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What If We Had a Remote to Control the Weather?


What If We Had a Remote to Control the Weather?

It was a sunny day when you woke up at 8 a.m. and you were running late for work, but your lazy a$$ thought, “What if I skip work today?” But then you were out of excuses, and suddenly at that time you thought to control the weather, just like Lord Indra, you gave the command to the sky, and it started raining heavily.

It seemed that stormy weather was just around the corner. And then your boss dropped the message that it’s okay if employees can’t come to work because of the weather.

Control the weather
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Wow!!! Just imagining it at the moment, I have many mischievous weather ideas in my mind. But this is only possible if I were a weather wizard from DC or Ororo Munroe from a Marvel movie.

Consider for a moment what it would be like to have a superpower or remote control to control the weather. Would you be fair to the world or selfish to take that remote for granted and make things happen in a way that benefits you and your close ones by going against natural law?

I’m not sure if you or many other people are aware of weather manipulation, which is done deliberately and indirectly; we can say the technique used to change the weather works like a weather remote control.

During this whole article, you will come across the word “weather” a lot, and there are some people who may think weather and climate are the same but let me tell you it’s not. The atmosphere that may change in a few minutes, hours, days or even a year is known as “weather.”

It is a short-term change. Like a rainy day or a warm winter. Whereas “climate” is a long-term pattern of the weather, it is an average weather condition in one specific place over 20 years or more, like a polar climate or a continental climate.

Now that you know that the climate and the weather are not the same things, do you think climate manipulation is possible? I don’t think so, because controlling and altering the weather of a particular area for a long period of time is next to impossible.

But weather control for a few days or even for a few minutes is possible. You might be thinking that we can bring a hurricane just by shooting gunfire into the air, or that we can bring a tornado by spreading liquid nitrogen. If it were that simple, then weather business or weather war were at their peaks.

The thing is that many people are unaware of the fact that some nations have been into weather manipulation and alteration for military benefits and economic advantages. But the remarkable thing is that the above-mentioned techniques are just a fictional way to control the weather, and the reality is quite different, and of course, it is a little harmful because the powerful nations are going against and challenging nature’s law.

1. What’s The Deal with Controlling the Weather?

You may be thinking of weather control, as in the history of ancient India, which mentions havans and Vedic rituals of chanting mantras and making offerings performed by rishis to impress Lord Indra so that he can bring sudden bursts of heavy rain. But that’s not the case; weather manipulation in today’s modern world is quite different.

weather manipulation
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The controlling of weather can also be referred to as “weather modification,” “weather alteration,” “weather shaping,” or “weather manipulation.”

Weather manipulation refers to the intentional alteration of atmospheric conditions triggered by human activities, which is sufficient to change the weather on a local or regional level.

There are many ways to alter the weather and let me tell you, this concept is not a new invention that took place because of technology; modifying the weather has been practiced since the 1940s, and still many people think that rain in winter or summer is just because of global warming. Global warming may be the reason behind the sudden weather change, but not always.

There are many factors related to the alteration of the weather, but the four most commonly used ones are:

  • Changes in the Air: The weather is altered to change the wind and its effects.
  • Alteration of electricity: The lightning of the weather is triggered.
  • Thermal condition modification: It is to make the weather much colder or much hotter.
  • Manipulation of water in the clouds: To make it snow, rain, or fog.
control the weather
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There are many more modifications, like the greening of desserts, fertilizing the sea with iron, pouring aerosols into the stratosphere, etc.

And to alter the weather and make these things occur, there are many techniques like cloud seeding, dimming the sun or aerosol seeding, etc.

  • Cloud Seeding

Cloud seeding is the technique used to induce snow or rain. But, as I previously stated, it is not that simple to simply give orders to the clouds to induce rain so that you can skip work; things do not work that way.

First, the weather forecasting team has to identify the suitable clouds, which have the more water capacity, and in which region the rain or snow is planned to occur. Then, using jet planes, silver iodide is sprinkled on top of the clouds; this seeding results in rain or snowflakes. This may sound like fun and good, but do you know what silver iodide is? It is an aquatic insect poison. But many nations have come up with different alternatives, like salt.

  • Dimming The Sun

Aerosols, are tiny particles that are pumped into the upper atmosphere to deflect solar radiation and keep it from reaching the earth’s surface. It protects a specific region identical to a black screen. It is also known as aerosol seeding, which results in weather change and ocean acidification.

These tools seem like magic in a fictional movie or book. But it is true, and not many can use these techniques.

weather manipulation
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2. Who Has This Remote to Control the Weather?

What would you have planned if it was that easy to find the resources and manipulate the weather?

Imagine the day when Mumbai receives its first snowfall. The water near Nariman Point will freeze, and Powai Lake will be the most famous spot for ice skating. And the regions near the Thar desert in Rajasthan will experience heavy downpours.

