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What If You Meet Your Alternate Versions In The Multiverse


Infinite possibilities to explore in a multiverse sound like a very great concept to know that one event in your life could have landed in several different ways than you expected.

“Multiverse” is a concept that we may have heard in books or watched in movies, and we may have thought that how interesting it would be to meet different alternate versions of ourselves.

The versions have realities different than the ones we live in. Your alternate self won’t be the same as you, they will have different likes, dislikes, and purposes. The events in their reality would have molded them into the person they are in their current universe.

Let’s just explore the possibility of What if you meet your alternate versions, what will happen then? In reality, we have no idea if any other universe other than the ones we live in exists or not.

We have some scientific theories which decide whether they exist or not, which we will have a look at below. But what if just imagine if other universes do exist, universes that are beyond science and beyond even our own imaginations?

There are many movies that have tried to portray the multiverse, each movie having its own version of what could happen. Here are some multiverse movies, Dr strange in the multiverse of madness, Another Earth, Everything Everywhere all at once, Coraline, Spiderman No way Home, Spiderman: into the spider-verse, and others.

What Is A Multiversal Theory?

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In simple terms, a multiverse means a group of many other universes that exist other than our own. Let’s just first sort out our concept about “universes”, what does this word mean?

The universe means everything which includes your planets, stars, galaxy, constellations,  atoms, molecules, time, matter, plants, animals, humans, and so on. Everything that exists in our realities and outside of our earth is a universe. It said the universe is expanding since the day it was formed which is 13.8 billion years ago.

The multiverse theory speaks that there are other universes that are completely different from each other. It’s like we are just a mini part of the whole big multiverse which consists of various universes, just like how there are numbers of stars in space.

It suggests that the universe, which is billions of lightyears old and contains countless stars and galaxies, is not the only one. But the question remains does something like that really exist according to science let’s find out below.

Does A Multiverse Exist?

Multiverse Theory, Explained


The multiverse topic is kind of debatable, as scientists argue many concepts related to it. Some physicists think that there is a possibility that a universe other than our own exists others suggest that it’s not a legitimate topic to discuss or for scientific research.

Nothing as of now has been observed by any of us or the physicists that this concept really does exist. But anything is possible so we would just move forward in this blog with one possibility that is “What if a multiverse exists and we meet our alternate selves “.

Let’s take the example of films and relate it to what will happen if we ever meet another version. We will be relating some things to Marvel movies. As most people watch them, they too are now exploring the concept of the multiverse by exploring various possibilities of different characters.

The multiverse concept will cause problems for the superheroes in the movie as universes colliding with each other is not a great sign it could lead to great troubles. But as we aren’t superheroes and nothing multiversal has happened yet we will just imagine the possibility that would harm no one.

What Happens If You Meet Your Parallel Universe Self?

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We all know that if many universes collide with each other then it will lead to bigger problems not just for science but for the whole universe. Also, we all ain’t magicians that we can create a spell-like Dr.

Strange or travel like America Chavez to a different universe just to see how our alternate version is. But one thing we can do is to meet them and grab a coffee to have a great talk about what’s different between you and your variant.

But it’s all hypothetical and all imaginary. It’s great to think that in some other universe you are a completely different person with a very different approach to life. If we ever get to meet our alternate self what all the things can we do and what all will happen? If you ever get a chance to meet your variant just go to explore their worlds and experience the ultimate fun.

Just like how in Multiverse of madness Dr strange & America Chavez rolls down to different universes each having a different concept some are living in a high-tech world, some in an animated one, some in a Minecraft-like world, an underdeveloped one, and many others.

Just hang out together, and share your experiences among yourself to know what’s different. I know it’s a lot of worlds to explore for that you need to have an infinite amount of time but getting to experience a little of 4-5 universes will also make you realize a lot about your different versions and the world they live in.

The next thing is to walk to a cafe or a restaurant to sit and have a discussion about your life. I know this may sound like a too serious meeting but it’s not, you just sit there, joke around, talk about your individual lives, get to know yourself through other variant eyes, and enjoy yourself.

Now you might be thinking what if there is an evil version of myself in those variants. Honestly, I think, even your variants will have two sides just like you the good and the bad.

You can’t be just one thing in any universe, because as humans we are not easily defined by a specific thing we keep on evolving trying to attain the best versions of ourselves, in this process we learn and grow.

But there is no such thing as being a perfect human being no one is not even your variants so I guess it would be cool to chit chat and have a fun conversation among yourself, keeping the good and the bad aside.

It would be fun to know your own variant’s little secrets, friends, and relationships. Also, if your variants take you to meet their family and friends, you will get to meet not just a version of yourself but also your close ones. Now I know this all may sound too chaotic or difficult to understand but meeting your own version is like meeting a completely new self with some similarities.

There are a lot of things that I may have forgotten to write in this blog as to what will happen if you meet an alternate self, but for me just having a cool conversation with yourself over a coffee or just exploring the universe, sounds fun.

Also if in any universe you are any kind of animal just like how Loki was in the series an alligator, then that too would be cool to witness. Imagine an animal who has an attitude like you, that sounds great, right?

But to be very honest and on a serious note, you may think that some of your past events which were bad in your universe would have landed greatly in some other.

This is common thinking we all have as humans, but all these good and bad events are a part of everyone’s life. You may think your variant’s life might be different but even they may have faced things that you didn’t in this universe which made them the other “You”.

So there is nothing to overthink about, as in the end ” it’s you” doesn’t matter in what universe they live in, so you don’t have to be jealous of each other. If life went perfect in every universe then there would be no fun, there would be no possibilities and you may get bored too.

But also one thing is for sure you will get to witness your own likes and dislikes which are different from you or maybe similar. What if you are rich or famous in some other universe that too is a great possibility to explore as then you will get to meet the different versions of your favorite celebrities in some other universe because of your own self, even though you haven’t met them in your own universe.

Your other self might have some other talents that you don’t know about or like a secret identity. What if you were a mafia or something in some other universe, all these possibilities sounds too good but even a whole novel won’t be enough to define all these possibilities properly.

As anything can happen in any universe, but if you have your other self in front of you make sure to hug them all, a group hug of your own variants, sounds like self-love but it’s a good idea.

Now as this blog has come to an end, you can think about your own interesting possibilities or what will you do if you meet a version of yourself from the multiverse in the comment section. Thanks for reading!



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