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All of Us Are Dead: More Than Just a TV Show


All of us are Dead is the hit 2022 K-drama that landed on Netflix in January. Everyone wishes for the release of season 2! 

If you are a fan of other hit k-dramas like Train to Busan and Oh my Ghost, then you surely like to watch horror plots. The story of this particular drama revolves around a sudden and unfortunate zombie outburst in a school. 

All of us are dead
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The plot is excruciatingly breathtaking and exquisitely executed by the cast. This k-drama, set on a school premise, showcases the pain of losing your loved ones and ultimately surviving doomsday. 

The mood of the drama constantly shifts throughout every episode. Every character has a story to portray, be it love, hatred, anger, or sadness. The acting done by the actors is profound and leaves the audience in awe. 

But is this k-drama reflecting something serious? Are there any possibilities that this could turn into reality? Can humans turn into zombies? Is zombie apocalypse a thing? We live in a universe with infinite possibilities, so it wouldn’t be wrong to say there could be a possibility.

The Plot of the Kdrama ‘All of Us Are Dead’

Female Zombie
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By: Cottonbro
The Korean drama All of Us Are Dead was created by Chun Sung-il and directed by Lee Jae-kyoo Kim Nam-su. The show follows the lives of lead actors, Park Ji Hu, Yoon Cha-young, Choo Yi-hun, Lomon, Yo In-soo, Lee Yoo-mi, Kim Byung-chul, Lee Kyu-hyung, and Jeon Bae-su. It first aired on Netflix on January 28, 2022, with 12 episodes.
The entire storyline of this drama is set on high school premises with a sudden outbreak of zombies! The zombie apocalypse is caused due to failed scientific experiments of one of the teachers in the school. As a result, hundreds of students are stuck in school with no help from the outside world. The viral outbreak is fatal, and students are converted into insane zombies within seconds.
The theme for the first season was about death, whether it was coming to terms with your mortality or being in a state where you were waiting for your inevitable demise. There were also stories of people fighting back against their fate to live.
Lovers had to break apart since one of them was infected. Best friends had to let go so the other person could survive. There is a turmoil of emotions throughout the drama which keeps the viewers hooked till the end. However, some characters come up as strong individuals protecting the other students from the apocalypse.
Death had no bounds, from loss and mourning to relationships, love, and self-acceptance. A major theme permeated throughout each episode, with numerous characters losing someone they loved or struggling with their deaths.
The story for this drama is based on the plot of the 2009 Webtoon ‘Now at our School.’ The first season primarily focuses on how the lives of children at Hyosan High change when they face the zombies. Fear instantly engulfs everyone at the school, and every student desperately searches for a safe way out.
However, the plot revolves around the school across the series and how the students face the emotional damage of losing their loved ones. Amidst the chaos, students discover that zombies are sensitive to sound, and if they move silently, they can survive. Unfortunately, this strategy doesn’t last long.
As the story progresses to the final episodes, one can witness bold sacrifices made by characters Choi Nam-ra and Lee Cheong-san. Although both turned into zombies, you will see that Choi Nam-ra visits her friends in the end scene. Many suggest that she has gained control over her zombie self; others state that every zombie still trapped at the Hyosan High is ready to seek revenge.
The plot was left on a cliffhanger, and audiences eagerly await the launch of All of us are Dead season 2. It would be fascinating to know how the story would unfold in season 2 of this Kdrama. Will survivors of the tragedic incident go back to their normal lives? Will the trapped students at Hyosan High seek revenge on the survivors? Will the lead couples reunite?
Questions are numerous, but the fans await the release of Season 2!

Can the Plot in ‘All Of Us Are Dead’ Happen in Real Life? 

Hands of Zombie
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By: Daniel Jensen

After watching a series like All of us are Dead, there’s a possibility of a question popping into your mind. Can the plot of this K-drama happen in real life? The chance of such an event happening cannot be denied.

Scientifically speaking, we are far from such a thing happening in real life. But we can’t ignore the probability of such a tragedy happening in real life. After all, the zombies in the drama are humans with a loss of sensibility and constantly feeding on other humans.

The recent viral outbreak of Covid-19 led to the loss of lives of many humans across the globe. This virus was merely a failed experiment with harmful viruses in our environment. Thus, it indicates that we might call our doom if we try to mess with nature carelessly.

Can humans turn into zombies or other flesh-eating creatures? There is no dead certain answer to this query. But there is an equal probability of such an event happening or not in the real world.

Although, there haven’t been any recorded cases of humans turning into zombies. Certain organisms are reported to turn into dreadful creatures, though. Here are two famous incidents recorded in recent years that support the notion of drastic change to an organism’s body and mind by certain viruses or parasites.

1. Ants turning into Zombie Ants

Don’t go with the literal meaning of the word ‘zombie.’ In this case, ants didn’t turn into real-life zombies; however, something similar happened to them. There is a dreadful fungus named Ophiocordyceps, known to have poisonous and harmful effects.

