automatically.

5. Why BCI?

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One of the most important uses of BCI is that it can improve and speed up human-to-human interaction.

If we do this, we can also call it technological telepathy. Though telepathy does not exactly represent the BCI, still may have some relevancy. Also, it has huge importance in artificial prosthetics.

One of our main goals will be to grow electrodes very similar to neurons. This is for achieving the level of technology that allows us to exist in virtual or augmented reality.

With BCI technology, you can add your machine to your mind. We will not need calculators for doing tough calculations. Just looking at the field we will be able to calculate its area, length, and width.

BCI is not the technology of the future, it’s the technology of the present! In the era of BCI keyboards, the mouse will disappear. Instead of moving our hands we just have to move our eyes or even don’t if it is in our mind.

Through BCI we can also record the videos through our eyeballs. We will able to capture any movement of our life in just a blink.

6. Future of BCI

Brain model
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The Brain-computer interface device is changing the world forever. This BCI enables two-way communications seamlessly between the human mind and AI.

BCI also provides real-time access to vast amounts of information. Problem-solving and creative resources are also aided by BCI.

BCI is revolutionizing the field like software development, scientific research, and more. Also, BCI can give the perfect IQ score as it can view the world mathematically.

Humans with enhanced abilities due to the BCI will be able to predict future events too. This BCI may be converted into wearable devices. Also, it can be converted into nanobots that we can take in the form of pills.

If these BCI will take the form of pills, the circulatory system of our body will circulate BCI. Also, we will be able to control these BCI wirelessly with external computers.

In the future, we will be able to connect our minds to super intelligent AI due to these BCI. Moreover, this BCI technology will increase our memory by millions of times.

7. Use of future BCI

augmented reality glasses
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By connecting our brains to the internet, we will be able to analyze and summarize vast amounts of data. Also by these, we will be able to answer questions from nearly all the topics.

This BCI technology will also help us to make complex decisions that may be impossible for most people.

By integrating the augmented reality lenses and Brain-computer interface we will be allowed to access real-time pictures and streaming videos. Also, this will give us access to real-time global news.

The Brain-computer interface technology will change the payment industry forever. We will be able to buy products, and services virtually, using our brain signals.

Filmmakers will be able to generate the entire movie scenes by just envisioning them in mind. Even images and music can be created in minutes.

Highly realistic simulator games will be available in the future. These will allow gamers to feel the game like a real-life event. Also, gamers will feel the physical game world around them.

In the office culture, everyone can feel the office environment by sitting at home. We all can even interact with our collogues. Also, photorealistic meetings can be held using BCI.

In the education sector through BCI instead of just reading theory, real-life experiments may be done. This will also improve our education sector.

Also with this technology, we will able to do basic telepathy. Users will be able to share thoughts, emotions, and ideas directly with other people’s minds. Also, we can see others’ dreams through BCI.

This BCI can also cure multiple disabilities. Even people who can’t speak can share their thoughts through BCI. In the future, these BCI can speed up neuroplasticity and neural growth.

BCI will change and improve all sectors of the world.

8. BCI in a Single Look

As stated above there are many uses of BCI. Even today we are not able to access the Brain-computer interface. In the future, as technology will be at its peak, we will be able to use modern advanced BCI.

BCI devices use microelectrodes to detect the signals. Most companies mainly create systems to allow patients to control computers by their brains in a healthcare setting.

But now normal people also dreamt of using the BCI. The BCI will give us instant seamless access to every encyclopedia of the world.

The application of BCI is limitless. From the Education industry and entertainment industry to the Medical industry, every part of the world will need the Brain-computer interface in the future.

Due to the BCI technology, we can read dreams. This BCI technology is not just useful for human beings but also for animals.

8.1 BCI Experiments on Animals

Monkeys are the close relative of human beings. In recent days, the experiment was also done on the monkeys. Monkey was able to drive a wheelchair using these BCI. Also, this experiment of the BCI technology was done on the brains of rats.

