Vivid Dreams: A Sign of Spiritual Awakening

What do vivid dreams mean spiritually?

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Have you ever experienced a dream that is more vivid than the real world? Did it ever feel like the dream is so real that you can actually feel your surroundings?

Perhaps, you couldn’t refrain from thinking about it because it was so peculiar and different.

And, for that to say, you may experience vivid dreams or lucid dreams if your REM sleep dream seems more authentic to your mind, and if you have retained or recalled the majority of them. Such dreams may represent benefits and unfavorable significance or implications.

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Believe that since vivid dreams enable you to perceive your core thoughts, fears, and emotions, they may be extremely intense. As a result, the type of emotions that have been premeeting your conscious mind all day have a big impact on how intense these dreams are.

If you are going through stress and anxiety, there are chances that it will reflect on your dreams. Additionally, you might experience exaggerated nightmares that may make you uncomfortable and keep you from having a restful night’s sleep.

Having lucid dreams, where the dreamer comprehends the fact that they are having dreams, can lead to mystical and spiritual encounters, as encoded by scriptures.

1. Trauma or Unprocessed experiences

Bad dreams, and more specifically, having the same dream over and over again, can be symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder. According to some scientists, dreams have a similar function to video games, as they stimulate situations for us to see how we would react, and assist us in coming up with the best defenses to deal with the threats that are realistic in our daily lives.

However, recurring nightmares can make us feel as though we are in imminent peril, and are unable to schedule a break from practicing served defense for a few hours.

If we are aware that we are protected in everyday life, but our dreamscape does not reflect that, there is undoubtedly something we need to deal with to come back to a broad sense of safety.

2. Past Life or Intergenerational Traumas

Some people believe that dreams can give us a glimpse into our past lives, particularly, when we dream of ourselves as individuals in different forms or genders.

The possibility that nervous systems can download unpleasant reconnections from our family may also support the idea that this is how nightmares are caused. We could potentially be carrying remnants of a previous life in either scenario.

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3. What is an Ascension journey?

The stage of your soul’s awakening journey, when you are ascending higher while becoming more connected to the supreme, divine power above you is distinct and intense. It is a significant path that helps you become more mindful, spiritually aware, and conscious of your actions.

This process can be thought of as reprogramming your inner self, correcting your past self, voluntarily letting go of your ego, outmoded ideas, and outlook, and ultimately growing into a more spiritually focused individual.

Each person has a unique ascension experience. However, if it is tumultuous in your situation, do not panic. Most ascension journeys are difficult because they test your stability on the psychological, metaphysical, and physical levels.

Extreme disorientation and anxiety may set in. If you don’t feel like consuming food or doing anything else, it might appear to be a brief period of pseudo-depression. In addition, it is normal to feel anxious or tired, and your hallucinations might give you the impression that you are going crazy.

Spiritual ascension will never be an easy ride. The pain of the ascension journey, however, will be worthwhile If you can rediscover who you are ultimately.

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4. What are Vivid Dreams and Why Do We Experience Them on our Ascension Journey?

Vivid dreams are those that feel genuine and bring the unconscious in touch with reality. This reality may have its roots in one’s repressed emotions, with the conscious component of the mind dealt with.

Thus, according to dream experts, having vivid dreams may be a sign that you will eventually be able to fall asleep more easily and will have a more detailed non-REM dream. Your general mental health is reflected in more than just your dreams.

In some cases, one might have frequent episodes of them due to several physical and hormonal changes occurring in one’s body. Therefore, When you are fully conscious and awake, anything that puts extra or unusual psychological strain on your body can cause vivid dreams.

Why Is Everyone Having Vivid Dreams Right Now?

Your ascension journey, as previously mentioned, is a journey that meets you to reach your full potential and increase your spiritual awareness. a winding path must be traveled to become the most optimistic, Ideal version of yourself.

Your journey of ascension might also be a metaphor for the healing process you are going through. So before you reach the Pinnacle of spirituality, you might have to release a lot of repressed negative energy.

Consider doing this as a personal effort to help yourself get through challenging or upsetting conditions in your life. You would talk to a therapist, get the necessary care, and engage in aromatherapy or additional well-known Wellness therapy to lessen anxiety, calm your nerves, and attract more positive energy.

