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Are the Dangers of Technology Putting Human Lives in Peril?


There is a saying by a famous political scientist Christian Lous Lange. He said technology is functional and efficacious until you let it be your master. 

The quote crosses my mind whenever I exchange dialogue about the dangers of technology and the consequences of progress due to the inordinate use of modern technology.

A research paper by an Associate Professor at Arkansas Tech University, Kevin C Costley, concludes that modern technology helps students learn Advanced skills required at the workplace, which gives them better opportunities in the future, whereas; the immature use of new technology can put them in big trouble. 

1. The Dangers of Technology and Consequences of Progress

the dangers of technology
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What comes to your mind while talking about the negative impact of progress? Is that excessive progress harmful to humans and pets? Do you think advanced technology is killing emotions and natural resources? Are we soon going to be like robots? 

Do these questions usually strike your mind and leave you in the lurch of thoughts whenever you try to muse on the future of modern technology and tools of anti-technology theft? 

Well, this is the human tendency to overthink the dangers of technological advances in the era of globalization. But the problem starts when the answers to the abovementioned questions are negative. And the problem gets much bigger than this when the dangers of technology and the consequences of progress are irreversible. 

1.1 The Dangers of Advanced Technology

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The scope and limit of disadvantages will not be in the control of humans, especially in the case of artificial intelligence disadvances. And we know that the range of new technology and its advantages are not limited to one field of work.

Therefore, to diminish the negative effects of technology, we must know how far technological disadvantages can go. 

1.1.1 The Dangers of Wireless Technology 

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Wireless technology is generally known as digital communication technology. The same technology is used for professional and private communications such as virtual business meetings and conferences, calls to our peers, and imparting knowledge through digital classes.

The client meetings and court cases; all these things were dependent on wireless technology throughout the Covid19 pandemic. However, the same technology can be harmful if used without proper knowledge or being a malware software expert.

  1. The first discovery of electromagnetic waves led to the invention of wireless technology by Heinrich Hertz. 
  2. New technologies like 5g technology, EU speed limit technology, and digital communications technology are useful in some ways. But the dangers of technology and the consequences of progress regarding wireless networks can be devastating.
  3. The dangers of wireless communications technology include stealing data, privacy, and peaceful lifestyles, which is a big concern for the world because these elements affect the mental well-being of a man and cause neurological disorders. 
  4. Moreover, the research on wireless technology concludes that radiation produced by wireless network connections irritates the blood supply chain activities and autonomic nervous systems leading to electro hypersensitivity. 

There are many other dangers of technology and consequences of progress, which these sub-branches of technology include. The wireless technology covers 5G technology, which produces electromagnetic radiation and high-speed wireless connections to cellular data using infrared waves or radio frequencies.

They are used in daily communications such as radio, tv, calls, and any other communication that happens without cables.

1.1.2 The Dangers of Speed Technology 

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The dangers of technology and the consequences of progress have two types of speed technological disadvantages. One is about the technology of high-speed data transmission technology, and the second is about the disadvantages of speed technology controlled by Anti-speeding Tech.

  • High-speed data transmission over dial-up internet access works on fiber optic networks, which is very costly. 
  • Also, the possibility of a switch from fiber optic wire to regular copper wire connection is not child’s play because both networks have different wire systems. This means the appropriate replacement for fiber optic networks is unavailable at present. What if one day FiOS stops working?
  • The anti-speed technology is used to control the high speed of cars, which is beneficial for drivers to be safe on highways while driving because the number of accidents due to overspeeding was increasing in the EU, and the reason was high speed provided by speed technology.

The new speed technology, anti-technology, is called intelligent speed assistance, which is responsible for limiting the speeds of cars running on highways and mitigating the dangers of technology and the consequences of progress. 

1.1.3 The Dangers of Seed Technology 

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The seed technology is related to plantations. That makes plantations less time-consuming and modern. The dangers of technology and consequences of progress in terms of seed technology are the following;

  1. If the seed engineer/farmer does not use proper scientific methods to grow the plants, the plant will not grow at the same speed. And the result would be a delay in the delivery of products.
  2. There is a discussion among environmental experts that this type of farming might cause environmental issues harmful to humans and pets. However, clear evidence for this claim is not available. It has no scientific value. 

The dangers of technology and the consequences of progress related to the environment have not been mentioned anywhere by seed technology experts. However, the study on its disadvantages is still pending.

1.2 The Consequences of Progresses 

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The research article published on PNAS official website in 2014, approved by the top medical center in the world, confirmed that virtual unfiltered blue light disturbs the natural biological processes in humans, which had become a prime concern for health experts because blue light is present everywhere, including in our phones and laptops. We use it daily. 

  • The overexposure to the blue lights led to insomnia, headaches, and other health issues due to the lack of sleep.
  • However, the new technologies are so advanced that the Nobel Prize winners invented a LED to lessen the adverse effects of artificial blue lights before the publication of this article on the PNAS website.
  • The LED controls the blue light. Now people hardly get headaches or insomnia after working on mobile/PCs for hours, which is one of the positive consequences of technology now. 

