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Virtual Reality Personal Shopping and Styling Assistants With 15 Unique Possibilities!


If you are reading this, you are probably familiar with online shopping. What if online shopping gets more interesting and versatile with AI-powered virtual reality personal shopping and styling assistants?

Imagine creating your world of fashion and wearing your designs! What if you could immediately buy whatever you saw and liked while watching television?

What a fantastic reality if it were a possibility!

Perhaps, it can be a reality. You never know. After all, every invention was once a dream or someone’s imagination.

1. AI-Powered Virtual Reality Personal Shopping and Styling Assistants – What If a Possibility?

Virtual Reality Personal Shopping and Styling Assistants
By Igor Miske / Unsplash copyrights 2017

AI-powered chatboxes already exist to enable customers to tailor their preferences so that companies (especially Ecommerce businesses) can produce their required clothes.

However, this technology is limited and not very popular yet.

For instance, Redbubble is an e-commerce company that sells print-on-demand clothes and other products designed by sellers across the globe.

Anyone can become a seller or a buyer. The buyer can choose according to their size, color, and quantity preferences.

However, there are limitations to this. Firstly, the designs are sold based on already pre-made layouts. This limits the scope of the exact style that the buyer wants.

Also, you must wait a few days for the order to arrive at your doorstep. So, last-moment emergencies cannot be attended to.

There is also a possibility of not being satisfied after you get the product and returning it is also inconvenient for such E-commerce businesses.

There are many more limitations to the current AI-powered virtual reality personal shopping and styling assistants.

Now, imagine that you have software that requires no constant internet. Also, this software is accessible from any device, be it a phone, laptop, computer, tablet, or television.

So, every time you want something you see or create in your mind, you can manifest it to become your immediate reality.

Also, this software can retain the internet for weeks just so you can access the amazing functions of this software even from a remote place. An ideal gift for all travelers.

2. A Vast and Wonderful Scope

Let’s explore a handful of the infinite possibilities of the technology, that might become a reality in the future.

2.1. Buy it Immediately!

Remember when you looked at a product on your screen and just knew that you wanted it?

That urge to have it immediately makes you scroll through the website and go through the processes just so you can have it after days.

The tedious process of tracking and waiting for your order can be easily solved with the amazing AI-powered virtual reality personal shopping.

Just touch the screen or say a specific command to buy it immediately.

The dress you see on the screen materializes on your hands as you feel the velvety fabric and smell the crisp scent of new cloth.

Just revel in the delicious imagination for now.

2.2. Smell and Taste it Before you buy it.

You must have seen a yummy-looking snack on TV and wondered what it tasted like.

What if you could have a sample and taste the snack, feel its texture on your tongue, and bite into it as you took in its aroma?

Thinking about it made you gulp, right? Perhaps, you can look forward to such a fabulous treat in the future.

Test it and then buy it. After all, why limit tests to students only?

2.3. No More Last-Minute Dilemma

Virtual Reality Personal Shopping and Styling Assistants
By Becca McHaffie / Unsplash copyrights 2018

This is the perfect technology for all human beings skilled in indecisiveness. The art of “what to wear at the last minute” and “I have nothing to wear” while looking at a heap of numerous clothes is not rare.

It is a popular practice among the picky homo sapiens sapiens.

If you are one of them, you are welcome to consider the possibility of technology that creates your dress immediately.

Do you want a cocktail dress with silver and turquoise glitter on the side?

Think, visualize, and just see it materialize as it wraps around your body.

2.4. No More Excuses!

Are you the type of person who wears boring clothes under the disguise of being “casual cuz I don’t care?

But the reality is that you have no idea about fashion and have no confidence in your clothing choice.

Leave it to your AI-powered virtual reality styling assistants and see the spell work, technically.

2.5. Fuel Your Inner Designer

If you were one of the kids who liked to draw designs or dress up dolls, you might want to explore your inner child, once again. With time and experience, see how your designs have improved.

This time, be your designer and doll. See how well you can wear your idea and shine it into the world.

2.6. Sustainable in the Long-Run

If you add all the costs of traveling to a mall or store, buying the products, and returning and repeating the same process for years, you will see that the technology is cheaper in the long long, in comparison.

So, save your money, time, energy, and effort, making your life easier and more fun.

2.7. No More Ill-Fitting Clothes

Even after buying your cloth, you might have been dissatisfied with how it was not fitting you, probably, around the hips or thighs.

This problem is very common with certain body types, especially for people who are curvy or have a slender body type. This problem can be solved with your tailor who will c customize the cloth as if it was just designed for you, only you. Special, isn’t it?

2.8. Paint it as You Wish

Play with colors or don’t, do it, wear it, and flex it as you like. No one will judge as your virtual assistant will be at your beck and call, making you the happiest customer.

From patterns to neutral colors to colorful quotes, to beautiful art, you can make it all happen.

Wear a T-shirt with your quote and level up your coolness and swag points. You got it in you and show it as well.

2.9. Sell Your Ideas

Not everyone can be a great designer. If you are blessed with amazing creativity, you can make it a profession and make a living out of it.

So, not only will you survive but also thrive. Living life with a creative drive is the best way to be alive.

2.10. Play With Your Weirdness, shamelessly!

Your solution for all introverts and those with social anxiety is this technology.

No need to interact with another living human, who might or might not judge your choice.

Let go of all your what-ifs and just make your home your fashion show. Cozy, familiar, and free is the vibe for the homebodies.

2.11. Whenever, Wherever

Shakira’s song can become a reality for you and your products.