If ants linger around this fungus, then this fungus species attacks the ants from within the body and outside the body as well. Ultimately, ants lose control over their mind and start behaving aggressively till they lose their lives. It sounds similar to what eventually happens in the plot of All of us are Dead. 

2. Spiders turning into Zombie Spiders

Zoologist Philippe Fernandez-Fournier reported another incident of spiders showcasing zombie-like behavior. The zoologist and his teammates discovered that spiders in the Ecuadorian Amazon were being manipulated by a dangerous wasp species- Zatypota wasp. This poisonous wasp first attacks the spiders and lays its eggs on them.

Ultimately, the eggs hatch and the wasp larvae feed on the spiders and take control of their bodies. Once the wasp larvae take control of the spider’s body, the spider loses control of its mind and starts behaving like a wasp by creating cocoons for the wasp. Eventually, spiders die in this process, and the wasp survives.

Above mentioned incidents describe how the organisms are affected by other parasites or viruses. Thus, considering these two theories, we can say that there are certain chances of humans turning into zombies if we continue with improper experiments that break the laws of nature.

Is Human Technology and Innovation Shifting Towards Doom?

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By: Moritz Kindler

We are living in the most exciting time. Over the past few hundred years, we’ve seen technological innovations explode, leading to leaps and bounds that our ancestors couldn’t have imagined.

It’s become commonplace to see discussions about the dangers of technology and whether or not we are heading towards doom as a civilization, but is this the case? Invention and innovation have always been very important to the development of human society.

However, as science has progressed, so has how human technology has affected the world around us – both positively and negatively. These days, there’s no denying that some of our greatest achievements as a species are becoming increasingly problematic – think global climate change, nuclear weapons, and biological warfare – while others seem more like they’re straight out of dystopian fiction than real life – think virtual reality, advanced surveillance systems, and gene editing technology.

With technological innovation seeming to accelerate at an ever-quickening pace, there is something to be said about our increased reliance on technology and its potential dangers. If we look back through history, the creation of technology has been both beneficial and detrimental to society, ranging from the design of the simple wheel to nuclear weapons and their subsequent destructive capabilities.

The fact that humans have invented technology that we can use in harmful ways does not mean we should resist innovation or scientific advancement. Still, it does raise concerns about what might happen if we don’t proceed with caution. For example, in Kdrama All of us are Dead, we witness how a failed experiment with a hamster leads to such huge chaos. 

Several recent experiments have gone awry. For instance, genetically modified mosquitoes that were supposed to suppress the population of malaria-carrying mosquitoes have become out of control.

These pests transmit diseases like the Zika virus, Dengue fever, and Chikungunya. The only known cure is insecticide sprays. Other advances leading to doom are robots designed to react like humans, demonstrating human-like characteristics when they kill.

Technological innovations in the medical field have often moved humanity forward. Technologically, we’ve made leaps in health care through the invention of vaccines, electric devices, surgical improvements, and more.

For this reason, many quickly disagree with the idea that human technology is shifting toward doom- that is, there’s no conclusive evidence that medical technologies are moving towards worsened life.

However, with each major advancement of human technology (i.e., smartphones), we also see a new way to use it for nefarious purposes. The Kdrama, All of us are Dead beautifully portrays the chances of how destructive the human mind can be. 

Similarities Between the Kdrama ‘All of us are Dead’ and Real Life

Netflix Asian Dramas
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By: Ravi Sharma

The Kdrama, All of us are Dead isn’t merely a zombie apocalypse story. It has several elements other than the viral outbreak. A few sensitive incidents are pointed out in the story, similar to the ones we experience in real life. Here’s a list of them:

Problems Faced By Teens

In the end scene, Nam-ra says she isn’t a complete human but not a monster either. This statement reflects how kids in their teen years feel stuck between the phase of adulting and maturing from kids to adults. Similar to how these kids aren’t completely adults but not kids either. They face a series of emotions and feelings that are unexplainable but are true.

Emotional Trauma and Possible Bad Habits

In another episode of the series, All of us are Dead, you will witness a scene where the students try to ignite fire by rubbing sticks together. Later, we see that Nam-ra has a lighter, and she has a smoking habit. It indicates that kids tend to spoil in their teenage years and are afraid of coming out clean because of the social stigma associated with the same. Kids are emotionally disturbed in their adolescent years and tend to judge themselves according to how others treat them.

The Bottom Line

This Kdrama has numerous fans across the globe. All the viewers of season 1 are already waiting for season 2 of this hit drama. All of us are Dead Season 2 is yet to release but has a huge audience awaiting its release! However, one must consider the possibilities of such an apocalypse happening in real life.

Considering the human invasion of technology and medical science, it is possible that such an incident as the Kdrama All of us are Dead can happen shortly. Thus, one must remember to stay safer when dealing with natural phenomena and that technology should always be for betterment, not devastation.


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