How could we overlook the north and south poles? These two polar regions will be able to enjoy warm summers if the sun’s rays reaching their surface are modified and the strength of the UV rays is made a little stronger. All of these are enjoyable pursuits. This will also boost tourism in many countries. This will result in more foreign currency exchange and significant economic progress for many nations.

A farmer waits every year for perfect weather for his crops to ripen properly. Will only needs to take a jet plane to sprinkle some salt or silver iodide on clouds to make it rain, or he can call the weather army, pay some minimal fees, and ask them to make it rain or make the weather a little sunny on his farm.

Control the weather
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Or imagine two political parties competing for a seat in a particular village, and political party A claims that he will have more weather manipulation power than political party B, that he will change the weather in favor of farmers, and that people must vote for party A to receive these benefits.

This weather modification will not only be limited to people and plants; think about animals and birds as well. Snow leopards, polar bears, penguins, giant pandas, etc. will be able to be kept in animal sanctuaries in each and every country after the weather is altered to meet the needs of specific animals and birds.

The main alternatives to making people spend money in their own country will be tourism and the establishment of animal and bird sanctuaries through weather modification. People will not travel to another country to see rare animal and bird species because those species will already be present in their own country in a nearby sanctuary.

The weather forecasting department may report the next storm or tsunami that is going to hit a specific area of the country, and then weather management will plan which weather alteration will reduce the risk of a natural disaster. The impact and effect of that natural disaster can be reduced, or the weather army can even direct the storm or tsunami far away from the land.

Soon, this manipulation and alteration will lead to “weather business.”

And now that we are talking about countries, how can we forget about the protection of the nation? All of the above have not yet come into existence, be it tourism, farming, luxurious entertainment, fun, or luxury, due to the control of the weather.


There might be a day when, just like in the movie “Geostorm,” a special satellite will be sent into space for a weather attack and the global climate war will take place. If any nation plans to conquer the world solely by changing the weather, the world will be affected, and World War III will occur soon.

This might be a plan that can’t be executed in real life, but you never know. There might be one nation that is planning something similar and is putting the pieces in place in secret. In the future, many countries will have a separate national weather management department, and the minister of this department will be selected by election.

The fact is that there are already 50 nations, according to the World Meteorological Organization, that have cloud seeding programs. And some countries are in the process of having a “weather army force,” which China has already established. The country’s budget will also include the expenses and the cost of shaping the weather, the weather army, and the raw materials.

The US military used weather modification in the name of “Operation Popeye” to win the Vietnam War and “Project Stromfury” to modify hurricanes between the 1960s and 1980s.

Weather manipulation has been extended from the military to sports as well. In 2008, the Chinese government modified the weather to make sure the Beijing Olympics were rain-free.

If every country began planning against their rival in the same way that the United States did, the world would end very soon.

And to avoid this type of situation, a treaty related to weather manipulation was made in Geneva in 1977. The “United Nations General Assembly Resolution, Convention on the Prohibition of Military or Any Other Hostile Use of Environmental Modification Techniques,” addressed the issue of weather modification and warfare.

3. Conclusion

There has never been a time when mankind didn’t wish to rule the world. But until now, anyone who has broken nature’s law or gotten in the way of how nature works has always had to deal with the consequences sooner or later.

Even if all nations in the world are able to control the weather, the consequences will be disastrous, and people will be unable to reverse the effects.

Just like how nations give nuclear power threats to each other and how they can start a nuclear war soon if weather manipulation becomes as easy to access as each nation in the world, even the political parties inside a particular nation will give weather modification threats to each other.

We are not dealing with gods like Zeus and Jupiter from Greek or Roman mythology or Indra and Varuna from Hindu mythology. Even though these gods have controlled the weather without using dangerous chemicals, people have still been hurt.

But in today’s world, weather control is done by using harmful chemicals. Just like how the nuclear effects on Hiroshima and Nagasaki are still felt today in the same way, the chemicals that are being used to shape the weather will have a very harmful effect on human beings. Weather control, whether for military or economic purposes, will inevitably lead to disaster, if not now, then in the future for sure.

Vini Darbar
Vini Darbar
Vini comes from a mass media background and is a writer by passion. Her articles for Icy Destiny serve as a source from which she can share her unique perspective and unique creative vision with the world. Traveling and writing are not only mere tasks for her, but a big part of her life. And you will understand this when you read her articles. Education/Qualification: Mass Communication


  1. Good job Vini Darbar! Like you, I derive a lot of delight from letting my thoughts and fantasies run wild and go beyond what is possible or not possible. This is your second article that I’m reading, and you’ve nailed it. I’m going to read more, and I hope you keep producing such amazing works for individuals like me who see the future as magical rather than realistic. Excellent work!


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