Train Your unconscious mind and connect with your metaphysical self to be with criticism and emotional ups and downs.

You may also be getting near to spiritual enlightenment where you need to allow yourself to let go of your ego to find tranquility in case you are experiencing a lot of Vivid dreams.

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5. How to Use Vivid Dreams to Ascend Faster?

Inevitably, having vivid dreams will make you anxious. But, to ascend more quickly and experience spiritual awakening sooner, it is crucial to correctly interpret them. Start by writing down all your memorable dreams, because by this, you can recall the majority of them.

Start reading within the lines to determine the circumstances and manifestations so that you can write it down in the formal format of a questionnaire. you might find an answer to a lot of difficult questions as a result of your dreams.

So it is a good idea to think about the reasons you initially encountered in each of your vivid dream settings and dream scenarios. There must be a spiritual symbolism or deeper meaning being attempted to be communicated in these dreams.

The next step is to attempt to shape these dreams in the way you favor, and by this, you bring the outcome closer to your goals. You can change the direction of your dreams if they are being caused by your physical limitations.

To have better dreams that fulfill your expectations and desires, it is crucial to take good care of your body. The next step is to discuss the specifics of how vivid dreams can help an individual achieve complete spiritual enlightenment through intense focus and meticulous attention to every detail encountered.

One should try to enlarge the dream scenarios to capture every tiny symbol, color, and person, that stands in for a variety of emotions that come from your waking life.

Healing and ascension Happen more quickly when you have control over your dreams and you can mold dream scenarios to suit your taste and ideal thought processes. Sometimes the most vivid dreams you have can be a direct part of spirituality and healing.

In your aspirations journal, however, You might need to jot down your insights from time to time, until your subconscious is completely adapted to them, and they are not forced anymore.

You must make an intentional effort to follow them at all times. You might also start tuning into inner tranquility and Nirvana at this point because dreams can be agonizing to experience given that they are so powerful as well as they have such a vital message to convey.

These may be worries, phobias, and personal Demons you have been struggling with. If you ignore your active vivid dreams, hidden negativity will continue to Polish your unconscious through them. The bad news is that you will probably keep going through them until you can fix your negative beliefs or feelings That are impending your ascension journey.

6. Conclusion

Knowing this, it turns out that having vivid dreams is not necessarily a bad thing. Anything that makes working with your unconscious mind more manageable is a gift. This gift will eventually solve all of the issues you are experiencing in your life including emotional, behavioral, and physiological ones.

This is the way to go if you want to Ascend and achieve complete Nirvana. Dreams have delighted and mystified people throughout history.

According to McNamara and Bulkeley (2015), were the most likely sources of religious cognition because they directly attested to the possibility of the realm of spirit, Afterlife, and transcendence.

But in traditional settings and in a more secular theology, which is becoming more and more prevalent in modern society, even the act of imagining itself can be seen as an act of Faith (Bulkeley, 1996).

Some dreams enable Dreamers to become aware of the reality that they are dreaming as they are in REM State, permitting them to deliberately encounter and respond to their dream experience as they are unfolding.

Although most dreams are retroactively implemented, Encounters that can only be speculated about after awakening from an alternate state of consciousness allow Dreamers to become conscious of the fact that they are dreaming as they are dreaming. Dreams are known as lucid dreams.

Sleep laboratory research indicates that lusted dreams mostly happen during the REM stage of sleep and can be demonstrated based on sleep recording by volitional eye movements. However, they can also happen throughout non-REM stage 1 and non-REM stage 2 of sleep.

While frequent encounters of lucid dreams is a rare talent, A relatively recent meta-analysis reviews that about 55% of people experience this one or more than once in their lifetime. Even the prefrontal brain Regions that are typically inactive during nonlucid REM dreaming, become active during this face, promoting perception and metacognition in the dream.


  1. I sometimes experienced dream that is more vivid than the real world. Sometimes it feel like the dream is so real that I can actually feel your surrounding.

  2. I sometimes experienced dream that is more vivid than the real world. Sometimes it feel like the dream is so real that I can feel surroundings.

  3. This is such a hot topic among spiritual seekers and is further gaining momentum. We all experience vivid dreams from time to time but in our busy lives don’t pay too much attention. This article is a great resource to explore the various possibilities of encountering vivid dreams and how to make best use of these awakening opportunities.


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