Let’s discuss how the dangers of technology and the consequences of progress affect humans and their day-to-day lives and know more about the consequences of technological advances. 

1.2.1 The Consequences of Technological Progresses 

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The consequences of technological advances can have both positive and adverse effects at the same time. For example;- if you have a mobile phone and a high-speed wireless connection, you can get information regarding any course you want to pursue, any institute to which you want to get admission, or any other details necessary for your career or business.

But the same mobile and high-speed wireless connection can be a headache for you and your parents when you start using it for random entertainment, such as watching porn and web series all the time. 

1.2.2 The Consequences of Technological Inventions

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There is no doubt that technology has made our lives easier. Modern inventions like robots for cleaning and security are helpful at the workplace and at home. The working class cannot manage a house and workplace simultaneously. The robots will help with every small task and make it easy for them to sleep peacefully. 

However, the same technological invention has negative consequences too. For example, the robots who help you at work can also kill you when their angry/evil mode is on. The statement is not imaginary. It actually happened in Germany. A robot killed a worker by smashing a plate on his head. The other impact is that they will take away the job of humans. What will humans do in the future? 

2. The 5G Network Controversies 

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There was a debate on the internet when 5G, a high-speed wireless connection, was introduced in well-established countries in 2019. Some people claimed that the radio frequencies include cancerous cells, and some of their friends laughed at them after reading such comments.

No one was aware of the real issue. So we will discuss the myths and reality about the dangers of technologies and the consequences of 5G Network progress among the common masses. 

2.1 5G Network & Cancer

The possibility of containing cancerous cells in 5G networks depends on the level of Radio Frequencies used in operating that network. 

  • According to the researchers and Dr. Collin, the risk of cancer is present in the higher ranges of radio frequencies that go beyond the 3 Million GigaHertz or fall in this range. 
  • But 5G Network radio frequency range falls between 26 GHz to 52.6 GHz, according to the researchers. Whereas; the cancerous cell develops when the rage crosses the safe zone parameters set by experts. 
  • It means the current range of 5 Networks is insufficient to cause a deadly skin disease like cancer.

The second study published on the National Library Of Medicine website, the United States of America, warns about the risk associated with the 5G Network. However, the research paper does not show the direct link between cancer and the 5G network. 

2.1.1 Is it Possible for Radio Frequencies to Cause Cancer?

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There are two types of radiation in science; ionizing and non-ionizing. The ionizing radiations are X-rays and Gamma. These radiations have higher energy and can easily penetrate the human body and cause cancer and other serious health issues. 

  • However, the second radiation has lower energy. It is less likely to cause cancer and other serious diseases in the human body because the radiation under the low range cannot penetrate through the body. But that is not mean no minor adverse effects are present due to the non-ionizing radiations. 

In short, Every technical product produces radiation, but not every radiation can penetrate human skin cells and cause cancer by damaging DNA

2.2 5G Network & Covid-19 

The chances of developing Covid-19 due to weak immune systems are high, and some claim that 5G weakens the immune system by disturbing the body’s natural process. That makes it easier for the virus to transmit into the human body. Well, these types of claims are mere rumors and nothing else. 

The research concludes that 5G-Covid is a term used by Anti-5G elements to draw attention to boycotting the 5G Network. There is no scientific evidence to confirm such weird claims. So we can conclude that the 5G Network has nothing to do with the causes of Covid-19.

2.3 5G Network: a Threat to Airplanes

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The Federal Aviation Administration of the United States of America published the list of the top 50 airports to limit the use of 5G Network Activities around these Airports because the report published by Radio Technical Commission for Aeronautics warned about the 5G interference.

That might lead to threatening malfunctions by affecting altitude readings and interfering with altimeters. It means one can know the range of airplanes, the flying distances, and much other private information which attacks the security of a person. 

2.4 Can 5G Networks Increase Cyber Fraud?

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The problem with the 5G Network is that it carries more traffic than the 4G Network. So it has more chances to carry corrupt files that include malware.

There are five major fields where cyber fraud caused by 5G can take place; money laundering, drug and human trafficking, and terror funding. 

2.4.1 Money Laundering & Trafficking 

The 5G Network has no restricted protocols for everyone. It means the network is easily accessible to everyone, even to cybercriminals. 

  • The criminals will gain access to the data of millions of users by getting information from their 5G network databases. 
  • In addition, 5 Network antennas give updates about the real-time locations of the users to keep them safe, but criminals might use it as an opportunity. 
  • They will take complete control of a user’s life leading to cybercrimes. 

And other serious crimes like kidnapping and murder can also happen in some cases by hijacking a person’s life through the high-speed wireless network. However, this is not so easy, but there are chances that such crimes can occur with the help of a 5G network. 

2.4.2  Terror Funding

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The criminals can get the mobile numbers of some users by gaining access through the network function virtualization. Also, there are other ways of getting small details about a well-known person or organization. 

