Belief and OpinionsSuperheroes Are Real! A New Astonishing Reality

Superheroes Are Real! A New Astonishing Reality


In 1938, Superman made his debut in action comics, establishing the “Golden Age of Comics,” which sold more than millions of copies. The popularity of the idea of superheroes also sparked curiosity within people to know how the world would be if superheroes were real.

A bunch of DC Comics are scattered.
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Everyone wanted these fictional creatures to be real. Everyone’s life was difficult back then; the world was recovering from the aftermath of the First World War, and then WWII started, which caused more and more people to want superheroes to be real. Everyone thought how this war could have ended in a matter of time if superheroes were real, hence the thought gained even more popularity.

Situations have changed since then; now there is no more war, but this thought still lingers in people’s hearts. What if there were superheroes? Though now it’s mostly about making new theories and using your imagination, this idea was and will always be there.

What if Superheroes Were Real?

Superheroes would be godlike creatures to humans; their existence could lead to a world where guns would no longer be needed, the world could no longer suffer wars, and they could create a world where there is peace, which is what everyone will hope they do. I’ll also hope for that, but what if they aren’t what you want them to be? What if they are not the same as your imagination?

Superheroes are near-invincible individuals; having them on Earth would be convenient because we wouldn’t have to worry about meteorites hitting the earth, alien invasions, natural and man-made calamities, and other such horrible things. But having them on Earth will cause more harm than good. 

It’s fine as long as they are nice and cool, but what if they go mad and wreak havoc around the world? What if the protectors become the destroyers?

Yes, they would have the ability to stop war all by themselves, but if they are the reasons for war, then the whole of humanity would have no one to turn to. 

In comics and movies, they are the symbols of justice and peace, but this is only because they have come to life because of someone’s imagination, and one has complete control over his imagination, but in real life, they will be individuals with their own lives and decision-making abilities. Yes, they are superheroes, but everyone makes mistakes; our mistakes may not bring the world to its knees, but theirs can.

Having superheroes on Earth will either positively or negatively revolutionize human life.

Would Superheroes Keep Their Identities Hidden if They Came Alive?

A person is holding a mask in his hand
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In fiction, superheroes like Superman, Batman, and Spiderman keep their identities hidden so that they can keep their loved ones safe; if they exist in real life, then yes, they’ve got to keep their identities hidden for the same reason.

But unlike comics and movies, a superhero’s identity would be immediately discovered. There is simply no way someone who has the power to destroy the whole world could hide his identity from the government. There is more to the government than the eyes can see. 

Would We All Have Superpowers or Just a Few of Us?

Another concern that arises when we consider this topic is how, exactly, superheroes will become a reality; whether a few of us will have superpowers or everyone. Will some aliens come to earth and become Earth’s superheroes like Superman? Are scientists going to create bioengineered superhumans like Captain America? Or will God grant powers to some chosen individuals? or some natural occurrence will alter the DNA of every human being, and each of them will get some superpowers like in My Hero Academia.

It’s clear that if any of the earlier three options were to become reality, then only a selected few would get superhero powers, but if the last option were to come true and all of the humans’ DNA was going to alter because of some natural occurrence, then all of us were going to get some superhero powers.

What Would Be the Stance of the Government Toward Superheroes?

If someone can destroy the world, then it’s pretty obvious how the government is going to react to that. Also, if superheroes became reality, the current system that is holding the world together would crumble. If someone could destroy it anytime, what’s the point of expecting something from existence? The government will like to stay in power, and this could lead to a clash between them.

Another scenario, which is unlikely to come true, is that if every superhero will act nicely like Superman and will follow every instruction of the government, the government can introduce a licensing system, and only those who are registered can use their powers publicly and only for good. The reason I said it was unlikely to come true is that no one more powerful than you is going to listen to what you have to say, much less follow your orders when they can make you follow theirs.

What Changes Would Occur in Our World if Superheroes Were To Be Real?

If superheroes became reality, our lives could change to an extent that we could not even imagine.

Medical Advancement 

If the superhero who has come to earth belongs to some other planet, then they could share their medical knowledge with us, and many incurable diseases and illnesses would have a cure.

If they are too advanced, then their technology can even have the ability to grow limbs, cure terminal illnesses, or make earth diseases and illnesses free. Maybe a place where death won’t exist anymore.


Medical advancement is just a fraction of what they could offer; think about the knowledge they would possess about space, time, the universe, and technology. All of this could be ours without even putting much effort into it.

Earth could leap many centuries in advancement with its knowledge in the fields of space, time, technology, and other fields.


With their help, many of the mysteries around the world can be solved, whether it is the Bermuda Triangle or the Devil’s Triangle. With their help, we would be able to explore our land and oceans. We would finally be able to know 90 per cent of unexplored oceans.

New Laws 

It’s clear that in the world of superheroes, our laws have to change; expecting to live with the same laws in their world would be stupid.

Even if the superheroes are not from another planet, even then the lives of normal people won’t be the same as before; maybe the leap in the field of technological advancement and medical advancement won’t be as great, but even the existence of superheroes will uplift the standards of these fields; exploration of the land would still be possible with their help, and humans could lead their space programmes with help from these individuals who can protect astronauts and spacecraft in space.

How Would People Treat Superheroes if They Came Alive?

Picture of someone cosplayin as Spiderman
by Judeus Samson/Unsplash

Honest, concerned, chivalrous, helpful, peaceful, uncorrupted, saviour, protector—these are the things that come to mind when we think about superheroes, and these are the reasons why superheroes are hailed as God’s.

But the moment any hero fails to be even one of these things, the same people who have hailed him as God will crown him as the devil. Even if he saves 99 lives, those who have lost one will hate him.