8.2 BCI in Modern Use

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The BCI technology will allow us to connect mind to mind without any device except brain-computer interface microchips.

Beyond this, BCI will allow us to transfer memories from one person to another. This may be the way to be technologically immortal. By transferring and storing the memories into the robot this can be achieved.

The brain-computer interface will also support us to watch the TV, and laptop without the screen. Also, we will be able to play video games in our minds without any screen.

One of its applications is that we can live outside our bodies. We will be also experiencing other lives. We will be living in virtual reality. No desktop, no screen all we will be needing is just a mind and BCI chips!

Also, in future wars soldiers will use the BCI devices. This BCI device will also help the soldiers to control the feelings like anxiety, and stress in their minds. So future wars will be facilitating faster decision-making due to BCI.

As our technology is growing faster and faster, the day will come when all these things will be a reality. So, for achieving these things we have to work hard. If technology grows as like as it’s growing now, the day is near!

But, wait! Is this the only reality? No, definitely no! What will be our future exactly? will it become heaven or hell? We will be discussing the topic in the next section.

9. BCI; Heaven or hell

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As we know ”Every coin has two faces” same as this BCI has lots of positive aspects. But there is a negative aspect too. One of them is Brain hacking and mind control.

If we implant the microchips inside our brain surgically. Will it be medically safe? Will, you be ok with an invasive brain implant that will give you BCI?  For instance, let us consider whether is it medically safe. Is it ok to use in terms of security and affordable?

Just imagine if we achieve brain hacking through the Brain-computer interface. If everyone can read the mind of another’s, it will be a disaster.

The idea that you might get hacked with your split personality or virtual assistant is horrific. Our privacy of us will get spoiled due to the BCI.

Also, anybody will be able to hack the minds of individuals. Even if we inserted the BCI chips in the brain what if a virus attacked our brain-computer device?

10. How to Avoid the Negative Impacts of BCI

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The ethics of using BCI will be discussed under the ”Ethics of biologically inspired technology”. So, if we use the brain-computer interface technology with proper ethics it will be safe and comfortable for us.

If we insert an antivirus in the BCI chip it will protect us from getting hacked. Also as we know inserting the BCI chip invasively may not be safe, so, the non-invasive method of implanting the BCI chip will be the safer option.

One of the major dangerous effects of BCI is depending on it completely. In the future, the babies will be directly trained to use BCI from an early stage of life. But if suddenly in some cases, the community would be BCI less, they will be handicapped.

Dependency on technology is ok. But also being over-dependent on technology is not ok. It will be hazardous for us.

So while using the BCI technology, we must not forget to use our real brains!

Then the next step is to make the BCI chips affordable. Also, day by day as technology evolves, Scientists may find a chipper and more comfortable option for BCI.

11. Conclusion

mind machine
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As we already discussed above, brain-computer interface technology has its pros and cons. Therefore, we need to take benefit of the BCI technology. And avoiding disadvantages knowingly.

Also, we are the creators of technology, so making it hell or heaven is totally in our hands. By using the proper ethics we can achieve this. The BCI technology is very strong. So, we have to use it very carefully.

If technology can help paralyzed people to regain their independence, it’s super! But the thing to worry about is that companies making BCI products will have access to our brain waves. We must think about the long-term consequences of BCI technology.

Our thoughts, emotions, and feelings are the most personal data we have. So, data protection is most important in this area. We have to find ways to protect the intimacy of everyone.

Also, the best achievement for us would be technologically immortal.

Above, we have also discussed the ways to protect us from the hazardous effects of BCI. Also, now we know the use of BCI in every field.

Lastly, let us hope for the day when BCI will be in its most advanced form.

Till then, would you like to play video games in your mind? Would you love to control everything with the mind? What’s your opinion about the pros and cons of BCI technology? Let me know in the comments.


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