A desert, a forest, a mountain; at 3 AM with your weird thoughts or on a public holiday with your life- crisis, you can choose your outfit, whenever and wherever.

The AI-powered virtual reality personal shopping and styling assistants will be there, loyal and efficient.

2.12. Help Them, Make Them go “Awe!”

You must have or know that one relative or family member whose sense of dress can be described only in one word- “tragic”.

Help the poor soul and bless them with fashion. Make them go “awe!”.

2.13. Pets are Allowed.

Yes, you can design for your pet and make the perfect dress for your bundle of joy.

You can customize and make healthy recipes and treats and present them with good treats.

The tongue- bathes, tiny nudges, and soft paws will become more frequent in your life.

Pets love to be loved and to love. It’s a win-win situation.

2.14. Halloween Will be More Fun

You can be as creative as you want and as spooky as possible with AI-powered virtual reality personal shopping and styling assistants.

Just think about it and wear it.

You can dress as anything from a mermaid to an astronaut, to a gold bar, to jelly to a robot. Halloween will never be the same again.

2.15. Everyone is Able

Physically, mentally and emotionally, “disabilities” will not stop anyone from shopping or styling to their heart’s content.

Can’t go shopping? Let it be at your fingertips.

3. Where to Proceed with Caution?

Despite all the fantabulous possibilities, there are certain factors to be wary of if technology becomes a reality. Go through them below:

3.1. It Becomes Sweeter with Patience

The waiting period before getting a product makes you cherish it more once you receive it. Patience makes outcomes better and more precious.

Thus, be it the waiting line at the cashier or the days before your delivery, you become eager and feel grateful and overjoyed once you finally get your desired commodity.

AI-powered virtual reality personal shopping and styling assistants will rob you of this precious experience.

3.2. What About the Employers?

Delivery men, professional designers, website managers, cashiers and many more will lose their jobs if the technology becomes popular and common.

This will affect the economy, social fabric, and individual lives, in a negative light.

3.3. The Initial Cost can be Expensive

Not everyone can afford the technology in the first place as it will be expensive initially when bought.

This will lead to an inconsistent pattern of public satisfaction and opportunities.

Also, there will be more division in society as people are largely influenced by their appearance and what they wear.

Looks matter and differences can cause a superiority-inferiority complex among people.

3.4. Shopping Malls Will Lose Their Value

Though the main purpose of a shopping mall is to sell and buy products, many go there for outings, dates, family shopping, or simply to take selfies.

Going to malls just for the AC in summer is a guilty pleasure for many. The salesmen and security guards also make a living based on their work there.

Thus, if AI-powered virtual reality personal shopping and styling assistants become true, shopping malls will not be there anymore.

3.5. The Joys of Real-Life Shopping

Virtual Reality Personal Shopping and Styling Assistants
By charlesdeluvio/ Unsplash copyrights 2019

Not only will it take away the memories of shopping before festivals and celebratory occasions like weddings, proms, and parties but also replace people’s jobs with AI.

The mesmerizing feeling of going from one store to another and feeling the texture of different fabrics while bargaining with the shopkeepers can not be replaced by quick AI-powered virtual reality personal shopping.

The shopaholics will have their month of mourning if that happens.

3.6. What About Book Lovers?

Going to libraries has already been replaced by online pdfs and books. Imagine if everyone started buying books online and publishing their books in a matter of seconds.

The pure joy of going to a bookstore and exploring the shelves while taking in the musty scent of fresh paper and wood can never be enough.

Can you really replace that with a quick transaction while sitting on your couch?

You probably can not, if you know the feeling of an ardent book collector.

3.7. Over-Indulgence Can Become a Dangerous Addiction

Since the technology with AI-powered virtual reality personal shopping and styling assistants is quick, easy, and fun, it will become addictive if not controlled properly.

Many people use shopping as a way of escapism but since there are limitations to it in real life, it is kept in check.

However, this technology can become an obsession as there is no restriction, be it the effort to travel, wait in line, or the budget in the long run.

Thus, this is a matter of concern if this form of virtual reality becomes a reality.

4. Final Words

The future of fashion


Considering all the elements and factors of expansion and areas of caution, you can decide whether you want your own AI-powered virtual reality personal shopping and styling assistants.

With the rapid development in AI, it might be possible in the future. Till then, keep your imagination wild and free. 

Perhaps, you will be able to unleash your inner design, one day. Just remember, this technology will be able to make you Cinderella or her fairy Godmother, or both. Enchanting, isn’t it?

Wild and free in imagination, Soujanee has never really found a place big enough to keep her thoughtful and detailed stories and viewpoints. The words that Soujanee puts on paper or type while using her keyboard are the gateways for self-expression. Writing gives her imagination a life that connects her with other innovators and imaginative minds. It is beautiful and efficient and overall, wholesome. Currently, Soujanee is pursuing BA Honors in English, with Economics and Sociology as General Elective subjects from Scottish Church College, University of Calcutta. English mentally and emotionally involves her by stimulating her to do better, making her decide that she was developed for the role of a writer. The reason Soujanee loves Literature and Sociology is because of the depths of the stories, characters and the potential for critical thinking. Soujanee has been actively involved in various competitions that required mastery of creativity, critical thinking, and quick thinking. With facts from history, an understanding of the present and creativity for the future, Soujanee looks forward to creating a new fascinating world. Soujanee's end goal is to capture the attention of a vast audience through excellent presentation and expression of ideas through her content. Education/Qualification: BA Honors in English


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