People want superheroes to be perfect and without any flaws; they would expect them to fulfil any ridiculous standards they have set for them, without even thinking for a second that they don’t have any right to expect anything from them. Superheroes are saving lives because they want to; those who’ve died in accidents were destined to die, and those who they have saved just escaped that destiny because of them.

This situation is better explained in the anime series My Hero Academia (MHA).

Would the World Be a Better Place if Superheroes Existed?

Yes, the world would be a better place if superheroes existed. For instance, wars could be stopped, terrorism would’ve stopped, handling riots would’ve become easier, or they’d never happen. Other than all these natural disasters that could be stopped, keeping nukes as a disguise for keeping the peace wouldn’t be necessary anymore.

But there is also another side to this; all of these can only come true if there are no supervillains and the superheroes that do exist are pure from the heart; they truly believe that with great power come great responsibilities, and if that is not the case, then having superheroes around would cause more harm than good; many people would have to die because of the fights between superheroes and super villains, and there would be huge damages to the infrastructure every time these fights occurred.

A fight between superheroes and supervillains can be exciting to watch in the theatre, but nobody would like to see it personally, nor will it be that tempting to watch.

Why Are There No Superheroes Like Batman and Ironman in Real Life?

by Jon Tyson/Unsplash

The concept of superheroes is based on fiction, but superheroes like Batman and Iron Man could be real, especially when they are so close to reality. Batman and Iron Man have made themselves superheroes without relying on any experiments, whether by God or aliens, so why hasn’t there been anyone like Batman or Iron Man until now?

Because, despite what you see in comics and movies, both Bruce Wayne and Tony Stark possess something that is certainly not human, like unlimited wealth, a genius mind, and a strong conviction. One cannot survive the strain Batman endures because of his training or the mental stress he has to go through, and as for being Iron Man, the chance of his suit being realistic is as slim as superheroes being real.

Both of them are crazy rich; even Batman mentions this in the Justice League, and why would a rich man wander the streets at night when he can make money instead?

by Marjan Blan/Unsplash

You also have to keep your identity (unless you are Tony Stark) hidden and show up at work or corporate meetings. These two characters in the movies heal too fast, which is completely impossible; if you get hurt, you simply won’t recover in time. And there is also sleep to consider: if you wander at night, when are you going to sleep? You would be dead in a month. You might think that these two characters are closer to being humans, but they are still far from what actual humans can do.

What Will Be the Consequences of Living in a Superhero Society?

Four Superheroes standing together
by Craig McLachlan/Unsplash

Hunger for power will overcome the established peace.

If we assume, again, that the heroes we are talking about are someone like Superman, uncorrupted by anything and with a strong sense of justice, then things will be fine, I guess. But if a normal human being were to develop powers like these, then things would get ugly. It won’t take him long to lose control and start misusing that power. which could eventually lead to the end of the world as we know it. 

If a normal person were to get these powers, then nothing on this planet could stand against him; nothing could hurt him; his power would be absolute; and it wouldn’t take long before it would go to their head, eventually. 

More Deaths Around the Globe

If superheroes come to life, it’ll also mean that supervillains, with their tainted ideas and twisted wills, can also come to life. If war breaks out between these two, then, wherever they fight, it’ll cause thousands and millions of deaths in their battles.

Threat to Other Countries.

The country that these superheroes will call home will ultimately become the most powerful country in the world, even if it is just an island. Borders will be meaningless, the system and other such things will lose their meaning, and only the powerful will rule, which can’t be good.

More Wars

In desperate times, anyone who can save humans will become their god, and people will start worshipping and following him and expect everyone else to do the same, and things could get ugly if they disagree.

And if that happened, countries would have to go to war to save their borders and their beliefs. They had to come up with something to stop him, even if it cost half the Earth’s population.

What About Supervillains?

A joker card
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If you want to live in a superhero society but don’t want supervillains, is it a superhero society?

Superheroes and supervillains are two sides of the same coin; if there is power, it will be put to good use, but it can also be misused; it all depends on the bearer.

Although, if supervillains came to life, they might not be as messed up as depicted in fiction, or they might be more than that. Would destruction be their goal, likely not because they don’t have to earn revenue through theatres, there is no point in destroying Earth, they may want to rule it.


In the year 1935, the terms “superheroes” and “supervillains” were first introduced, which later gained popularity in the year 1938 with the debut of Superman. With this, too, these imaginations gained popularity: what if these fictional characters were real? World War II acted as fuel for this fire to spread. When the whole world was at war, they wanted someone who could stop all of this pointless bloodshed.

This concept of superheroes became so popular among individuals that superheroes like Superman and Batman, who are about to be centuries old, are still popular among people, and there is no sign of them going anywhere, even in the future. Each year, this industry makes millions and billions of dollars in revenue by selling comics and merchandise because people want to get close to their favourite superheroes. So what if these superheroes come to life? How is the world going to be? What will change in the world? Would they be as good as they are shown in comics and movies? These are the questions everyone wants to be answered.

The world would be a great place if superheroes existed according to comics; they would be the hope of humanity. 

Because of them, the world might not have to enter the senseless war of power again. With them on humanity’s side, humanity could advance many centuries in a short period. Their existence would also mean a world where weapons and wars were no longer necessary.

But all of this will only happen if everything goes according to the comics and movies. The reality is far different from the world of comics, and rather than being the hope for humanity, they might become the cause of its destruction.

Playing with words has always been my specialty; I've always found myself wondering about various possibilities, some good and some not even worth mentioning, but I'm learning every day so that every article I write is worth mentioning.


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