  • Cyber-terrorists can make transactions with the bank accounts of people having a large amount in their bank account. They can even transfer that money to their own benefit. 
  • The government can limit such activities by controlling the use of the 5g Network through anti-cyber attacks software/hardware.
  • But a strong data management system is needed for that. Because hackers use users’ data to hijack the system, the same data shall be regulated so that hackers cannot get the information they want. 

In short, it’s possible to regulate the disadvantages of the 5G Network with the help of an efficient technical team, which can take preventive actions as early as possible. 

3. Advanced Technology and its consequences 

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Modern Technology influences our business, study, and lifestyle, e. g. we order food online and opt for online classes because online classes save time and money spent on living expenses. How are these things happening? With the help of Technology.  

The second side of technological inventions is cyber fraud, failures due to technical glitches. The admission process hampers due to technical glitches, and students start thinking negatively about their future. 

3.1 Psychological 

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The research talks about the psychological effects of technology during the pandemic. It has been mentioned in the research paper that some people invested their time and created something unique online, the audience liked the idea, and they are social media stars now.

  • Some teenagers start getting anxiety attacks due to competition with their schoolmates. They also want to be social media stars but end up losing money in the process of gaining followers or becoming famous. The same thing happened with a girl. She lost her dad’s hard-earned money.
  • That happens due to a lack of confidence. Now how to boost confidence? How can one make sure that the audience will like her talent? Our new generation must understand that balance and patience are the key to success.
  • Fame comes with time. If you have a unique talent, the public will appreciate you someday. You can spend some money on marketing your content rather than wasting it on some random people to gain direct followers within hours.

Value your talent and understand how technology works. That will bring success and peace too.

3.2 Technical 

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Two years ago, my teacher was teaching me something important. Suddenly, her wifi disconnected due to a poor internet connection, and she had to stop the class. So technical problems can hamper your study, work, and business too.  

Another example of technical consequences of the human brain is that some students search on google for the spelling of every difficult word, which creates problems when they give offline exams.

3.3 Medical

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The medicines have numerous benefits, but the overdose and consumption of medicine by children can cause unwanted problems. Sometimes, doctors leave scissors in the stomach of their patients. 

The cost of surgeries is too high, and private hospitals can ask for any amount for the treatment. The robotic surgeries cost around USD 4K to 24K. Heart bypass and cancer surgeries are more expensive.

3.4 Social 

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The privacy and personal life of the working class are in danger due to technology. Even some cases reveal that hidden cameras are destroying images and the personal lives of innocent people. There is no guarantee of privacy in the era of modern technology. 

The news that the data of many Whatsapp users got leaked and that some people are selling that data to advertising agencies to earn money shows that our privacy is in danger. That sounds odd. Let’s take into consideration a real-life example to understand this.

Suppose you are searching for an institute to get admission to, and suddenly you see an unofficial website of your favorite institute. You can click on that website. Now you start getting end numbers of promotional emails and messages regarding admission from other websites.

Your privacy has been breached, and your data has been shared with another company by clicking on one link. However, this is illegal.

But catching criminals and cuber cons is not an easy task to do. The court put restrictions on companies to stop future damages. How would one overcome previous frauds?

4. The Future of Advanced Technology

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The future of advanced technology is very bright because there might be hotels on mars where we will enjoy our holidays. Artificial intelligence like ChatGPT, Robots, and other speech recognition features have replaced traditional working methods. The more advanced version might replace humans too. Who knows?

  • More advanced humanoid robots can come into the market. They might snatch the jobs of many employees. However, engineers and scientists will get more work because they are the ones who can fix technical problems in robots and computers. 

The future of modern technology will bring a new era. However, the COVID-19 pandemic has proved that technology can destroy humans, and their inventions will be useless. Once technology crosses its limits, it’s hard to control it. 

5. End Notes

Technology is like a horse. The riding master decides how he is going to ride the horse. Some riders ride smoothly and fully enjoy the ride, and the rest try to ride the horse using unnecessary force, which results in an unexpected injury.

The smoothness of the ride depends on the expertise of horse riders. Similarly, the master of technology will enjoy technical progress, and the slaves of technology will pay heavy prices. 

The impact of technology is deep on the environment. Future inventions must be done without harming the environment


  • Jyoti Dhama

    With a passion for writing and traveling, Jyoti has also completed a Bachelor of Arts in English Honors. She studied psychology in the first year of her graduation and started writing about mental health and lifestyles, which enabled her to write more about health and lifestyle niche. Apart from this, she has been a writer for health, law, finance, and International News Articles for two years. Jyoti is an expert in writing international case studies and has three years of experience in the same niche. Also, the writer has worked as a legal translator. Profession/Qualification: Bachelor of Arts in English Honors

Jyoti Dhama
Jyoti Dhama
With a passion for writing and traveling, Jyoti has also completed a Bachelor of Arts in English Honors. She studied psychology in the first year of her graduation and started writing about mental health and lifestyles, which enabled her to write more about health and lifestyle niche. Apart from this, she has been a writer for health, law, finance, and International News Articles for two years. Jyoti is an expert in writing international case studies and has three years of experience in the same niche. Also, the writer has worked as a legal translator. Profession/Qualification: Bachelor of Arts in English Honors


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